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  1. 100k https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/ratings/gamesmaster-returns-with-100k/5165485.article
  2. Oh yeah, I know why they felt they could get away with it, but they shouldn't then pretend that it didn't meet their standards after release. Exactly. And they'll probably make more money off the originals from those that didn't get them before they were removed (so they can mod it).
  3. This isn't on Sky/Now yet (if ever), but I've just become aware of a Frogger gameshow. Kyle Brandt (who he?) seems to have missed the obvious comparison of Total Wipeout.
  4. This seems to go through the whole plot, so don't watch if you don't want the massively intricate story spoilt.
  5. It is, but currently only on 6 stores and none of them are the UK.
  6. Not necessarily. You can have symptoms such as dizziness, headache, sweating as well as nausea and not necessarily all of them. The various times I've felt motion sick (once in VR) it's always left me with a really bad headache.
  7. There's a system patch on GBATemp that fixes it (apparently)
  8. It has been all week. I keep meaning to buy it off the Brazil store (where it's about a fiver) and then not bothering.
  9. Vice City. It's on the table in Tommy's suite in the Ocean View Hotel. I've always assumed it was a playful response to Edge giving GTA III 6/10 (which they later claimed was a mistake and should have been 8/10).
  10. It's been available to preload on Switch since last week, so that I'd imagine
  11. To keep it "fair"? Even though some people have already received the retail game. Why the US time couldn't just be earlier I don't know.
  12. I looked before posting. Maybe not more than the last three posts though. Ahem. Sorry.
  13. She was apparently based on the looks of Neneh Cherry, the attitude of Tank Girl and... Tony Gard's sister?! That's not to say there weren't other influences. I've always thought there was an element of Sarah Connor in there, but I've never seen it mentioned.
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