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  1. This would work well for forums, imagine if you could pay to boot certain users out of certain threads, this place would be worth more than resetera fetched recently.
  2. I just googled to see what was out there and got some inspiration from Hello magazine of all places, I ever knew I needed a pork scratchings one https://www.hellomagazine.com/cuisine/2020100698561/best-foodie-advent-calendars/ here are some more too, cheese, pringles, mince pies - all are covered, the Selfridges mince pie one looks very good. https://closeronline.co.uk/shopping/fashion/crisps-snack-advent-calendars/
  3. We should all save up improvements to the lap for a week, not very fair to keep posting pages of 8 thousandths of a second upticks with @Valver on holiday
  4. Gotters

    Eat Soup

    Hit 3c overnight last night so that is enough for me to declare it officially soup season. Had a bookmark on this roasted veg one for a while. https://www.dontgobaconmyheart.co.uk/roasted-vegetable-soup/ Lot to like in this recipe, roasting the veg really brings out extra flavour as does the addition of some cumin, coriander and turmeric in the roasting stage, also love the roasted garlic in its skins. I also like the stage where you scrape up any charred bits in the pan (I deglazed with my veg stock) to get up all the flavour. I made recipe as described and it was just too sweet, parsnips/carrots/sweet pot/onion/peppers are all sugary and roasting them brings that out - I had a nice smooth soup though so added in a good blob of butter (makes everything taste better) and some Hungarian paprika to give it a bit of a counter balance to the sweet. Bingo as was then totally delicious. Good value at about £5 for 6 big bowls.
  5. mostly I’m with you but this is more of a PSA as we enter the best weeks for getting hold of the better put together quality advent products, which always go fast take your approach if you want, but don’t blame me when you’ve promised a loved one a nice advent and you stroll into the shops on Dec 1st all confident in yourself and your choice is between the anchovy marketing board advent and the official marmite one, whilst the staff all laugh at you when you ask where the good ones are.
  6. 4h trial version is in the xbox store to get played for 20m and its all a bit shoddy feeling, the bikes don’t feel that grounded to the track, the jetpacks feel odd too, the skiing felt best of the intro events. lots of menus, lots of yammering people saying things like ‘extreeeeme’ and ‘real talk’ and lots of collectible gear. will persist a bit and try some more events but not feeling the urge to hammer the buy button at launch prices, had xmas sale discounts all over it i suspect
  7. 30.789 - doesn’t move me on board but another half second off, nailing a fast line thru hammerhead is so hard to do consistently.
  8. I always like Hotel Choc stuff, the flavoured dessert truffles are especially good. That Tony's choc is a bit odd, my other half can't handle milk/cream but chocolate is usually fine for her, that Tony's choc must have a high milk content (or something in it like milk or whey powder) as she can't touch it, I'm not dairy intolerant and whenever I've eaten it gets my stomach gurgling and twisting in knots too.
  9. Too soon to open them but not too soon to put them away for a month or so's time
  10. There seems to be a rise in these in recent years with the more artisan end of the market waking up and realising its a good way to charge sky high prices for very small amounts of stuff, but also get your wider range into the hands of punters who will hopefully become repeat buyers. December is looking very busy for us as we've now got 3 things to get through on a daily basis - won't be buying anymore as got more than enough to be getting on with, but the good ones do seem to sell out early so worth getting them in now. So who else is doing dozens of gins, whiskey etc in Dec ? Our collection : A brilliant looking Pact coffee taster with 25 different coffees, some being from very small lots. A Joe & Steph popcorn one Finally something a bit more traditional with chocolates from Hotel Chocolate
  11. Gotters


    The Pact advent just arrived and it's going to be quite hard to resist it until Dec as it looks brilliant, 25 different sachets of pre-ground (boo to that but I get why they have to do it that way) coffee, each with a little description and tasting notes.
  12. 31.241 - that is a lot of effort for only 4 tenths improvement !
  13. I don't know how the Top Gear track in game came about and then the involvement of famous drivers, wonder if it was very late in the day and they made the call to carve it out as a TT circuit and almost hard code a top 10 you see to compete against, meaning that the famous names don't all drop out of visibility as soon as the 12y olds get hold of it and put in 25s laps using every exploit they can find.
  14. People can talk how they want, and throw in as many 'y'know' 'yeah yeah' 'm'kay' and as much affected vocal fry as they wish, the same privilege exists for people listening and in general really annoying speech patterns or affections don't help you if you want to get across your point or make people listen. Probably over thinking the judging process for this but how do you judge somebody who bakes vegan all the time, not just the odd vegan challenge. Do you judge solely on taste (can that weird meringue substitute ever be better than egg whites etc) or do you constantly make an allowance and judge them as good bearing in mind the limitations. That would require you to say this is a 8/10 cake but whilst the vegan one may not taste as good its a 9/10 vegan one. Guess it's not an issue any more and we're probably over thinking it.
  15. latest sim update out which is mostly bug fixes, but mention for fixing some HOTAS issues with on screen not matching buttons https://www.flightsimulator.com/release-notes-1-20-6-0-sim-update-vi-now-available/ Reno races dated too for mid Nov with a $20 price tag, not seen how that translates to £ yet.
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