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  1. Grindin', definitely.
  2. Tom*


    thanks for the comment dude. if you don't like it that's fair enough.... when I said amelie I suppose I am misleading as it's nothing to do with plot or subject matter, more to do with a couple of scenes where the music was kind of similar and the cinematography and visual effects using cgi. This is where I thought of Fight Club a bit too. I agree the bad guy was very underdeveloped, and the plot is confusing. With regards to the fight how do you mean by unrealistic? I know it was 1 guy vs about 20, but in terms of what actually happens it's one of the most realistic I've seen. It's gritty, everyone gets really tired and falls over, alot of the gangsters miss with their bats as they are getting desperate, and it ends with everyone on the floor given up. I mean how can this be unrealistic when we have films like the Matrix, where noone gets hurt and theres fucking cgi bullets and water everywhere? Is that more realistic? I don't see how.... I freely admit that when I 'discovered' asian cinema with like Akira, then Ring and Battle Royale, I thought it was so much better than anything I've ever seen in Hollywood. of course, asian cinema is no better than any other kind as a whole. Alot of the horror films are very slow moving. Theres alot of generic crap, and I'm sure I haven't see most of the bad stuff. Since then I've found this out. I'm not giving this film a 'free pass' because it's asian. I like it as a film and it doesn't matter to me where it's from. Maybe it's to do with techniques I see in western films as well. But I know alot of people do have this asian fixation, with all kinds of things, which I see as quite ridiculous.
  3. I think that's a bit harsh. I was quite surprised by the sudden 'twist' in the story. the guy was a complete cock at the start thought.
  4. you mean michelle surely.
  5. Tom*


    just wondered if anyone else has seen Oldboy? Oldboy imdb It's a brilliant revenge film from S. Korea by the director Chan-wook Park who did Sympathy For Mr Vengeance. It won the Grand Prize at Cannes and apparently Tarantino thinks it's great (if that means anything). It's got lots of cool cinematography, visual effects and music that kind of reminded me in parts of Fight Club and Amelie. Theres a great single shot fight thats brutal and dirty. It is also very dark and gets kind of....weird towards the end. Very emotional. It's only been mentioned here once. I demand everyone see it!!!!!
  6. Rocko: Did you not watch it?! Didn't you see the poor effects and the Federation centre with the plastic primary school chairs at the end? OMG OMG OMG
  8. are there any other woo or non-woo films which come close? I'm looking for any more with accomplished gunplay as I've only really see HB and the killer... I'm talking chow yun fat taking on 100 guys with said guys flying into barrels/bushes/windows as they are shot. preferable with very few reloads.
  9. Tom*


    already seen the whole series. it's pretty good.
  10. this is a long-ish thread and I'm lazy. I'm not a HUGE SW fan, I never saw any at the cinema, I agree some changes in the SE were ok. Yes Lucas made the films so he can do whatever he wants. But that doesn't mean I'd like it if he wipes out original actors. People say theres not much changed, but where does it end? you could change all of the ships to look more like Ep. 1, change all the characters voices to match Ep.1 & 2. He said he wants to move on but somehow I doubt he will. I just think it is and will be too overworked, to the point where the much-loved films will become soulless and Lucas will be alone on his ranch spanking himself off at how good his 'new, better versions' are. About the darth/anakin actor in ROTJ not being recognised by the kidz today, it should be the new Anakin who should be made to match the ORIGINAL darth, not the other way round! ffs! It may only be a small scene but he was there first! I think he'll never be finished giving the reasons he gives. He might as well just remake the original trilogy with all new actors, just type "Origin@l Trilogieeee111 REmake" into his Skywalker Ranch CGI beardy computer system and let it churn out a trilogy in an afternoon. If I was Lucas I would have made Ep.1, 2 and 3 with technology similar to the originals, i.e. more basic/gritty, with retro X-wings etc and alot less shine. aaaaaaahh!
  11. Rocko: I really, really do hope you are joking. Whether you are or not could you please tell me what happens and if it's just a straight action film without any reference to the clever social commentary of the first film?
  12. bleh. can't really argue with it anymore. I just think that characters with flaws are more interesting than ones with not, and if you don't like the character so what? doesn't mean the film is good or bad. I thought it was great I just find bland hollywood heroes and villians f*cking boring.
  13. Rowan Morrison: Maybe they didn't but films don't always have to 'mean' alot to the viewer. Why can't characters in films just be seen as they are in real life - just as the way they are instead of always trying to gain our sympathy or go opposite and make us hate them? It's like you expect people in films to impress you somehow.
  14. Yeah, I've not been there but I've seen stuff showing loads of gangsta-wannabes in Japan and South Korea. Its kind of strange seeing a whole culture of music and fashion simply copied as part of a fad in another country like that. Quite amusing but it just looks naff with all the rich Japanese kids and their blinging car cruises etc. as opposed to the real ghetto in LA or somewhere. I know Japan isn't the be-all and end-all of 'cool' anymore but I'd have thought they would be more up to date with this stuff, rather than just repeat the 1990s.
  15. Cacophanus: Errr surely you can't judge what kind of characters and which way they are shown should be 'allowed' in films? It's a form of fascism! Characters in films, as in real life, should be able to think any way they want. Insecurity may be a 'bad' thing to be but insecure people aren't 'bad' themselves. Anyway who cares whether the characters are like this? It makes films a whole lot more realistic, instead of some fucking boring, bland hollywood film where everyone is either good or bad and noone has any problems unless either a close relative is dead or they are going to jail. I also think it doesn't matter where it is set. It's the way it is written and filmed that defines it. You could have a similar story with people in a foreign land anywhere in the world. This film does not show Tokyo to be 'cool' or even 'uncool'. It plays a part in the feeling of the characters but in the end I think it is mainly a simple backdrop.
  16. Laine: Is it the kind of film where the popular girls rip the piss out of the nerdy-but-still-amazingly-attractive girl, then the 'most popular boy in school who is really independant' says he facies her even though the popular girls all fancy him. Then the cool guy and nerdy girl go to a party where the popular girls diss the nerdy girl and cool guy but the nerdy girl says something really clever back and the popular girls get put in their place? Or not?
  17. are there ever gonna be any good films out again, ever? Everything seems 'meh' and I can't think of any other film that could possible be good.
  18. but I haven't seen it yet. I invite PA to blow my perception of this film away.
  19. but we all know the film will be exactly what is in the trailer. I think this is notable because not only does it look extremely tedious, unoriginal, devoid of any new ideas, thrills or style (people in caves with torches, bullet-fucking-time effects, so-far-beyond-cliche action dialogue, terrible inappropriate heavy rock soundtrack - in short exactly what we expect nowadays from lazy boring film makers), but it also destroys 2 much-loved franchises from the past 3 decades in one go. This film is not marketed at fans of the original films, but somehow wants to be at the same time.
  20. Tom*


    yeah she gets all sweaty and stuff
  21. omg, terrible. Hopefully this terrible pile of wank will inspire him to return and make a film worthy of the Alien name once again. Like with the Earth War in the future or a trip to the Alien homeworld. And his film should have a bit at the start with Ridley saying: "Disregard anything you may have seen in that rubbish AvP 'film'. Its not a 'true' Alien film. This is the real deal". Hopefully PA will get the message.
  22. buy the MI:2 dvd for the Ben Stiller spoof, please.
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