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  1. Interesting one this as it gets mentioned a lot, and no doubt that those cliques ruined the squads back then and the players did nothing to resolve it as the like of Mourinho and Sir Fergus wanted the players to hate each other. Has Southgate fixed it or has City's dominance actually meant the leagues aren't hard fought bitter battles for months on end as everybody knows who is going to win it. Bit tongue in cheek but it could be a factor.
  2. you'll need to run some cables from the taped on deck too for the full VR experience, and clear all the furniture from the room you're doing it in too. then after playing for less than 5m and feeling a bit queasy you should spend the next hour or two online declaring it the future of gaming.
  3. cancel all optimism, England v Senegal is on ITV, this means the triple disappointment of us losing whilst listening to Ally McCoist's barely contained glee and Matterface's high pitched drivel.
  4. This looks interesting, another string to the deck bow. As a non PC gamer til recently (I had to create a Steam account to buy a deck) I don't really know though what GOG or Epic stores bring to the party, assume epic is a couple of exclusives, is it just price arbitrage though beyond that ?
  5. Dunno why people think Southgate will play Maddison, we know his selection policy and he will always favour those who he’s trusted and used previously over a last minute call up he hasn’t. Also this morning we should take a check like after the Euro’s and last WC first stage to realise what Southgate is achieving. We aren’t that far removed from the dire era of Hodgson, Fat Sam (thank god that only lasted 1 match) and the joyless Capello. We took Eriksen’s easy qualifying and quarter final spots for granted and are in danger of doing the same with Southgate who is doing a better job. I don’t always enjoy the pragmatic tactics but I understand them, what is unarguable though is how he’s totally turned round the squad togetherness, desire to actually play for England and what fans think of them. Yeah we’ve only beaten Wales & Iran, nobody saying ‘it’s coming home’ or that type of thing, but relative stress free progression through the groups shouldn’t be taken for granted after that Hodgson era.
  6. Rashford and Henderson look like they won a comp to play with the england first team. Wales are rubbish and when england do inject a bit of pace or ambition they get at them, it’s just happening so rarely.
  7. Hopefully the thought of playing a bang average looking Senegal instead of a below par Holland should spur England on tonight to actually try and win, rather than just qualify by not losing by too many. I'm hoping for too much I know.
  8. the only thing worse than a hard case are those skins you tubers seem to plaster over their decks, one is sticky backed leather thing. the only thing worse than full skins are stickers.
  9. I use their compatibility page to check before going for a big download, SSX looks a no no, even the greens aren't always great and ambers I'd not bother with. https://rpcs3.net/compatibility?g=ssx#jump
  10. few leaks claiming 4 changes for England later, Walker Henderson Foden & Rashford in for Tripper Mount Saka & Sterling. Rotation as much as anything, not dropping them. Kane would be the concern for me, sometimes a manager needs to tell a player to take a seat and not listen to them hobbling round saying 'I'm fine'
  11. Yeah, one I'm watching. Winner likely England's next opponent too though the Dutch don't strike me as totally solid and nailed on against Qatar.
  12. I think the Deck at present is a bit how David Simon used to describe The Wire - he said it isn't meant to be for everybody, he knows he'll lose most of the audience straight away and he's going to make those that remain work a bit, lean in to understand what is going on. Those who do put in the effort will then love it far more than something easier to watch and they're the people he's targeting. I agree any talk of it taking on the Switch & other big consoles is fantasy at present in this form, I do think though it could be a gateway drug, I've already dropped my PS5, would probably lose my X Series now too and its really only Nintendo first party games that would interest me on new hardware. A more powerful deck 2 could well be my machine of choice for both portable and under tv use.
  13. 48 teams does bring problems beyond just quality, namely in format groups of 3 sees only 1 team out of 3 ko'd after 3 matches then KO from round of 32, keeps matches per team at current level but risks collusion as somebody plays last and knows what needed while another team sits on the sidelines watching. groups of 4 is better but if you want 32 teams thru you've got those weird best place loser situations going on across 12 groups, and the expanded KO stage adds a game to the schedule for everybody. as we saw yesterday you can get belting games from the less fancied teams, but you'll also see a lot more mismatches and it'll be more akin to qualifying.
  14. As stated it was nothing more than a gimmick that didn't really ever add anything to the experience, much like 3d tv's. The 3ds was a nice party trick but after the initial excitement I recall always playing with the 3d slider set to off. I don't think the quality of the tech saw it's demise, it just wasn't a great idea. People can hate on Nintendo for Wii and waggle but it added something to the experience, bought a slew of people in to play games like Wii Sports. It's the age old debate with most tech, it may be cool but what does it let people do they couldn't before - it's why something like the Metaverse seems doomed as it's just tech looking for an application at present.
  15. I should be watching 1h of build up to a game I don't really have any interest in. 2h til Homes Under the Hammer, there is some curling on Eurosport 2.
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