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  1. It wouldn't fit with GR's US-style asymmetric warfare appeal, but do you think there will ever be a game like this where you're one of the poor terrorist guys without all the fancy toys? And you have to survive with just a rifle and your wits with your boss shouting at you and all these blurry people creeping around your base? Not for any political reasons, just because I find the endless takedowns of hapless guards on their smoke break a bit boring and slightly ghoulish. Things get more explosion-y later in the trailer but they still don't seem in that much peril, unless their batteries run out for the invisi-suits. Or a sandstorm conveniently blocks out their UAVs. I guess you're supposed to be a patriotic badass in every game, the terrorists don't deserve fair and this is generally how current real life things go. Maybe evenly-matched sides only really work(ed) in WW2 games, although didn't that last Operation Flashpoint have China roll in to provide some 'last stand, against the odds' scenarios (even if the game itself was poor)? This probably makes me sound like some commie traitor! Sorry Ghosts
  2. If you switch between a lot of weapons/armours/potions in Skyrim (and collect too many like me ) you need to pause, but the customisable favourites menu is a pretty good compromise I think. If you only had 10 items to access then the touchscreen might be a good method to access them, but if it's a lot to search through then you might as well pause and look at a menu on the main screen. Same with the map, a realtime GPS map on the touchscreen would be great (I remember modded ones were added to Oblivion), but it would be much smaller than the main screen so you'd still need to pause and use a menu to see a vast map. So I think the tablet would work well with some of these Skyrim features, but you'd still need the main menus and HUD to go with it, and use them at some point. Basically, I don't think you can take every menu or hud feature from the main screen and squash it down onto the tablet and have the game work the same way, in real-time. This is all specifically for Skyrim though. Chill out ronin.
  3. I have these vouchers if anyone wants them: -50% Defense Grid The Awakening -50% Oddworld Munch's Oddysee -50% Grid -50% Magic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 -33% 2K -25% Valve And 10 coal which I should probably just craft anyway, right? Are there any Frozen Synapse copies still floating around?
  4. Yeah it's pretty good, with the technical aspects...
  5. Tom*

    The Valve Thread

    Obviously he's too busy finishing the code for HL3 to wipe himself. If you want to play the game, that is what you get.
  6. I couldn't see anything on his twitter about it, and assumed he was too busy travelling with LDM, so hopefully he'll be back sometime! I think Mike Suszek was a good addition too.
  7. HEAVY AIR. Me too! They got so many noise complaints. That time the EAgle went mental demanding a fitted KC sweet lid from listeners was amazing. As was the image of him going around E3 flapping his arms.
  8. Awesome, I remember Shawn saying he was really into the Rowntrees Fruit Gums! Sometimes I re-listen to the old episodes, and it's hard to see anything matching it ever again. I don't mean to put down all the new shows though. Only me and one other person seemed to love Sports Anomaly but it turned into 4th String, which I liked for a while. But Greg and Fitch left and now it seems even Todd has stopped hosting to do his literary stuff Those two teams of GFW and SA were so good, and I used to wish for more crossovers.
  9. I would say start with these then work through the rest: Arrested Development Deadwood The Sopranos The Wire There's so many other good shows too though, I need to see more...
  10. I wish Jesse and Walt could mess around more like in the old days Also I hope Badger and Skinny return for S05
  11. Also Jessie's t-shirt was crazy. edit: Sorry Rudi I meant no disrespect
  12. None of those things genuinely annoy me - as said it's in the game. I just feel a bit sad for the unskilled 360 no-scopers. Every game they're spinning out of some window, only to land and be popped in the head immediately. I can't imagine spending hours and hours grinding for those kills to put in some dumb youtube montage. I hardly played during it's rise so it's wierd seeing all these people now, failing and largely ignored as the game goes on around them. What is the point? The only thing that still annoys me is the 2-3 messages about boost lobbies after every single match I have to delete.
  13. Tom*

    The Valve Thread

    Sounds good, maybe? The 1.6 players in that reddit link are hating, but from what that guy said it seems they're keeping the best parts of the game intact. Pro and Normal modes sound like a good idea when the competitive community is this vocal about change.
  14. Spotting is so useful but from the info above it seems they'll be limiting it slightly: It sounds like a good compromise though, making it a bit easier to escape. Anyone playing the alpha noticed much difference?
  15. Yeah. You might get the guy sitting next to the impact. I hope Hummers are less deathtrap-y, as long as RPGs aren't nerfed too much.
  16. Sorry if old... http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlefield_bad_company/archive/2011/06/08/battlefield-3-at-e3-roundup.aspx And some info found in this thread (seems legit): Jets to only be in Conquest mode http://www.zhrooms.com/archives/179 http://gamerant.com/battlefield-3-e3-hands-on-preview-dyce-88331/ More previews here. I like the suppression mechanic and the class changes seem to fit a bit better. Apparently they want Medics closer to the action, and the ammo-givers back where people can gravitate towards them.
  17. I guess it's probably just off-screen MP footage then. The rest has been so painful to watch.
  18. Have a look through here for more tips: http://www.minecraftwiki.net
  19. Is that George Michael on the box art??? I've had fun with Blops(!) - I like the guns and new ideas. But I agree with what Cheeko said before about the chaotic maps and spawns. Maybe if I had a regular party to play with it would improve things, but the openness removed some flow and area control that was awesome with a team in CoD4 and to some extent MW2. It seems more solo-orientated and getting people moving around a bit more is good but it's not flow anymore, just CHAOS. I don't mean to whine about people spawning behind me, because I deal with them ok in-game, honest! BFBC2's Rush made things more focused and teamwork became more important than ever, whereas Black Ops seems to have taken things in the other direction. Anyway, it's a shame people are split over these games, with some going back to CoD4/MW2 Call of Duty: Iteration Warfare I wonder what Respawn are up to...
  20. According to that map I'm north-west from the middle, on a mountain next to the lake. To the right of Endemions lake house.
  21. My stuff is open for checking too. I have some redstone/lapiz etc but it's all from my sutomine - more than I need right now so could donate some and I wouldn't steal anyone's stuff anyway. There's free porkchops and cobblestone by the front door too guyz.
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