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  1. I always thought the question that nailed OGS at Utd was on the Totally Football podcast months ago - they asked how far do you need to go down the league pyramid to find a club that would take OGS as their manager from Utd - it's almost always been the case during his time in charge you drop well into the Championship. Its an interesting question of any manager at a point in time actually. He's got that haunted look about him too now when somebody is way out of their depth - just don't get why they are leaving him sat there like this, its painful. You've got Poch waiting to go if reports are correct and he can bed himself in for a few months this season now its almost a write off.
  2. Not watched the video but I'm with @schmojo Unbeatable and MMA don't really go together well, especially for a fighter who has been beaten so comprehensively in one aspect of the game and has yet to prove he's corrected that. He looked like a ladybug on its back against Stipe and got shown up for being incredibly limited on the ground. 3 super quick 1st round KOs since then don't prove that gap has been filled - its not enough to KO somebody with a ground game quickly to prove you've gained those skills, you have to go to the ground, get back up, or do something positionally. He's still a monster puncher, and that is a good trick if you're gonna be a 1 trick pony, especially at HW.
  3. Gotters


    its in quite a few papers - I saw mentioned somewhere that when the grind gets too fine and tamped then you get dry spots in the bed that don't get extracted at all I don't think its an issue with a Nespresso.
  4. Gotters


    i look forward to the inevitable James Hoffman video - people been making espresso all wrong apparently. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/coffee-how-to-make-perfect-cup-formula-brew-espresso-science-a9297086.html
  5. season 2 dated for end of Feb https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/21/altered-carbon-season-2-will-finally-drop-on-netflix-next-month-as-marvel-star-replaces-dc-actor-in-main-role-12098999/ Like many of these streaming shows I'll need a good recap to watch as tend to zoom thru them in a few days then forget them in the wait - but I recall sort of enjoying this I think (goes back to look for posts slagging it off)
  6. Gotters


    I don't think how we are playing under Arteta is suiting Lacazette, especially with Aubamyang out. He's not somebody who can play up front on his own and hold up play like Drogba. He needs people around him and can't feed off scraps. Pepe is talented but quite erratic so nobody knows what he is going to do, and Martinelli is often tracking back to help Saka out. He looks like quite an introverted moody character and has shown flashes of playing angry with Aubamyang when he's looked great, but more often than not cuts a frustrated looking figure. Think there is an excellent all round striker in there somewhere, he just hasn't been able to show it consistently.
  7. Gotters


    Nice to come back like that with 10 men so good a bit of fight was rewarded, but a large element of good fortune to it with them fluffing numerous chances and us scoring with our only 2 efforts on target - 1 coming about solely cos Kante fell over (but a great run by Martinelli after that) and a suspect effort from Kepa from Bellerins well directed standing leg swinger. Was more notable at the weekend in person but you can see how in attempting to tighten us up at the back the attacking side of the team is being neutered - but Arteta is probably doing the one thing at a time fix and trying to stop giving up 20+ shots a game. Was very interesting against Sheffield how out of possession Xhaka was slotting in as a 3rd CB, so when we did turn it over we were lighter in midfield to have a base to build from. Then we have 1 or 2 converted wing backs so not really gaining the advantage of a specialist going forward there - Bellerin returning can only help over the rather poor Maitland-Niles. We do need to start getting a couple of wins though as the table just looks ugly, we're behind Southampton now !
  8. I don't think there is any chance they risk the mealticket that is Connor against Masvidal - sure its a big fight, and from a pure fighting perspective makes sense, but you could see at the weekend the stonk on Dana White had for the Khabib rematch. He said he thought it would be Mayweather PPV huge, Connor against anybody will sell 1m PPV, but the Khabib rematch dwarfs that by multiples. If Ferguson beats Khabib then all bets are off in the short term, I don't expect to see a Connor fight announced until after then - Cerrone was a nice 'safe-ish' tune up but they won't risk him against a live wire. Connor talks a good fight about taking on anybody, but suspect the love of a dollar now will mean he carefully considers his next option as a loss to Masvidal leaves him a bit in the wilderness, unless Khabib loses to Ferguson and they could have a 5 round eliminator, which irrespective of belts on the line would be huge.
  9. None of em - just not my thing - but you know what its like when you don't get something and see people going 'spectacular' you just think what am I not seeing here that others are.
  10. I simply never get what people find so good about those Squires cartoons - always leave me utterly cold.
  11. The out swinger explains general quadrant ball positioning, not arguing with the lino about 1mm of ball overhang on the line or not. Or arguing about it for an inswinger or short corner, which they all do a lot too.
  12. Gotters

    Google Stadia

    I may be way off the mark here but things like pop up and load times aren't exclusively linked to horse power of hardware are they ? A crap inefficient engine is always a crap inefficient engine, you may be able to get some more out of it by hardware alone but it hits a point where only optimisation of the underlying code will make things better.
  13. I just don't understand the corner taker thing, as said above almost everybody tries to do it now and other than being a 'fuck you' to the lino or ref there isn't anything to gain from it. Its not like the corner quadrants are quagmires full of dog shit they don't want to kick from, and there is really no marginal gain to be had from moving the ball a couple of centimetres to gain a better angle or being closer to goal. I honestly think its just players trying to hassle officials and assert dominance.
  14. It was actually great matchmaking by the UFC - they've rehabilitated in the eyes of big event PPV buyers (if not real connoisseurs of the sport) their biggest meal ticket with the lowest risk fight possible (this isn't being wise after the even, I predicted Connor in 1st by KO in the Verdict app). They bank the nice sales from last night before moving on to a proper matchup, which will sell huge amounts. Connor has never been more than a competent top level guy (itself no mean feat, he's no bum), whose rep was elevated way above that by his ability to sell PPVs. There are many 'better' fighters, but no better showmen.
  15. If gaming solely existed on PC type hardware with OS updates, drivers, fannying round with game patches, needing a keyboard etc etc I'd give up on it totally. Long live the Switch - its the only machine I need or use now.
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