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  1. All episodes will be on BBC Sounds next Friday https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/bbc-radio-4-are-producing-a-splinter-cell-series
  2. Garfield Kart Furious Racing is free on Fanatical. Chris Scullion said it was shite when he reviewed it on the Switch, but still gave it 6.9. https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/garfield-kart-furious-racing
  3. Variety has an article about it now. Short battle with cancer. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/kevin-conroy-dead-batman-voice-actor-cancer-1235430429/
  4. It doesn't say how long the run will be, but it does appears they're aiming for social first and targeting a younger audience. I thought that's what they were trying to do last time, but there you are. https://www.4sales.com/latest/2022-11/press-releases/4studio-2023-branded-opportunity-gamesmaster-s2?lid=yz7upwc7mxpu
  5. These are threads so you'll have to visit Twitter *spit* to read the whole story
  6. They're not devs, they're artists. As I saw someone remark on Twitter: you could give them a terabyte and they'd still want more. Devonold had previously complained that games are being sold too cheap.
  7. The JSAUX has updatable firmware, but you have to do it through Windows.
  8. There's a discussion about loot boxes happening in the House of Lords at the moment
  9. While not entirely legible, the GeForce NOW logo is visible in the bottom right on all the thumbnails shown in the video. That service boasts "1000+ Games, Ready to Play", so that's where that number comes from.
  10. Maybe they've actually got Chris Pratt to don a Mario costume and he'll be superimposed into the CGI world.
  11. 3D renders of him have been fairly consistent since Sunshine. I can't find a decent image of just 3D renders to illustrate that, so this Hodge podge of images I nicked off Reddit will have to do. I would include 64 in that, but images from that era weren't totally consistent, which is fine as it was still the early days of 3D. @Alex W.'s suggestion of it looking like a costume pretty much nails it. I'm sure it will look fine in motion; it just looks unnecessarily different.
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