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  1. Continuing my appreciation of the soundtrack, there's a sneaky bit of Ladytron in this week's episode.
  2. Thanks! I've just bought one from Amazon. Probably going to end up using the PSTV as a tiny, solid state PS1 most of the time without any of that irritating account switching.
  3. Quite keen on modding my PSTV. I see that there are different revisions of SD2VITA- are there any real differences between them? Or preferred manufacturers? Also, is adding PS1 games as simple as it was on PSP?
  4. Glad that someone came up with a Batgirl of Burnside design as well.
  5. It brought the line in Endgame about the whale population recovering to mind.
  6. Choke him until he passes out and hide him in his locker. Kojima would be proud.
  7. Probably a good thing for someone that depends on writing for a living.
  8. Couldn't care less about Silent Hill? I knew he was a wrong 'un.
  9. They're Nendoroids. Looks like it's being re-released.
  10. Wow. First thing I thought of was the crap trigger on my Spectrum light gun letting us down over Christmas.
  11. Pretty much E3 in a nutshell, to be honest.
  12. I wish this was just trailers.
  13. I'm not particularly interested in the industry any longer. I used to read several magazines a month but I got a bit tired of them in the end and rarely found articles I enjoyed as much as long form reads like Scroll. I'm at the age where I feel that the industry is turning in a direction that leaves me cold. That's fine. I find that I don't really care much about games I read about on sites like Eurogamer. I watch videos about old hardware (mods and scalers) and I catch up with Consolevania occasionally. I've given up on gaming podcasts. Ironically enough I'm playing l
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