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  1. Bold move to call your new character Stormfront.
  2. Not really a fan of Westworld but I'm quite keen to see how this goes. The vault dweller emerging into the wasteland has got to be the perfect introduction to the world for an audience.
  3. I'm not, your phrasing wasn't entirely clear. I didn't say anything unfair about Bait.
  4. That's quite unfair to Bait, really. Martin might've been a stubborn prick but his anger and frustration were understandable. As an aside, I was aware of Jenkin hand-processing the film himself and I was a bit wary of being seduced by the style instead of the story. I thought it was to the film's strength that I stopped paying attention to how it looked and sounded quite quickly.
  5. I still think of her as "the blonde stewardess from Pan Am" sometimes, despite her massive subsequent success. Seeing her pop up is like spotting Alan Dale in Hollywood films.
  6. I've been on the final battle of Lost Odyssey since 2008. I should probably go back and finish it.
  7. I thought of this too but the sister isn't raped in The Cement Garden.
  8. I'm one of these villains. My time has finally come.
  9. It's not The War Zone. Are there any other details? Where it's set, etc?
  10. Yeah, I just ran into a bug after getting the secret rocket launcher on the first level- I shot the enemy flying out of the skip several times and the rockets went right through him and exploded in the distance. Doesn't bode well if I'm seeing something that game-breaking on the third enemy I encounter.
  11. I've could only find one post about this on Twitter. Is there a list of bugs somewhere? I've already paid my £3.99 but worth knowing if I should wait for a patch (or two) before another playthrough.
  12. I always loved Peter Stormare in this, he looked like he was having a great time. Casting Catherine Keener as the wife at home was a bit of a waste though.
  13. Do the Right Thing (1989) Good, if depressingly relevant. I hadn't seen it before and the ending was uncomfortably close to our current reality. 4/5.
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