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  1. I'm glad this film seems not to be just another shitty remake. I also think it will benefit from updated visuals as the original does look very bad and I've got it on a really old video that makes it even worse. The bits in the trailer where shes driving through the smoking destruction looks really cool
  2. tbh its a completely different style of humour and its not restricted to the office setting, so its clearly nothing like The Office, sorry. The only link I can see between the two is that 'it has an office in it'.
  3. Doom (PSone) Counter-Strike (PC) Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (PSone) GTAIII (PC) Shogun: Total War (PC)
  4. It looks shit tbh, Alien Resurrection was bad enough. Its a military-team-with-torches-going-into-temple/cave-place-where-thet-get-picked-off-one-by-one load of crap. Pleeeeeeeeaaase.
  5. I've only played CS on PC, not Xbox, but have played it for a few years. I'm guessing its basically the same right? If so, these may help: - Learn all the maps by heart by playing them over and over. You should be able to tell where the opposition is at which time on the round timer by learning rushing paths, chokepoints and camping positions. Make sure you get to a good place before the enemy sees you. - Watch the radar to see where your team mates are when they die, then use your knowledge of the maps to work out where you need to be to plug gaps in the line and stop your team from being surrounded. - Get your team to rush when T and camp when CT on bomb maps. If your team don't rush then usually you are dead. - If the weapons are the same use Colt/M4, FAMAS or AWP when you are CT, AK and AWP when you are T, and MP5 is good for both teams. - Learn to use pistols! If your mag runs out switch to pistol and take them down, its ALOT better than reloading in the open. Of course, if its completely different to the PC version this all may not be of any use. Good luck!
  6. I hate people like this. Its the same with PC Counter-Strike, perhaps alot worse. If its in the game why should I not use the weapon? (like the shield for example). Because the person doesn't like losing that's why. I find it difficult to keep my cool with people like this when I've played for many years and have to deal with childish attitudes
  7. Ghost: Sorry to sound like an arse, but ITS MEANT TO BE, ffs. Tarantino has said, Vol. 1 was his Eastern, Vol. 2 is his Western. You just want the same as Vol.1 in Vol.2? whats the point in that? Don't worry it does have swords etc., just with a more western feel.
  8. Holy sh*t, I live in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire United Kingdom. btw that was NOT me. I actually think the game is the best evar!!!
  9. [Ep - 15] That Gaiele bloke got almost the entire virus solely up his nose! ahaha! I'm guessing Jack or Tony spend a large part of the rest of the series looking for the antidote before everyone in that Hotel dies from it.
  10. I've never actually played a MMORPG but to be honest, the desire to make them more like real life just seems pointless. If you make the games so realistic, players would be in the same jobs for decades, in order to work up the ranks. New games will come along and player numbers will fall. I do not believe anyone who says it would be fun to play as a chef or a cleaner in a game for 2 hours a day. Its supposed to be fun! With regards to ranks, usually MMORPGs run out of new players don't they? so eventually everyone will become high/maximum rank and so no-one would want to do the menial lower-end jobs. Also, i'm aware that the trouble with all the new MMORPGs being released now, there simply aren't enough players to maintain the realistic environment most players want, let alone one with even MORE jobs/positions that REQUIRE being filled. All these fantastic games will all have about 20 players each! I think instead of simply making more jobs that are boring or repetitive, they should improve the systems of levelling up or something. Don't ask me how though.
  11. How would I go about getting this from you? by Rllmuk room do you mean in IRC or something, or on Soulseek? I've got 512 ADSL so wouldn't take too long for the 800MB one...
  12. what happened in the mandarin version?
  13. yeah saw it this week, class film with some recognisable faces I've seen in other asian films. I really like HK triad films, I dunno why. I also saw Infernal Affairs II (not as good as the first, but still good) which is basically a prequal which explains how the characters got to the positions they are in in the first. Infernal Affairs III has also just come out, which I need to see! I recommend anyone who likes this should track down Beast Cops as well, great film starring Anthony Wong (the main older cop guy from IA).
  14. What a stupid, narrow-minded comment. I honestly can't see much of a difference between the overall structure of a console and PC FPS. The control system and graphics in my opinion are superior on PC but the level sizes aint much different, hardly 'crippled'. Bigger levels are good ffs! Most fun I've had is probably CS on PC and nothing else has matched that so far.
  15. But there are alot more console gamers playing FPSs so.... more console gamers = higher scores for console FPSs. It doesn't mean they are better, just more console players voted for them because there are more of them. Statistics don't mean anything, its down to the individual. IMO, PC FPS is better, IMO.
  16. so did CSM and those government guys actually kidnap Mulder's sister, then clone her or what? was she an alien? was the alien invasion definitely about to happen after the last episode? and WTF happened to the spin-off show featuring just the Lone Gunmen? It sounded proper shit I just wondered whether it ever got made.
  17. I was a major fan throughout the first few series, and as far as I know I saw more or less every episode right up until the last one, and I STILL didn't understand the plot. It was just the bit at the start and end of each series to keep the show going, then the rest was the 'monster of the week' type in between. all I know is the Cigarette Smoking Man from the first episode is the main bad guy throughout and he gets a few missiles in the face at the end of the last episode (sorry if that ruins it).
  18. saw Lost Prophets at Brixton last night. they were pretty damn good
  19. Yakumo quote: aww I have one just the same but without the blood splatter.....I need this!
  20. Theres always games that claim to be exactly what I've wanted but never deliver, so it would be great to see games like: - GTA x Resident Evil x 28 Days Later as an fps. either with AI teams or online as a persistent mmorpg, humans get together in groups in cities and countryside to escape from and fight hordes of zombies which have infected the world. GTA element so you can run/drive/fly wherever you want helping to rescue other survivors from certain doom. Barricade yourselves in buildings desperately fending off zombie crowds until some other players chopper you out or you get to a firetruck or something. - Mech game x Shenmue x GTA as an fps. Junk Metal by Square Enix looks kind of like this but I reckon it'll just be about the combat, deathmatch and not much else. A persistent mmorpg in which you live in a city/world at war in the near future fought with mechs. you can choose to be a mech pilot, you earn money however and buy/build your own mech to help in the battles. You can walk around everywhere with/without you mech and fight in other ways and can choose to do boring stuff too like normal jobs or mechanics. Some players can lead groups in a rts style by giving orders to mech units. - World War II/III/whatever I know WW2 Online is out. I've never played it but it can't be that good or else everyone would be playing it. A persistent WW2 world full scale with real physics, u can go wherever etc etc, maybe AI takes over fighting when players are not there. Like battefield 1942 but full scale and more 'organised' maybe. I guess the technology just isn't there atm. some day.....
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