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  1. Aaaahahahahaha! Sorry. Actually it was a deal in Game, for reward card holders. I think you have to ask about it, but if anyone else wants it get there now, 'tis the shizzle.
  2. InsideOutBoy: Agreed, I got the DVD tin for £20 and its awesome, especially Day Of Days episode.
  3. Hybrid - Dreaming Your Dreams Feeder - Just A Day The Vines - Winning Days
  4. I only saw Windtalkers once, and from what I remember the action is over the top even by Woo's standards. No gritty, dirty gunplay like Hard Boiled (at least not that I remember). Its more Nicolas Cage gunning down thousands (literally) of Japanese soldiers with a sub-machinegun, whilst all the other americans get killed because they always go in a column along an exposed road and all the Japanese have to do if fire their big artillery from miles off and everyone dies, over and over.
  5. Yeah if anyone could give us the gist of what he was saying I'd be very grateful.
  6. Been listening to: MF Doom - Operation Doomsday Buck 65 - Language Arts DJ Format - Music For The Mature B-Boy DJ Yoda - How To Cut & Paste Vol. 1 RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke Anyone heard any of these?
  7. Wish I knew more old music, but I don't so..... RJD2 - Making Days Longer Evan Dando - Drug Buddy
  8. Ghost: Yeah man, loads of great scenes in that. Like the bit with 3 doomed guys against hundreds at the downed chopper, pretty much the whole middle bit, and the night-vision bit where they use the gun on that bad guy.
  9. Mostly already mentioned, but what the hell: "Let's Rock" - Aliens Tea House, Warehouse, Hospital - Hard Boiled House, Church - The Killer Defending the outpost - Starship Troopers The end of Way Of The Gun End of Saving Private Ryan Bank heist - Heat That bit at the start of Kill Bill where The Bride punches Copperhead in the face - made me laugh.
  10. idiot: Well I love The Killer and Hard Boiled, but I respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion on films, just like with music, art etc. However, some things I feel NEED to be recognised as influential and impressive. Woo's action has been (poorly) imitated by many hollywood and HK films, and the impact of his films on action cinema is definitely evident. I guess what I'm saying is, fair enough you don't like them, but can't you at least try to like them a bit??? pleeeeaaase
  11. Tom*

    The Streets

    dr Iha: Sorry to go way off topic but I do not agree with the last sentence at all. Eminem can be ok, pretty funny sometimes. Some tracks are ok, and he is 'outspoken', but he is NOTHING ANYWHERE NEAR Elvis. Eminem is popular but I seriously doubt he will be so fondly remembered in 50 years time. Eminem is just one of thousands of major 'artists' today, who are seen as rebels 'affecting society' because some 12 year-old says so on an AOL chatroom. I cannot think of anything Eminem has done to change society whatsoever. Was he the first rapper to swear or something? No, he wasn't. I don't see Eminem as a rock star - everyone is a rock star nowadays.
  12. Tom*

    Battlefield 2

    the three teams sound EXACTLY like the ones in C&C Generals - USA, China and terrorists....
  13. Calashnikov: Beat me to it, damn you.
  14. Although its not a film that I've seen yet, I saw the trailer for The Butterfly Effect yesterday, and read the review on the Empire Website, and concluded that the film will be shit. Bullshit storyline (some kind of timecop ripoff without the cop bit), with Ashton Kutcher doing some bad acting, and the usual emo/rock soundtrack for added 'drama'. So the trailer finishes and 2 of my friends turn to me and say that it 'looks awesome'. I guess I have different tastes to them but I can't see how anyone can get that excited about such a mediocre film! The same with the Van Helsing trailer. Sorry if anyone is looking forward to it but I can't see the appeal - some dodgy CGI, mid-air slo-mo gun shooting, predictable gothic monsters etc. Once again I was told 'that's gonna be amazing'. I really should wait until I've seen them before I judge, I guess.
  15. I have only seen a few anime, mainly Akira, GITS, GITS series, Metropolis, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Patlabor 1+2, Ninja Scroll. I recommend Spirited Away, I thought it was amazing, and a little more recent than some of these 80s films, as well as Perfect Blue, a kind of psychological drama/thriller. I'm surprised noone has mentioned Cowboy Bebop. Its a series of around 24 episodes and a film, basically about bounty hunters in the future. Its funny, interesting and has a really cool jazz soundtrack and 60s-style visuals, see it now! The trouble with some anime I have seen bits of, alot of it is really unoriginal trash or really, really boring talkfests about 'life forces' and shit. I'm sure there is some good stuff out there, but I don't get the obsession some people have with the genre.
  16. thanks Alan Stock and Alex W., I'll give it a try now
  17. I started playing it and stopped for a while. Just went back to it today and got stuck. Could someone give me a hint? Basically I don't know the names of the places but I'm about 2 1/2 hours in and I got to this mini boss that is like a robot pole that has 2 flamethrowers on it spinning round. I destroyed it and got the morph ball bomb, then when I tried to return to the rest of the map the only way back is a round tunnel which is about a metre off the ground. I switch to morph ball to get through but I cannot jump up to the pipe! Was I supposed to get a morph-ball-jump upgrade before? If there is one where is it? TIA
  18. Me too, and I'd also spend a day or two on the roof of the shop shooting every zombie nearby BEFORE I move on. I never get that, people make it to a gun shop stocked to the brim with packs of ammo, grab like 2 shotguns and 3 pistols, maybe some extra clips, and they think they are set? Then move on and run out 1/2 an hour later! I'd use up all the ammo clearing the area if I was otherwise just gonna leave it all to waste, ffs!
  19. awwww well thanks anyway. I really enjoyed it though.
  20. ok I saw this tonight, and I tried to stay and watch the end part but my lift was leaving so I had to go. Could someone tell me what happens RIGHT at the end? I saw most of the credits I think up to where there were short clips of zombies grabbing and biting etc. pleeeease, its driving me mad!
  21. Tom*


    Meh: Well its your opinion, but the first episode of series 2 was filmed a few years ago. The dvd came out in 2002, I saw it all on TV in 2001 (iirc), so it was filmed a while ago. The sequels were not out and by the time they had the parodies were well and truly D.T.D. To say Matrix jokes had been done to death is wrong I think, many did the 'bullet time' parody, but Spaced did the agent thing, which I think was far funnier.
  22. If you read the original post, its not just asking why they are bringing out ANOTHER pointless version of the book, he's questioning the point of ALL these art books, i.e. what is the point of them?
  23. Afterbirth, not sure what your point is. you are saying why would anyone want to buy it? I know releasing new versions is cashing in a bit but its no more 'wanky' than any other of the hundreds or thousands of Japanese art books for various games and anime that exist to buy. I wouldn't buy it cos I can't really afford it but its not just the stuff from the game i.e. a few screenshots and the cover art. The first book contained a shitload of amazing illustrations and I presume this one does too. Don't buy it if you don't want it...
  24. I got the 8 min preview and tbh it doesn't ruin anything. It just goes up to the title of Dawn Of The Dead then stops. Most of it is basically in the trailer. Its really cool though B)
  25. I agree with Paradigm. I own the film and think its great - the characters relationships, cinematography, everything. To say the Japanese characters are belittled etc. is clearly ignoring the fact that the Americans are portrayed as the most stupid people in the film (the actress mainly). From what I've read Sofia Copolla clearly loves Tokyo and Japanese culture, and merely wants to show the differences in culture she and the film's main characters experience. Any film with French, German, Italian characters clearly stereotyped and noone gives a shit. Then this film comes along and its 'clearly racist' for showing differences realistically and without ficticious stereotyping. That guardian article is w*nk.
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