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  1. Bravo sir, whoever that was. Check out the Spitter doing sod all while the amazing events unfold, then missing a spit on the escalator and getting killed!
  2. You've just gotta do what it takes to survive man! I've tried to stick with normal so I can help with teamwork in objective games and not rely on hiding or cold blooded too much. But as someone I know said, certain guns are just too weak outside of HC and it seems to be the only gametype where I can rank up pistols and SMGs. I've really been missing cold blooded since I prestiged the other day, and have stopping power stuck in my 2nd slot almost permanently. CoD4 was the same with the SP/UAV Jammer switch too but the difference seems more dramatic in this unless you're using just SCAR through the early levels. Just trying to not get too used to a particular mode. I'm always inconsistent up to the later levels so maybe my skillz are pants edit: thanks for the High Explosive tips guys, we used a door-blocking and hiding behind a table method.
  3. What about the Favela mission with 10 juggernauts and only explosives/knives - has anyone done that on veteran? Me and TPN tried a few times and kept drawing them through claymores towards the cars at the start, which we circled round desperately firing off thumper rounds. When two or three appeared together we were screwed
  4. Yeah, you can beat rippers if you just pay attention to where they and your team are, and stick together (and take them down quickly). If you see them running past a window in the distance, don't go and investigate or try to catch them unless you are moving as a group. They thrive on isolating people, just like in the horror movies Ripper is inspired from. "I'll be right back...!" When I've played as one on Skidrow or whatever, sometimes I've ran into a room with 2-3 guys all looking out the window trying to get easy kills. I take them all out, but I'm wondering why nobody was watching the back entrance or being warned by another victim across the map. I know people are still learning the game though. I hope the Javelin patch is done soon because that is just shit.
  5. It's tricky as everyone hates on WWII and "modern" is already taken by IW. Maybe space wars?! Or just end it completely. DICE are pretty good at multiplayer though.
  6. BF Bad Company has really good sound, with headphones at least.
  7. That's Mack from Future Weapons, a former Navy Seal. He's really mental! It could be they add a bit to the damage bar to show penetration damage, because they didn't want to add a whole new bar to the menu just for penetration damage when you equip FMJ. You are right - the bars are not good indicators of what is better or worse. What do you think of the M1014 vs the AA12?
  8. @ neom - He's like a robot. Pro CS AWP style. Some of his kills take a few shots, but he's good at quickly adapting e.g. that close-up Last Stand kill at 00.40. If someone gets that close I usually die switching to my USP, try to knife or just accept I'm dead and give up.
  9. You can still see some of your surroundings around the edge of the screen, when zoomed in with ACOG (unlike nomal/thermal). So it's good for short/medium sniping where you have corners close to you that someone could appear at. In a wider open position where that's not likely to happen and you're taking time to line up shots, normal/thermal scopes are better generally. Also this is probably the PC version but I wish I was this good or better with the Intervention : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Me2v6nJdxU
  10. + the GAF ban incident. Perhaps more cringeworthy than dumb.
  11. Yep. I haven't spoken to idiwa and danny-b for a while though. And ninja hasn't been on in a few days. So that's two at least... edit: idiwa is in too I think? \o/
  12. There's the CoD4: Galactic Warfare mod: http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/cal...-warfare/329883 Don't think there's any vehicles and it's not a full game, but it has the pew-pew noises edit: and First Strike for BF2142 with vehicles: fsmod
  13. They really screwed us over in that underpass area I've not done any recording before - gfp how come your view is of you playing and interacting, but you're also moving up into the air as free look? e.g. when you're smoking Rudi at the end of the 3rd video
  14. Awesome! good games. Thanks for the tips throughout btw. "Shoot this thing on my back....Shoot this thing on back...Shoot this thing on my-sho-sho-shoot this thing on my back"
  15. Thanks for games yesterday. Sorry for any friendly fire guys
  16. They should be available in the 1UPY archives on 1UP: http://www.1up.com/do/minisite?cId=3149993 You can choose 2006/2007 at the bottom of the page. That Olly Moss ALWW poster is great edit: too slowwww
  17. I'll be on. If there's room I'll play!
  18. @Uzi - Really? I could have sworn I'd always get them for non-physical hits. Maybe I'm wrong. Also I keep changing perk and weapon slots for different maps, and then the time runs out for the next game! Need to prestige and get more slots.
  19. The 'hit' cross for flashbangs and stuns was in CoD4. And yeah it's really useful for chucking round a corner and discovering an enemy you didn't think would be there, especially if you were planning to go a different route. With all the Cold Blooded users it acts like a really basic UAV or thermal scanner.
  20. Tom*

    Left 4 Dead 2

    I'll play tomorrow! or some other times this week. ID is tdbell / sutom I think. I'm on the rllmuk group.
  21. I was thinking about optimal loadouts and perk setups before I went to sleep the other night And I had a crate stolen by a teammate while I was waiting next to the red smoke. I think he started the capping animation first so I was locked out of it. If I die or there's an airdrop with too many crates for me to reach, I have no problem letting anyone else take them for the team effort. But we both sat there by my smoke waiting for it to come down. What a dick.
  22. oh man, Halo vs CoD. The SP gameplay can be weak, but don't you think Halo has more leeway because of the setting? Due to aliens you can have people with shields, jumping over each other's heads with hammers and vehicles flying everywhere. Modern Warfare is based on an err...interpretation of modern warfare - dudes behind cover taking potshots, and the odd huge explosion. Not saying IW are excused from making it a grind to play, I just don't know what direction it could be taken in slightly instead, as they've stuck with it since CoD1. Less but smarter enemies, or more realism like OPF2, or something?
  23. I've only done about half so far, but if you take a look on YouTube or AchievementHunter there are often plenty of videos showing how people did certain missions, or bits of missions. Maybe not as fun for your first go when you want to experience it fresh, but if you're stuck on one and want it out of the way they are useful. Snatch & Grab got so annoying, with me and a friend failing at the last part and restarting over and over. Pro-tip: flash and run like fuck at the end!
  24. ^ If there's any more room after Dave that would be great. I don't know if many on my list have the PC version, and I haven't played any yet because of MW2. Has everyone become super-efficient in the campaign now?
  25. I usually have a silenced USP as secondary and it can take 4-6 shots in the body for me to kill in Normal, if they're not already hurt. They'll often turn round and kill me anyway Maybe I'm crap with it though. Also, is the Javelin only good for ground targets? I unlocked it yesterday and used it against some choppers - whenever the missile came back down the chopper moved and it missed!
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