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  1. He's as deluded as I am.
  2. Someone on that Sonic Retro thread posted a link to this press release. Seems that it's just a general promotional event, with no specific tie to Outrun beyond it representing a British developer: TL;DR- I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  3. Terrible news. Really annoying to find that their site is gone and that navigation doesn't really work on archive.org as I'd really like to look through all of their releases. There are some World In Action DVDs I had my eye on for ages after catching a few episodes on Britbox, I suppose I should pick those up now. Edit: goodness, they put out the corrected version of The World at War on Blu-ray as well. Dreading to think what else I've missed. Edit 2: HMV does what Amazon can't: https://hmv.com/search?searchtext=network%2Bdvd&sort=most_relevant desc&quantity=999&page=1&view=grid Quite crap that you can't filter by label or distributor on a site like Amazon really.
  4. Subtle change there! Does he have nothing to do with Terarin? I look the look of the games anyway.
  5. No problem! Analogue has a bad habit of saving all of their firmware updates to be released on the same day, so they're easily missed. No idea why they do that as it makes me think that they prioritise announcements over a continual level of support, leaving users to put up with bugs for longer.
  6. There were firmware updates for both (and more) earlier this month:
  7. Had a ball on Eventide Island last night. The fact that I even got there this early in TotK shocks me a bit because I remember it taking a while in BotW and I'm only a few hours in this time around. Last night I just made a raft with a fan, a battery of some sort and a steering column and just headed on over. I haven't really advanced the main questline much, Purah has marked a free locations on my map but I've just been mucking around.
  8. Nothing released for two years now: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak/releases
  9. Sorry if this has been mentioned already but did anyone else have problems activating the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower? Felt like the initial prompt was very misleading- I was running around for looking for mushrooms, convinced I had the wrong cave.
  10. This reply was far too good to be left in the Eurogamer comments section, so I present it here:
  11. I was all for having one as I have some PCE games but MiSTer has turned my head in the interim and these days I feel like I'd rather sell the games off to reclaim the shelf space. This is also Analogue's first crack at a disc drive, which is something I'm more than happy to let early adopters put to the test.
  12. Hybrid Heaven didn't get the kicking I thought they'd give it. I can forgive almost everything else, except the low ranking for Body Harvest and the praise for Diddy Kong Racing.
  13. Wow, that must be a dream job for him considering how much he loves Warhammer.
  14. Yeah, this. I absolutely love exploring every corner of open worlds so seeing those vistas opening up before me (on a handheld, no less) was irresistible. Sometimes I just liked the feeling of hanging around in deserted, sun-bleached ruins, or deep in the middle of dark, rainy jungle. Not doing very much, just running, climbing and gliding. Every time I thought I was going to hit an invisible wall I found that I could just keep going. It was the same feeling of seeing Hyrule Field for the first time in 1998, over and over again.
  15. Bayonetta 2 (Switch) Finally knuckled down and played this before TotK comes this week. It was alright but I preferred the first one. I spent more time with the original instead of rushing through as I did here, which probably did the sequel a disservice.
  16. Just finished Physical, which was mostly okay. Surprisingly I'm not getting on with Hello Tomorrow! at all. Really thought that'd be right up my street but I'm just not interested after the first couple of episodes.
  17. How well do Planescape Torment and the Baldur's Gate games play on Xbox?
  18. Are there any recommendations for a good per-episode Trek podcast? I'd quite like to listen to some debate (and behind the scenes info) as my Voyager run continues. I had a little break after struggling through a few recent episodes ("The Chute", "Remember" and "Sacred Ground") but I just picked up a bit of momentum after finishing the "Future's End" two-parter, which is one of the few stories I remember from when the series was originally broadcast. I still think of Sarah Silverman as Rain Robinson whenever I see her mentioned now- interesting to read that the producers were considering adding her to the main cast. I suppose Jennifer Lien's difficulties were known by that point and they were shopping around for replacements.
  19. Hopefully there'll be some progress there soon.
  20. Oh wow, news to me. I have one sitting in a caddy under my TV that I haven't used since I was using my university laptop for emulation and indie games.
  21. I use the 8BitDo 2.4g controllers with a Raphnet SNES > USB adapter. It covers everything, even the menus SNAC doesn't touch.
  22. Aside from virtually every game I got during childhood, each of which was played to death... BotW, Elden Ring, Fallout 4, SimCity and Ridge Racer 6. But there are also shorter games that have given me very fond memories that I value very deeply. Shenmue is one of those and also one of the few games I've finished more than once.
  23. That's a weird bit of arse covering but the poor formatting of that caveat makes me wonder. Do third-party sellers have any influence over product naming?
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