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  1. I’ll always join in on a ‘breaking bad is shit’ pile on.
  2. I'm no Liverpool fan but that has to be red for the Chelsea bloke
  3. for sure, plus its the variety of techniques that are on offer that haven't always been historically matched before the MMA melting pot to prove definitive answers, its why I find the sport so much more interesting than boxing nowadays, which seems so limited in comparison.
  4. Woodley would appear to be one of those stylistic fighters who looks unbeatable for a period, then everybody seems to get their number and have a chance against them. Most notably I'm thinking of Machida and Wonderboy who were both thought the unbeatable future of MMA until they rapidly weren't. I know Woodley isn't from the same backgrounds as them but its an interesting facet of MMA how this happens.
  5. I'd buy a couple more Switch docks and chargers so I could carry it anywhere round the house and play it on any big telly, then with the few quid left over get some eShop credit. Pft who needs next gen.
  6. I know intent is so hard to call consistently but a penalty is such a significant reward to give a team that its granting should have to pass a fairly high bar to justify it - some poor sod randomly having a ball touch their arm with no intent to handle it whilst not looking doesn't seem worthy of giving the other team a free shot at goal from 12y out.
  7. interesting article about why Netflix often cancels shows after 2 seasons https://www.wired.co.uk/article/netflix-originals-cancelled-oa-altered-carbon-sense8
  8. Gotters


    Its not, and this isnt the opening day
  9. In the first month of the season it's described as 'fun', then as the autumn comes round and the table looks a bit ropey fun gets replaced by 'naive' for managers the media don't like, or for those few they fawn over like Bielsa it'll be called 'sticking to his footballing principles'.
  10. I think Leeds may be doomed too, you can't concede 3 or more every week and stay up.
  11. Watching Leeds v Fulham its just struck me for the first time what an absolutely massive head Scott Parker has. Oh and Fulham look utterly utterly doomed for relegation.
  12. Inter are getting second season Conte, isn't that when he starts with slagging off everybody at the clubs, owners, staff, players and looks for the payoff ? It's also being reported that Bale is arriving with an injury Spurs knew about and he is out for a month, hope it doesn't impact his handicap.
  13. see now it's even worse, before I thought they just didn't know or weren't capable of playing like that, now you've proven they can do it but choose not to most of the time just to spite anybody watching.
  14. Rached looks worth a watch - it's the Ryan Murphy made 8 part back story to the titular nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest My only concern with this review is it's Lucy Mangan, her name forever etched in my mind from the 3* review she gave Chernobyl, making in my eyes everything she writes utter crap. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/sep/18/ratched-review-gothically-grandiose-fun-ryan-murphy-netflix
  15. The Tour has been really good, I always love the quality of coverage and the babbling commentators on Eurosport talking about lunch and recipes - its just a nice comforting background wallpaper to have on for a few weeks and is as much a travelog, I even got my other half who has no interest in cycling enjoying bits of it as its so beautifully shot. French TV do such a great job making it all look fantastic. Think its also been a reminder of normality as unlike other sports there is still some spectators and other than masks at the finish it feels more normal than footb
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