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  1. I did Pit Boss by watching this video: link
  2. Yeah. I could see him coming back and scanning across the map, trying to work out where I was, the poor guy! I almost didn't pull the trigger.
  3. A map based on the Virginia suburb levels might be fun. Had a HC game earlier with the PIR8s and we completely detroyed the opposition on the Quarry map - in the lobby afterwards some guy got really angry, going off about camping ruining people's fun and not being able to spawn without dying. I felt bad as my chopper gunner spree caught them all spawning outside by the stone blocks, and I must have sniped the same guy three times through a radar dish I don't often think of the other players amid the constant kills and streaks.
  4. Oh what, I think the menus are pretty good. Especially as they load fast and viewing challenges has been streamlined - you can immediately check your progress and what you need to do for almost every weapon and perk with X, instead of having to go all the way back and navigate through the Barracks menu each time. The main menu with the three sections of the game is clearly set out too. Wireframe models and fake computer animations are ok in the campaign but a bit played out. Also bright yellow and grey-ish menus seem to be the new hotness, looking at MW2, OFP2 and Bad Company 2.
  5. Yeah, try some Team Deathmatch (maybe Mercenary) at least, then other types. Communication can really help but most people don't talk at all, and just sticking with your team is good. If you stick together they'll be covering you and you them, and you don't need to always be looking in 500 different directions like in FFA. FFA seems more for when you know the maps in and out. I think other people in this thread starting out with FFA have found it tough, and once trying team games have found it easier to get into and more fun edit: oh man, irrelevant post now sorry!
  6. If my Xbox never did a proper update, and the facebook/twitter stuff just appeared on the dashboard, is it properly updated? Do you need a Zune for the Zune thing? There should be a few add-ons for Firefox that automatically extend your list once you reach the bottom of the page, if you wanted. Also Twitter-specific apps might do that.
  7. Tom*

    Tips for a noob

    A rllmuk MW2 League might be set up soon (like with CoD4), so players and new teams will be needed for that. I think that would just be rllmuk, but some clans might play outside etc too, so maybe worth asking. oh yeah, Blue is actually setting up a clan for regular games already: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=216883
  8. Me too! I saw "Mack" pimping the ACR so thought it would be good, but I guess any weapon translated to a game like MW2 wouldn't necessarily be as good.Same with the .He's like a crazy Ross Kemp.
  9. Does that mean the ACR is a bit weak, or is it pretty good as a SCAR replacement once you get to it? I was planning to max out the M4 but now it's becoming very weak compared to everything else, and the SCAR is great but I don't want to be stuck with Scavenger all the time. I'd be excited about getting the FAL but it looks totally ugly guys Plus long guns make me paranoid about sticking out round corners.
  10. ^ I think I picked up your akimbo 1667s at the end of that Highrise game. I need one! The h/b sensor is good when two of you are clearing a building - being up front behind cover, calling out possible red dot locations with your backup guy behind you getting ready to fire. Totally Aliens style man.
  11. The lag, party merging and host migration seem pretty bad at the moment, much worse than MW1 has been for the last year. Maybe it's because so many people are playing and the system will get used to it over time, but it really grates after a while. I was in parties of 2 or 3 earlier where it took like 6 or 7 attempts to join a game without someone not making it in or the whole lobby dying and kicking us back to the start. A full 6 seems to work better as it doesn't need to search for extra players but it's still a lag fest. Also the immediate barage of "oh wow, english fags!" from unoriginal dickheads between every round and game sucks. Then again it is fun dominating the particularly vocal trash talkers in the following game. It would just be nice to quickly jump into party chat to check if a group has a full lobby, without having to send PMs while you're prone behind a dumpster. How are you getting these super stable games Kerraig?! The actual gameplay is still amazing despite all that though. It's such a relief to get a sentry gun on Headquarters, dropping it on a vantage point as your fellow defenders are almost overwhelmed, then letting it take over and tear through waves of attacks until you get the full points. Awesome games VSF & PIR8s. Asura - sorry I couldn't join you earlier but we should play some this week.
  12. It doesn't matter to me who is at the top of the leaderboards, with ridiculous ratios gained through cheating. As long as I can get pretty good amongst the people I'm playing with* and have some fun, I don't tend to think about it. * this has yet to happen though
  13. How big do you think the teams should be? It was 4 or 5 last time but loads more seem to be playing this atm. I think the three remaining VSFers are up for it.
  14. Looks great! I'm glad they've made spotting manual again, personally.
  15. If you're the one with the riot shield then I recommend using the mask that gives you better explosive damage (not sure of the exact name, it's in Equipment). When you're at the front enemies tend to throw all their nades at once so you need to soak it all up, keep pushing them back and letting your team behind you take them out. I've died so many times from being hit in the side so it's only good for certain chokepoints.
  16. CJ I think that group of snipers we played against earlier were just really good. I'm dying a lot too but hopefully I'll get used to the maps and all the airborne crap that's flying everywhere all time. In MW1 I knew where I stood with an M16/M4 + Stopping Power/UAV Jammer, but now I have no idea! Just need to learn how to use the killstreaks properly I suppose as you can't really treat enemy helis as minor annoyances anymore. Also 3rd Person sounded like a tacked-on gimmick but I really like it now
  17. Yeah sure. I think the Home team deciding the game setup would be best, as said.
  18. It felt kinda pointless plot-wise, or maybe I wasn't following it enough. I didn't shoot until the cops arrived, but then they were "good" so I might as well have from the start. Then the plot went on and it didn't really seem to matter much. Maybe it's supposed to question your view of traditional Good vs Bad characters but the rest of the game was just about killing everyone no matter what, so why not just have a cut-scene.
  19. The SP is pretty awesome - although I think the spectacle and atmosphere were much more exciting than the actual gameplay. The bits were the best! The fire embers in the rainy looked fantastic too, when I wasn't jam-faced. And beating people to death with the shield in MP is great fun.
  20. I think this info is up-to-date: http://modernwarfare247.com/multiplayer/perks There might be a wiki or something around too.
  21. Yeah the "No ma'am, I will not" Secret Service dude.
  22. Two years of online play and I still totally failed at the tutorial killhouse. I was shouted at for not switching to my pistol Also I think "Overlord" in the first level is Aaron from 24!
  23. Sorry, not an exciting update but - ASDA Watford had a line of about 200 people at 11.15PM. 200 copies for each format, so I got one along with another 50+ behind me but they probably turned away another 100+ after cutting off the line. Do they not have more stock after tonight for slow, sensible people or what? Basically: bigger queues than I expected.
  24. If you don't want to wait for CoD XBL it's probably just a few quid on PC, and should run on anything as it's quite old.
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