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  1. I know it's mentioned all the time, but the Hospital scene in Hard Boiled is probably my favourite action scene ever. Many other action films are good as a whole but I think that's my favourite scene, mainly because although so many bad guys die, it looks realistic to me. I've never been in a gunfight (obviously) but I imagine that's what it'd be like. bullets, glass, fire everywhere. guys falling over and diving not very gracefully. theres no slo-mo and it seems fast. it's messy and gritty. and it's about 14 years old. now action films in hollywood seem to be going in the opposite direction. everyone moves perfectly, no-one gets hurt, everything seems slowed down as though people need explaining where exactly the bullets are going and who is hitting who, ffs! it has gotten boring imo. it's too clinical. I could just have different tastes, but how come no-one makes films like Hard Boiled any more? I can't think of many better action films from the past 5 years at least. I'm sure there are good ones I haven't seen but it's a general thing. AvP looks terrible
  2. when is this out? sounds awesome!!!1111!1!1
  3. no disrespect to the matrix fans, for I know there are many, but that packaging looks shit. like a cheapo CD rack from poundland or something. and why would anyone want that neo bust?
  4. there are some well-paced films as people have said, such as Battle Royale, but in general I think alot of it is down to a culture clash. maybe we've been conditioned by hollywood into preferring more intense drama and action. it's annoying when I try to show friends asian films which I think are great and they get bored from all the long, ponderous scenes and then think they are shite even my mum got bored of ring and she watches some crap boring drama films
  5. the guy on moviesthatsuck.com is a bit of a prick tbh
  6. shogun:total war and mongol invasion add-on got it on release and have been playing it ever since, proably spent more time on it that any other game. so much fun trying different tactics and great when you manage to turn around and win a major battle you thought you'd lose with a well-timed cavalry charge or a volley of musket fire. or battlefield ninjas
  7. Tom*

    Consolevania 4

    ok..... I'm a bit of a noob in Discussion. what exactly is Consolvania? (please don't hit me)
  8. ahaha now it's all coming back great game...
  9. Space Hulk on PSone. You're one of those space marines in the big suits and the dark, bleak corridors of the ships you have to clear out are only wide enough for 1 of you at a time, single file. you move along and a genestealer(sp?) runs at you from the darkness screaming and you can't back up or turn because your teammates are behind you blocking you and all you can do is fire like mad and hope you stop it before it rips your face off!!
  10. yeah boybands/female 'artists' etc are not in a seperate genre. they are in the Pop genre. TOTP and the official UK chart features pop as it's the most popular for some godawful reason, then varying degrees of alternative genres are represented too, such as the stupidly broad Rock, Hip-hop and R&B. Pop as I see it is created solely for the charts and commercial radio, but is nethertheless a genre in it's own right.
  11. not really hidden gems but: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind made me feel content and happy. Pieces Of April too, it has a good ending. 'Heartwarming'.
  12. yeah people put it in top action film lists all the time but say things like "the talking bits are ok but the people look a bit like nazis, which is rubbish". I have no examples but it's a general attitude I've noticed. then again they are probably the people who enjoyed Starship Troopers 2 (THE WORST FILM IN EXISTENCE). In fact the director/producers/writers of ST2 probably didn't understand ST either.
  13. yeah but in the commentary for ST, Verhoven is saying that although the main 'heroes' are fascists essentially, he is trying to show that fascism is bad, and war in general is bad. all older characters in the film are somehow scarred or disabled from fighting, and the young recruits are all affected by war throughout the film. I think it is meant to be anti-war and anti-fascist, and alot of people never saw it that way, just as a stupid action film with cheesy fascist-style tv stuff.
  14. here here that's what I'm saying Handle...
  15. ok, well if you thought it was fun then I can't argue with that. I thought it was shite and no fun at all
  16. Art house doesn't equal Oscars. A simple, fun enjoyable "popcorn flick" can provide a great night out. Faults, such as terrible dialog can help to add to the fun factor, think of the hundreds of old zombie movies with the likes of Evil Dead being good films in there own right despite Bruce Campbell's less that Shakespearean dialog. The first Resident Evil film was fun with some real highlights, the scene with Alice fighting the dogs was one and you can't forget the laser defence system. I enjoy more thought provoking films more than the next man ( ) but sometimes you just want to sit down and see shit blow up! On the other hand that trailer does look a bit dodgy, it's a shame Paul 'WS' Anderson handed over the reigns as despite the apparent dislike of his direction in this thread he does do these fun films quite well. yeah man I respect your point about the fun factor, but surely many people agree that the Evil Dead movies are classics, being inventive and with humorous dialogue, and the original Resident Evil does not even come close. What I'm saying is nothing in the first RE and by the looks of it RE:A are going to be new at all. The bit from this trailer with the chopper shooting a minigun down the side of a glass building aiming slightly behind the main character is lifted straight out of the Code Veronica intro! I love action films too but good ones, not shitty ones. I'm just annoyed that films like this get a 'free pass' because people claim they aren't meant to be good. So why don't they try something interesting for once? Does that mean anyone can make a crappy worthless film and claim it to be 'fun'? 'Intelligent' dramas for example are judged on how good they are acted/made, so why not action films?
  17. ridiculous. slow motion has no place in the alien franchise. and aliens should not fight like that. in the other films the aliens swarm, scuttle, launch at enemies without hesitation because they are like ants or something. they don't 'square off' against people and they certainly don't know special moves like the tail sweep! many aliens vs 1 predator maybe, but this? see alien vs Vasquez in the air duct in aliens. up close and very clumsy, with only a pistol ending the alien's desperate scraping.
  18. I fail to see how this can be a 'great night out'? and the point about it not trying to win oscars is pointless. so it's not trying to be art-house. does that mean it's exempt from any criticism? nobody can fault the tired cliche action scenes and terrible dialogue (I presume) because 'it's just a bit of fun'? If I want a dumb action film I'll at least watch a good one, like Con Air or Aliens or Predator etc etc. At least those films try!!! I shall no doubt be going to see this so I can laugh at it, and as a fan of the games I cannot see why movie executives seem to think that fans of the games don't care about how good the action is. They think we have no idea of what makes good original action instead of rubbish orginal action. [exec]"all the kids are into rock music now!! let's put on a rocking nu-metal soundtrack whilst people shoot guns!! get Nickelback on the phone!"[/exec] shit music+rubbish guns+motorbikes+badly CGI'd monsters+terrible soap actors+boring action+one liners = NOT A GOOD FILM and the Nemesis looks really funny waddling along rant over.
  19. theres so many! the Sea People song, Crab People, his christmas song in Red Sleigh Down....
  20. It's about even in terms of like/hate atm...
  21. it's pretty good I thought. the only comparison to the matrix I can see is the front cover because they wear similar clothes, and the use of guns in cool ways. the stories themselves are completely different. and was it not released in the same year as the matrix (1999), and therefore not a matrix ripoff as was believed by many critics? I thought that's why hardly anyone saw it - because the matrix was so successful....
  22. what i meant was there was a screening with willis and everyone present in the audience WITH the press people, and they all laughed when he was there and THEN he got angry. jesus, I don't actually think actors in films can see you when you're watching. they can't.....can they?!!!!1111
  23. Tom*

    Linkin Park

    uh-oh, bus-ted!
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