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  1. Copter attack in Apocalypse Now
  2. Tom*

    To the 5 Boroughs leak

    Juria, if the torrent won't work and you want it from somewhere else just PM me....
  3. Tom*

    Musical tastes

    I think what you say is true about periods changing and being mocked, but right now I know about ALOT more music than I ever did, and as you say, have refined my tastes. If I still only knew music from TOTP then it would just be trends. I used to think Sash! was the best dance artist I'd ever heard
  4. Tom*

    Musical tastes

    haven't changed that many times. until I 'knew about music' I was into chart stuff like Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Coolio, 2Unlimited (start of the 90s). Then I went through a Blur/Oasis stage. Then I got into Happy Hardcore, then into dance stuff. I bought some decks and subsequently bought some terrible and not-so-terrible trance (when trance was good). Gave up the decks when the dance got crap and I suppose I moved on to hip-hop. Now I like pretty much anything that is 'good'. I think I have pretty good music taste.
  5. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
  6. Tom*


    I've seen most of the Cowboy Bebop episodes, and think it's great. Could you guys recommend any series or films similar to this? By this I mean something that has humour, style, good characters, few or no battling robots and is interesting to watch. What I have seen are: Cowboy Bebop Akira Princess Mononoke Spirited Away GITS GITS:SAC (some of) Perfect Blue Escaflowne Patlabor 1+2 Ninja Scroll Jin-Roh Metropolis Streetfighter I just want something that is fun (in a grown-up way) and does not get really boring going on about 'life forces' or yet more robots fighting other robots.
  7. I was more confused by how the wolves managed to survive all the water which everyone else seemed to fall victim to, and know exactly where people were. Also, alot of survivors appeared on the rooftops at the end. I thought most of the glass windows in all of the skyscrapers were smashed thus making any high up building with massive holes in the sides impossible to survive in when the big frost 'wave' appeared. Yet somehow so many people did... Oh well.
  8. Yeah I'll give it a listen. I'm not taking the piss, merely pointing out that what stuff I have heard (which isn't very much) is not very good. The UK, as do all countries, have alot of bad music too.
  9. alot of stuff I've heard has cringeworthy english words in anyway, seemingly placed randomly in between the rest (please correct me if I'm wrong). Reminds me of the Ninja South Park episode 'Lets Fighting Love' song.
  10. I don't know alot of Jpop but anyone else heard of Aco? I think she is pretty good, kind of like Bjork. All the other Jpop I have heard is terrible......
  11. awesome, thanks. I need to see the original as the scream/point thing is the scariest thing I've seen ever!
  12. Does anyone know if there was a second remake of the original film of this? I saw a film a few years ago on like BBC2 or C4 which I think was called Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers, but its not that one set in San Francisco. It was on like a military base and basically the families living on the base all get turned 1 by 1 into aliens by these alien pods planted in their homes by soldier-turned-aliens. They do the same point/scream thing when they discover the people trying to escape. At the end this guy and girl escape in a helicopter then they blow the crap out of loads of the aliens. It looks like it was made in the 80s/early 90s, but I can't find it at all on imdb.com Its really bugging me
  13. Naked Gun 1-3 National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1
  14. As with Homer in The Simpsons, I think Peter Griffin has all of the best lines. Stewie and Brian are quite funny too but not as much as Peter. I like the Hitler chatshow as well though.
  15. Squirtle: Yeah I know what you mean. But this being possible future fact instead of a pure 'fictional' story means you can't really just have a bad guy for the sake of it. The only real bad guy was the Vice-President, for not acting sooner and not believing the main hero guy (that was pure hollywood). Because of the story I think there were no good or bad guys, simply idiots (Vice president, cop in New York who says they should leave the library) and non-idiots (Dennis Quaid, Gyllenhaal, his mum).
  16. Just make Alien 5: Earth War. Its obvious, yeah. But it seems to be where the series was going (without Resurrection). Alot of the books basically support this storyline, so I think theres alot of good material to be used. The Alien homeworld would be great too. In the same film it might be a bit 'Starship Troopers', but I think the unique Alien universe needs to have it done.
  17. well I agree it should have been in the film anyway, but this particular graphic novel (unlike another I have) shows the part after Newt's dad gets facehuggered up to where the marines come in. You get to see what went on - how Newt's dad let out a chestburster, then a shitload of Aliens came over from either the crashed ship or some other hive, broke into the colony, all the colonists basically end up in one room, they send out teams to fight the aliens but the aliens kind of use them as bait so the colonists open the doors and all the aliens burst in and then Newt's family along with everyone else gets wiped out and Newt pegs it. So its not really making any excuses or stuff up, cos it did happen its just for some reason they left it out.
  18. yeah but Newt at least saves those sorry-ass marines by leading the survivors through the vents. That cancer kid does sod all, tbh.
  19. If you've read the graphic novel 'Newt's Tale', you'll know that she went into the air ducts and ventilation shafts just after everyone else got butchered, and the aliens couldn't get her because they were too big!
  20. I sadly have to admit, I own MI:2 on dvd. It is a very poor film, but the DVD redeems itself with a totally amazing spoof documentary featuring Ben Stiller and John Woo himself, as well as Tom Cruise. It really is hilarious and almost makes the DVD worth buying on it's own (proably). Stiller's idea for what should happen in the motorbike chase is particularly good.
  21. the 'filangy' joke and Chandler in the hospital alone with erica were insanely bad. and it was really predictable and full of plot holes. But it is an end of an era so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. The hope for Matt LeBlanc's sake the Joey show is canned immediately though.
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