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  1. My sub copy only dispatched last night but I'd already ordered another copy as a precaution, just in case I was being messed around. Going to be really annoyed if I end up with two copies of RG and no Super Play. I've been trying our local Smith's all week and it's as if they'd never heard of it, despite usually stocking RG.
  2. Ticking all the right boxes here. Hopefully Jeremy Parish isn't in it too much.
  3. @strider How much of the magazine is written by the original crew?
  4. Dealing with kids is mostly fine, they generally respect you as a bit of an authority figure in the shop if they know you work there and have your finger on the power switch. (The worst they do is put Skylanders figures back in a random order.) It's having to deal with whiny adults that bargain for more time and complain because you tell them off for putting their feet up on the furniture and vaping around kids that was the real problem. There's an awful chance that I might end up back there for the gaming expo in a couple of months, so I might end up checking this out.
  5. Yeah, they were annexed by HMV in the Trocadero and had a concession open in the Oxford Circus branch as well. I had to spend many an hour babysitting guys that would try to cheat kids out of time on multiplayer FIFA. Also went to a few SFIV tournaments at the Troc branch and headed upstairs for some Daytona afterward. I had a couple of friends that ended up working there. I went to Blackpool a few years ago but I must've missed that Ridge Racer!
  6. I'm struggling to see how this is anything different to Gamerbase, just with an extra cringe factor.
  7. For a programme that distinguished itself by slaughtering Ned Stark in the first series and half the cast in King's Landing in the last...
  8. I don't think it matters that she was angry at more than just David. She's trapped in an all-consuming anger because her home life is unrecognisable, her girlfriend is missing and her best friend abandoned her. I'm really looking forward to seeing the prequel exploring these feelings of hurt and resentment developing.
  9. My dad died reasonably young (49) so I empathised a lot with Chloe's anger. She's a dick to her stepfather but I suspect I would've been too, plus David acknowledges that he goes a bit too far. I certainly wouldn't have been able to fully understand PTSD at Chloe's age.
  10. I understand that, just wondering why they're using an old render for the concept if the case is staying matte.
  11. Bagley confirmed that the case was going to be matte black with glossy keys. Has it changed again?
  12. I've hammered NASA's Symphonies of the Planets 1-5 box set in the last few years. 3 is a particular favourite:
  13. Funny to look back on how enthused I was for the Black Lodge stuff at the end of S2 and thinking at the time that Lynch had returned and gone full tilt. Little did I know...
  14. I'm guessing that Jimmy's visit to Howard regarding the settlement will be his downfall here. I can see HHM settling Sandpiper early to pay off Chuck as well.
  15. Jumped off the fence and backed at the £230 tier, due to an extremely well-timed pay rise at work. Really want to try my hand coding something original with this, as I only ever tinkered with stuff that was being typed out from listings back when I was a kid.
  16. If I've bought some of these games digitally on Xbox 360 already, do they automatically appear for backwards compatible download on the One?
  17. Your first point is obvious but in this context, it doesn't apply, nor would ambiguity here have any real significance. How does it serve the storytelling, exactly? Viewers don't need to have every beat depicted on screen but this scene in particular ends sloppily and had the good fortune of compelling acting providing an interesting distraction. Also, the key conflicts aren't resolved. The Joker's motivation is to find Harvey Dent. He gatecrashes Dent's fundraiser and leaves unsatisfied, despite evidence pointing toward Dent's attendance (not least the presence of Harvey's "squeeze", a room full of witnesses and the event being held for Dent). While you don't need to see what happens to a room full of party guests left with Gotham's most wanted criminal (who had threatened the city on the news and just started killing judges and police commissioners), you are left wondering what has happened for no apparent reason. Another interpretation of the supposedly ambiguous outcome would be that Batman decides "fuck it" and walks back to his lair near the docks because going upstairs to get changed would probably be a bit awkward and apprehending the Joker on his way out of the building would require some effort after falling that distance. But we know that Batman is supposed to be more heroic than that, so we assume otherwise... which begs the question of what actually happened between him landing on the car and subsequently resuming his hunt in the mini Batcave, making the prior conflict between him and the Joker unresolved. It's not a film-ruining question but an interesting, inconsistent niggle in keeping with the theme of this thread. People are forgiving of the wonky logic but it's there.
  18. Except having Batman leave a room full of innocents to the mercy of the Joker betrays a fundamental trait of that character. The scene just doesn't work.
  19. We already know that Batman will save Rachel- we have Batman Begins to tell us that. If you have to fill in the gap with your imagination to explain subsequent events, it's a hole. And please explain Harvey Dent waking up in the cupboard and having nothing to say about being choked unconscious while Rachel looks on.
  20. Except it is utterly blatant. The Joker arrives at Harvey Dent's fundraiser, making a grand entrance and terrorising all of the guests while looking for Dent himself, who has been choked unconscious and placed in a cupboard. Batman suddenly appears, causing the Joker to throw Rachel out of the window. Batman rescues her, then... Nothing? Does Bruce leave the fate of his guests to the whims of a maniac, who was actively threatening them to discover Dent's whereabouts? Does Harvey wake up in the cupboard, wondering who choked him unconscious while Rachel was watching? Does the Joker give up and quietly leave? The scene has no impact on the plot whatsoever and is logically inconsistent with the motivations of the characters involved. Leaving the resolution of the scene to the imagination of the viewer in this context isn't compelling, it's confusing. "Chaos" isn't a good enough excuse to paper over inconsistencies in the story.
  21. After going in with vastly lowered expectations, no. Another Batman film saved by the villain, even if it was through unintentional hilarity in this case.
  22. The Dark Knight absolutely deserves that sort of criticism when it can't even resolve something like the Joker invading Harvey Dent's fundraiser logically. Nolan created a totally self-serving setpiece that had virtually no impact on the rest of the film, simply so he could have a quick showdown and a moment of peril that allows Batman to rescue Rachel again. Including that scene makes no narrative sense whatsoever and it's written purely for spectacle. Thankfully the film has lost something of its sacred cow status in the last couple of years, now that people are looking beyond Heath Ledger's admittedly stellar performance.
  23. It's not restricted to GBA games, I've played my original GB games on it. Be sure to try the custom software you can run from an SD card reader if you want a better experience than the stock disc (or if the disc is missing): http://retrorgb.com/gameboyplayer.html
  24. For the price you'd pay for one of these in good condition now, you should also investigate original GBAs that have been fitted with AGS-101 screens or equivalents. Feels much more comfortable than the SP.
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