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  1. DeciderVT

    PC Engine Mini

    There are two different versions, I used the premium one. It bubbled up after being exposed to heat in the dock and started to peel off, requiring me to press down on it to reattach it during portable play. It was a common problem shortly after launch. I switched to the amfilm glass protector, which is much better.
  2. I'll never be able to unsee this now.
  3. DeciderVT

    PC Engine Mini

    Between this, D-pad JoyCons that drained the Switch battery in standby and the Switch screen protector that bubbled up and peeled off, they've diminished themselves a bit.
  4. Has anyone received their shipping e-mail this week? Apparently I'm just under the threshold, so mine should've been posted yesterday or today.
  5. Occasionally, though deep discounts are few and far between. I didn't buy anything from the store for the first couple of weeks and Facebook ended up sending me £4 of credit to get me off the fence.
  6. DeciderVT

    PC Engine Mini

    Oh dear. Any truth to this? The MLiG live stream hasn't been made available on YouTube yet.
  7. Yep. I don't need fancy effects to get my kicks from RD, really.
  8. I sent Henrique a message via KS and he changed it immediately. Also came across as a really nice guy, despite putting up with me fretting about the situation.
  9. Is there a specific recipe that works for Google Drive? I've tried the tweet with hashtag option, using FirstLinkUrl as the file URL but Drive never gets images, only a 403 page from Twitter.
  10. I must've played about eighteen hours of this since Friday evening. Absolutely perfect timing for isolation and great for helping me take my mind off what's happening out there. @StumpyJohn, could I add my code to the list? I'll start adding people from the first post this afternoon. SW- 4970-1965-0889
  11. Bump! This is now around half price on most storefronts. Was the 1.03 patch ever released for Xbox One? I'm trying to decide between that and the PS4 port.
  12. A still of Worf was on a viewscreen in one of the first episodes. He looked like normal, regular Worf.
  13. Just in time for self-isolation! Wait, I opted to have it delivered to work...
  14. Bit sad that Badalamenti and Eno were skipped over a bit! Another Green World is probably a tad overrated but it's worth listening to the album if you haven't already.
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