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  1. Two years of monthly payments is a long commitment. With things being what they are at the moment, I wouldn't want to do it. Doubly so if something horrible happens to GAME and the debt gets sold off somewhere.
  2. This is against Facebook's ToS, so the risk is that you lose access to your games if you're found out.
  3. I've sold quite a few games on eBay recently and the interest in the last week has taken a nosedive. I suspect people are either being careful with their money because of what's going on or have blown their budgets on PS5.
  4. Getting to play it at Replay years ago was a bit of a letdown. I'd fooled myself into thinking that it'd be much more capable than it was but after half an hour with it I had built a fairly basic loop, with some minor variations. A modern equivalent, though...
  5. 64 feels so small now. It's like returning to your childhood bedroom and realising you've outgrown it, despite cherished memories. I'm enjoying all of the odd little touches in it that point toward it being Nintendo's first time around with a 3D platformer. That block in the pyramid over there? Stick a creepy, unmoving face on it and dress it up like a mummy, because we can.
  6. The more I think about it, the more tickled I am by
  7. Wondering how much of an impact this has on the writing of these programmes, which would have to satisfy or game these criteria to survive. You can imagine a hellscape of a writer's room being overseen by the equivalent of an SEO executive that wants to turn the dials up on everything to beat the formula, prioritising spectacle over story and long term character development. Also depressing to read that bingeing a series is a key metric and that they don't commission pilots. Your programme effectively has to arrive fully formed on day one.
  8. I'm a bit sick of Eurogamer banging on about P.T., a game (demo?) Konami has ensured I'll never play. Great if you were lucky enough to grab it when you could but for the rest of us, it's frustrating. (And I'm not doing that dodgy VPN stuff to get it either.)
  9. I can't decide if it's false memory or not but the stick on the Pro Controller feels like it ever so slightly lacks the precision of the N64 stick, especially when I'm aiming with cannons.
  10. I've zero interest in the PS5 or the Series X but I have that Game and Watch on pre-order.
  11. I accidentally took the secret tunnel and he called me a cheater. Dave Perry would be proud.
  12. Why not? It's good publicity and it was the same with PS4. During my last days at HMV we were constantly sold out after launch- people used to sprint through the shop to the games counter at the back of the ground floor when the shop opened.
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