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  1. 6 hours ago, Pob said:

    I've grown very averse to fast-travel on open world games. I only fast-travelled once in Breath of the Wild, even though there is a whole in-universe explanation for how it works. I picked the super hardcore difficulty on Days Gone partly because fast travel was totally removed as an option.


    I've been ploughing through Horizon Zero Dawn and only succumbed to fast-travelling twice. I think I just like the journey - those quiet travelling bits, and the things that happen on the way, seems like one of the core pillars of the genre.


    I missed an early mission that would've unlocked fast travel in Deadly Premonition but I preferred driving around Greenvale and listening to York anyway. I also developed a much better sense of the town's layout than I would've if I'd been teleporting everywhere.

  2. 2 hours ago, El Spatula said:

    I can't replay 99.9% of games (or reread books or rewatch films). I tend to remember almost everything about them. My memory of games and other media must take up most of my brain.


    On the contrary I can barely remember anyone's name or date of birth.


    Interesting, I'm almost the opposite. I rarely play games, watch films or read books again after going through them once but I struggle to remember any details about most of them.

  3. 1 hour ago, Harsin said:

    Rumour going around that the Flash film ends with multiverse merging shennanigans and Keaton will replace Affleck as the 'official' DC cinematic universe Batman (ie. sharing screen time with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam...etc).


    Too may many Batmen!


    I love Keaton so I really hope this is true. I can also imagine the obnoxious Snyder fan community having kittens over this outcome so it'd be doubly pleasing.

  4. They work. I played through most of Chrono Trigger with a Switch SNES pad and an 8BitDo Bluetooth dongle plugged into a real SNES recently. The 8BitDo 2.4G SF30 was better for this use case in the end but it's still possible.

  5. 3 minutes ago, mwaawm said:

    Assume the prices posted are for a single subscription.

    I have a family subscription that cost 30 odd quid, what will be the cost of renewing this as is and with the additional premium content?



  6. I just want to buy the N64 games separately.


    Also seems like wishful thinking to hope that the N64 pad would be compatible with a Bluetooth dongle for an actual N64. I'll bet there's no way it works with a memory card.

  7. I suppose I'm fairly cheap now.


    My limit for modern games is whatever the upper limit of a standard Nintendo release is. I'm not on the PS5/Series X bandwagon yet as I've seen nothing to tempt me. I can also wait a year or two for a GotY edition of other games I'm interested in to appear and I've given up buying collector's editions, so money and space saved there.


    Older, out of print games that are creeping up in price are difficult to call. I've generally given up buying second-hand for any system that has a flash cart or an ODE. It's rare for me to buy an older game these days, given how ridiculous the prices are.

  8. 6 minutes ago, jonamok said:

    Indeed. Just a lot of very strong feelings, like “scum” and “cesspit”, for what is little more than a very left-leaning gaming forum with a very overzealous mod community.


    That's a generous interpretation. And as the person who flippantly called it a cesspit, you can rest assured that I don't have any particularly strong feelings about ResetEra. :hat:

  9. It left me for a long time, circa the beginning of the GameCube era and ending only a few years ago. I was very depressed during that time and the thought of committing to a game was daunting. Having staff discount on games also meant that I built up a frightening backlog.


    I spent a lot of time aimlessly playing lots of little bits of games but rarely completing any. Fallout 4 came along and for some reason I jumped back in and spent a couple of hundred hours on it. I've been quite disciplined about finishing one game before starting another now. Not caring about FOMO or maintaining a collection is very liberating.


    35 minutes ago, Hodge said:

    Alot of AAA games are to long these days, padded out and if you dont pick your games carefully, you can easily end up with fatigue.  I always enjoyed single player games around the 6-15 hour mark and these are the games i aim for, except for the yakuza series really.


    howlongtobeat.com has been a godsend for me. The pattern of playing a short game after a long one has kept fatigue at bay.

  10. 7 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    It's a personal thing, and it depends on what you get out of both series. The thing I liked most about the first Shenmue was the feeling of virtual tourism - it really felt like being in actual Japanese village. One of the many things I like about Yakuza is that same feeling of virtual tourism in modern Japanese cities - and they've captured them perfectly. I've been to most of the cities in the Yakuza series and it blows me away every time how much it feels like being back there and I love it.

    Hmm, perhaps. It's interesting that you've been to these places, as I haven't- yet when I returned to Yokosuka in Shenmue 1 last year, it felt like slipping into an old pair of shoes. I imagine the effect is much more potent across both series if you've actually been there.

  11. 10 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:

    While I really liked the original Shenmue back on the DC, and still paid for all three of them on my PS4, I simply couldn't get into them anymore. Not with Yakuza and Judgment offering a similar style of game in a much better package.


    I'm playing Yakuza Zero right now and while it's a good game, I would not be satisfied with it as an alternative to Shenmue. Apart from superficial similarities, they're too different to be truly comparable.

  12. 36 minutes ago, James Lyon said:

    Ouch. 1 star in the Guardian. They also completely spoil something by saying they won't spoil it and then give a glaringly obvious clue on what they're not meant to be spoiling. Which, to be fair, was to do more complaining about it.




    Edit: nope! :unsure:

  13. 3 hours ago, Cyhwuhx said:


    Although I somewhat agree with the sentiment, this is usually down to Nintendo being extremely conservative with their production numbers. Based on shop experience, Nintendo would always rather be sold out than appear to be in possession of stock of any one title. Only evergreens are ever allowed stock (read: Mario Kart, any one of them).


    It's a boon for collectors/traders though.


    Based on twelve years of dealing with Nintendo as a retail supplier, this brings back some painful memories. Like blood out of a stone sometimes.

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