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  1. Started Yakuza Zero on PS4 tonight. Karaoke has made a mockery of this post- I'm fumbling around on the pad and squinting at the screen like an idiot.
  2. Playing through the Shenmue trilogy on PS4 last year is what finally got me to commit the PlayStation button order to memory, about twenty five years late. I had far less trouble with the colour-coded buttons on Dreamcast.
  3. I've been considering an X-Station install but that Series S video has just turned my head. Just imagine what Sony could be achieving with their back catalogue on PS5 if they licenced something like this.
  4. I was sure that my old boot disc let me play NTSC games in 60Hz automatically but maybe I'm misremembering. MODE won't force anything except VGA, sadly. I'll admit that 50Hz doesn't bother me as much as 480i deinterlacing via my OSSC though. Foul stuff, can't get over to 480p fast enough.
  5. This tripped me up recently too, after I installed MODE on a PAL DC. Wish I'd started with an NTSC unit as I'm spending far too much money on the project now.
  6. Thanks, Aergan looks promising. (Although I might have to use a burner account on Twitter to get in touch..!)
  7. Just opened up the Core Grafx II I had RGB and region modded about a decade ago and the work is really poor. Are there any recommended mod shops in the UK that would take on corrective work of this sort? I'm inclined to reverse the RGB mod completely now that there are better alternatives available.
  8. DeciderVT

    David Bowie

    Read this last night, after seeing Adam Buxton's animation. I think it might be my one of my favourite Bowie stories.
  9. Those lovely aluminium cases are going to be available in the UK/EU soon:
  10. Surprised to find out that Nintendo have quietly discontinued the grey Joy-Cons. My wife was having issues with button dropouts and random disconnections when she used ours from my launch Switch yesterday so I checked to see if there were any replacements. I don't really fancy buying neon ones.
  11. Agree with the posts saying that this hits hard. I loved Gone Home and Gaynor reaching out to me on Twitter to thank me for playing afterwards was a nice touch. Such a shame.
  12. How are you finding eBay selling these days @MikeBeaver? I've been encountering serious frustrations with the selling flow as it's a different experience every time I log on. Finding out that you can no longer delete scheduled listings prompted me to check the community forums and there are lots of sellers reporting that their sales have dwindled massively this year. (PayPal split, Brexit? Who knows?) Interested in hearing your perspective as a business seller!
  13. Up to date with this on Channel 4 now and it's finally giving us some payoff.
  14. Vanquish. I must've played the demo about eight times over before I bought the game itself, which I never finished.
  15. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Not my first time in bat country but it's even funnier than I remembered. Depp and Del Toro are wonderful throughout. I was nearly crying with laughter during the "ether walk" scene. 4/5 Edit: just saw who this thread was started by!
  16. An Australian eBay user, https://ebay.co.uk/usr/hdzoneau. Expensive but very well made, even the packaging looks professional.
  17. I'm not usually a fan of customising consoles but the new Dreamcast shells that have been coming out of China recently have been of excellent quality and the 3D printed parts the community have come up with have been really helpful. I bought an absolute banger of a Dreamcast recently- grubby, completely yellowed case, knackered fan, noisy drive- and replaced the lot with a new case, Noctua fan and an ODE with a 3D printed mount for the SD card. I might try retrobriting the case with the UV immersion method to see if it can be saved too.
  18. I'd be interested in reading this. Metro City's crimewave suggests that Mayor Mike Haggar is a bit crap at the day job.
  19. That's one MCU character that'll stay dead in the multiverse then.
  20. Yep. My wife worked with Kristian Schmid in Grace Bros on Pitt Street while she was a student and he was in a post-Neighbours dry spell. He was alright about it but I can't imagine how often he had to put up customers recognising him.
  21. I have. It's absolutely dripping with dry humour throughout. The entire film revels in the absolute absurdity of the premise.
  22. Gozer wasn't in the containment unit.
  23. Finished Ys Origin with Yunica. Loved the game but not inclined to play through it twice again right now with different characters. Also farmed for SP a lot and accrued a decent amount of XP along the way, so the last bosses were really, really easy. Moved on to Bioshock on 360 now and I'm blown away by how amazing it looks on the Xbox One X. Stunning effort put into the backwards compatibility.
  24. Even the censored version felt the need to draw her towel as if it was as thin as a wet t-shirt when she gets out of the shower.
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