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  1. Hey, cmon man. Sorry if I've questioned your beautiful vision of this classic show. I never said I thought I knew all about it. I am aware of the cult following this series has, as with other 'intelligent' 80s cartoons. I simply found it wierd and eerie, and can't see how kids would be into it that much. I vaguely remember watching a bit of it when I was younger, mainly recognised the little guy in knight's armour. It was just so slow-moving, and when they broke out the laser-swords the action was pretty lame.
  2. I saw it on FOX kids last night and....... .....it was so boring! I can't believe children were actually entertained by it in the 80s, let alone now when attention spans have been greatly reduced. btw is it based on the greek play of the same name? (feel free to mock me if it obviously is)
  3. errr 24 would NOT make a very good film. On the small screen and over a whole series it is TV at it's finest. Reduced to 2 hours in the cinema it would simply be a crap action film. And as said if it was actually part of a series it would be even worse!
  4. with shields, best thing is to run up to then, I mean RIGHT up to them, and keep slashing with your knife. unless they fixed the glitch you should be able to slash straight through the shield, unlike with guns. or just strafe around them and eventually you'll catch their side. or try to get them to back up into one of your mates and let them finish them off from the rear.
  5. well yeah, maybe with FPS it is harder to avoid death from unskilled players, but pro players are able to avoid such sniping from noobs or whatever. With regards to being on a crap team, although its hard to survive, it is not impossible to be on your own and kill the entire enemy team. the only limit is your level of skill. I just don't think skill levels required are linked to how 'good' the game is. I think I'd be mad to put down a game because I'm simply not able to do as well as others. Again with 2D shooters, I own Ikaruga and think its a great game, but I'm really shite at it and am nowhere near any other competant players who use chains and stuff. I 'get' it, I'm just bad at it.
  6. yeah I hope Palmer goes to CTU as others have said, then him and jack bust Tony out of prison and then all 3 (and maybe chase) team up to take down the new season badguy. probably another guy from the Bosnia thing who Jack forgot about for 3 seasons....
  7. Aelf Inflicted Nosebleed: True, nobody likes cheats in any game. But cheats are not specific to online FPS so it seems you have issues with cheats in general not the genre. Lazychu: Fair enough but again its not about the game as such its more because you aren't good enough compared to other people If you played some 2D fighters, and whenever you played some ninja players they pwned you every time, would you hate 2D fighters? As with 2D fighters, FPS and any game against human opponents, I find its more fun to gain skill against an enemy who is always changing, rather than single-player games where its just a case of memorising where the enemy will be. 1-player FPS can get a bit boring though.
  8. Could people perhaps give an example of a reason why they don't like online FPS please?
  9. I can't stand it when the good guys are chasing the bad guy, then a crane/fork lift/lorry drives in front of the good guys - when its so obvious to all around there is A CAR CHASE GOING ON - and the good guy shouts "GET THAT THING OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!" and the guy in the truck moves out the way really, really slowly and by then the bad guy has got away. But apart from that a pretty good low-key ending. I like how Palmer basically thought enough is enough.
  10. yeah I didn't mean series 5 is the last ever ever. 5x13 is the last episode of series 5, but there will be a series 6, which will be the last series. But they won't start filming for another year apparently, and it won't be shown here for another year after that....
  11. if you want more in-depth discussion or info on any sopranos stuff you could try looking here: http://p196.ezboard.com/bsopranolandforum I just found it today and spent like 2 hours reading loads of stuff. especially about what people think will happen at the end of the series (5x13 is the last episode, to be shown in 2 weeks time). Warning - lots of spoilers obviously as its a US site.
  12. footle: duuuude, get ABC, the bittorrent client and look for the new ones. If you want a link I can PM you.
  13. pledge: cool, thanks.
  14. anyone been acquiring the newest ones, specifically 5x12? I want to discuss it but don't want to spoil it for you latecomers, obviously. Its a pretty shocking episode!
  15. btw, was that Friends documentary on how they make it etc on the other day? I'm sure it was supposed to be but when I put it on it was 'Picture Perfect', some crap J. Aniston film, instead. Radio Times does not say of the change at all. Has it been on already?
  16. although its possible to kill with all the weapons, there are a certain set which all pros use. practice with these the most: M4 (CT) AK (T) MP5 AWP/M or Scout USP Desert Eagle HE grenade Flashbang Don't bother with custom maps unless you wanna play in tournaments or whatever. Just play the main ones over and over and over (e.g. Dust, Dust2, Aztec, Nuke, Inferno, Cbble). You need to work out and know where the enemy come from and where they are going to be at certain times in the round, e.g. how long it will take CTs or Ts to reach the hallway on Dust. Use this knowledge to ambush/pin down enemies and stop rushes to your rear. Accept that usually noone cares about tactics on public servers and go with the flow if people don't follow your plan (although its great when your team does follow a plan). Don't flash your teammates when they are rushing into doorways. If you are the last one left on your team try not to hide because everyone will hate you. At least look for the enemy. And finally, use your radar, determine where the enemies are by watching where your team is dying, then plug the gaps in the line, DO NOT just sit where you are and let them get around the back. good luck, its a superb game and I can't wait for the updated visuals in CS Source!!
  17. opinion is opinion, granted. but can you tell us what you think is funny instead?
  18. Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. B)
  19. So now what do you think will happen with Saunders? How can they stop the virus if its already been sent out? and if it hasn't, why didn't Saunders do it already? I'm just waiting for the point in the last episode where everything is ok, then some 'Random higher-up rich guy on yatch' will say something like "I see Saunders has failed. Put plan B into action...", and so the series can continue.
  20. so why mention the qualifications in the first place if they are irrelevant to the opinion you had of the film? All that stuff don't mean shit. If you liked it, fair enough good for you. If not, thats too bad. You shouldn't have to back up your opinion on something. I think its awesome btw.
  21. Nice comments The-Pop-Smokes-Dope! I haven't seen VH but I love these threads on films I think will be shit because I am smug having saved myself from spending £6 seeing them. It kind of reassures my decision further. If anyone's heard Adam & Joe on XFM, they do 'lazy reviews' where they review films they haven't seen, which is kind of what I did with this because I believe theres no way a film can turn out that good if the trailer really doesn't impress me.
  22. I don't like the way the filmmakers think shooting a CGI werewolf with twin pistols in mid-air in slo-motion looks 'cool'. But then I haven't seen it, so maybe it is the Coolest Thing Ever.
  23. Ok, this is a bit obscure... So I saw this documentary on Channel 4 a few months ago, about the Japanese woman who saw the film Fargo, and somehow thought it was real and travelled to America to the real town of Fargo, looking for some buried money, but she died out in the snow and basically the programme maker was trying to find out why by interviewing people. Anyway.......there was this song that played over the end credits and it was amazing and I really wanted to find it somehow but its like the most obscure tune I've ever heard. So, did anyone else see it? Can you help me find it on this internet thing?!
  24. I think bringing back the Cherie/Milligan thing is a mistake. Either they should have just forgotten it or brought it back a few episodes earlier....now with only 3 episodes left,not much can happen, it won't be dramatic and will feel tacked-on. As many have said, theres too much going on now, and I think the whole Milligan plotline could have been left out of the entire series. It is not linked to the bad guy/virus story at all, so why bother? After series 2 where the president had his authority challenged, its like they felt they needed to put this in to mildly irritate the president in between phonecalls to CTU. It was getting good, why do they have to screw it up!!!
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