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  1. in T3 didn't the terminator eliminate anyone still alive who was to do with the resistance anyway? or did I imagine it?
  2. wow, I loaded this up for the first time ever last night too! I also got it with TWW. however, being the shallow person I am I was kind of put off by the graphics so I went back to Metroid Prime..... is OOT a very time-consuming game?
  3. wish I could have gone is there anywhere I can see videos of reading (such as 50 cent being bottled), so Ican imagine I was there too???
  4. so what's the *best* card then?
  5. anyone see bloc party? were they any good?
  6. oh I know it's dire. I promised a mate I'd see it to laugh at it, but I'm having doubts now.
  7. but was he always meant to be the original bishop? isn't the guy in AvP the very first one, and by the time of Alien3 he's just cloned/made a droid of himself to carry on in charge of the company? how did Cameron and Fincher plan that out? also: when is AvP out here?
  8. yeah, they messed up big time. I think Furlong was ok considering he was so young. He steals money from cashpoints and doesn't listen to his foster parents - of course he's gonna be a bit lippy when he's got a TERMINATOR to beat up anyone he wants! Linda Hamilton is great too. She manages to play a completely different character in the second film.
  9. you're right, the poster has a gun on it and the trailer basically has all the parts where action occurs, so people assume it's an action film. I think it's a classy film but you need to concentrate when watching it.
  10. I never heard him say that! I though he had red blood and just shouted "NNNnnnooooooooooooo"
  11. Haven't seen AvP, but as I gather, Weyland in AvP is the guy who owns 'the company' Weyland-Yutani which is featured in all of the films. The guy in Alien3 must be a clone of the original guy who features in AvP. He is the boss of Weyland-Yutani at the time of Alien3. Bishop in Aliens is an android modelled to look like his creator, Weyland/Clone. Ash from Alien is an android but is not made to look like Weyland.
  12. I know parts of the internet are sad, but didn't know they were that sad....
  13. I think that although the themes you mention here do exist in the film, they are not significant enough to carry the whole film. e.g. Japan dislikes America because of WW2 - WOW, so does everyone! They only mention americans a few times, and the general theme of the war on terror is just mirroring what was/is happening in the world today. does the film say the WOT is bad? is america bad? if so, so what? lets have kids killing each other for 2hrs just to show how bad terror/fighting is! how profound!!!!!111
  14. that's fair enough, but if you were bored of the setting why did you watch it? maybe they should have set it in a space city on mars instead, because that's 'cooler'. yeah, olden times were ghey. all their clothes were really crap and noone had technology or anything!!!
  15. yeah, he wanted the girl. end of.
  16. is the voice that says "10 seconds left" Keifer Sutherland?
  17. yeah, I meant it's his fault about the script, not that he died. you can't blame him for that....
  18. I thought the dad died whilst he was filming it, and the son finished the shooting. so it's the dad's fault really....
  19. it's better than Starship Troopers 2, so you can relax a little. At least you didn't buy that , DID YOU????
  20. I thought that was pretty obvious.... and maybe lucius did know the monsters were fake, but if you hadn't left the village for 20+ years and you weren't 100% CERTAIN that the monsters were fake or knew what was out there, you'd probably shit yourself too. or maybe he thought the elders would kill him to keep the secret.
  21. well the way he got the medicine looked like he managed to grab it from the cupboard without M.Night/ranger seeing him. or if you mean why he didn't ask the girl why she needed medicine I assumed she told him someone was hurt, and he was freaked out by the whole thing he just got it. when M.Night/ranger told him not to ask he did exactly that.
  22. Cypher is pretty good, everything is kind of monochrome'd
  23. maybe I'm wrong here, but I think some people are confusing 'plot holes' with 'imagination'. I do not think The Village is the best film evarrr, but as far as I'm concerned, everything was explained. however 'silly' it may seem. Independance Day has aliens invading earth and is a very silly film, but no-one goes on about it being unrealistic.
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