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  1. if you can only attribute or blame one thing then yes it'll be tricky for you to get your head round. Klopp can have a point, but maybe should look closer to home before blaming others, but when do football folks ever do that.
  2. what's meandering about it - think we're kind of agreeing apart from 5 subs but its a multi faceted issue. I agree that managers do have responsibility here to nurse their teams thru this, but there isn't one villain here, the whole of football is conspiring to shoot itself in the foot and harm the welfare of players - not just TV, its the governing bodies in UEFA/FIFA, the leagues, then the teams themselves. Nobody wants to give up any games or precious TV money so is squeezing and squeezing until the product itself goes bang and the actual players are broken. Asking
  3. Klopp is coming across as Mourinho does from time to time in trying to become the story to deflect from other matters. His point is perfectly valid, but as was pointed out by a journo yesterday BT Sport are paying £9.8m PER MATCH for the Saturday 1230 KOs - if you want to make that package of games ineligible for the teams in the CL see what the price is next time it comes up for auction. Picking on the broadcaster is the wrong target, its the PL and clubs themselves to blame. The quickest and easiest fix for this is 5 subs, I know the smaller teams don't like it but sq
  4. some good looking chips there too @Lovelyman
  5. I always think of Moores as 'holiday' biscuits because we used to only be able to get them as kids whilst down in the West Country on the annual family trip (and my mum filled the boot with loads of them when coming home), but they are now far more widely available in some supermarkets. They are all somehow impossibly crunchy, but not in a brittle ginger nut snap way, they are more crumbly crunchy and most of the range taste great, but butter crunch are the pinnacle. Talking of holiday biscuits a Cornish Fairing is also hard to beat as a tea dunker - though I have a ver
  6. I agree its ridiculous, thats what makes it funny and why I'm quite happy to see it given in the circumstances. I don't believe TV get given the highest resolution images for the offside VAR calls, which makes people get irate about the quality.
  7. I honestly can't believe people are going to pay PPV for a 2m round fight with 2 fighters over 50y old wearing big padded gloves I was in the camp of youngsters who used to get up in the small hours to watch his fights on ITV and lament the late ring walks (particularly recall Spinks being an hour late as was getting his knees bandaged up to stop them knocking, so the story goes) - but even I can't register any interest in this freak show as a sporting contest.
  8. yeah I thought both offsides were fine - the only reason though that was a pen for me was because of who is playing, that isn't a pen in my book otherwise.
  9. Brighton & HoVARbian good game by VAR today.
  10. ah, so its a hardware problem I had to contact them once as the main stainless jug had a slightly wobbly handle, they replaced instantly free of charge and I got to keep the old one as they never sent anybody to collect it.
  11. As long as Palace make sure that bloody drummer doesn't get a ticket. Arsenal will still announce attendance as 60,000.
  12. what sort of things are you cooking in it @El Geet that aren't working out ?
  13. Always want to post in here in case anybody is sat on the fence or wondering about these brilliant devices. Unlike most fad kitchen gadgets this thing just sits out and gets used multiple times a week In the last week or so I've made Steamed salmon, green veg and rice BBQ Chicken & Pasta (this is a brilliant one potter with minimal clean up and is our current fave midweek pasta dish) 2 batches of pizza dough Batch of katsu sauce (9 meals worth) Plus i have the stuff in to make the following in next couple of days 3 batches of onion
  14. of course I can remember the searing injustice of The Hand of God goal - this stuff though hasn't stuck in the memory quite as much. they should show Peter Shilton this every time in the next week he's turning up for his £100 appearance to slag Maradona off.
  15. I love those Carr's biscuits too, but find they're a bit much with cheese as the biscuit itself tastes so good - with a nice cheese/chutney I prefer a plain biscuit like a digestive or cream cracker. Those Carr's with thick salted butter though are delicious. These sourdough ones are good too for complimenting but not dominating the cheese.
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