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  1. Still time?!

    1. Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends

    2. Places That Don't Exist

    3. Meet the Stans

    4. When Louis Met...

    5. Newsnight

    6. Life on Earth

    7. Michael Palin Around the World in 80 Days

    8. Louis Theroux BBC2 Specials

    9. Holidays in the Axis of Evil

    10. The State of Russia

    I need to see more documentaries, as I'm struggling here. Somehow I've missed Planet Earth, Blue Planet, the Adam Curtis docs and many others so thanks to people's lists here for reminding me to see them sometime. I'm not great at analysis but:

    1. Weird Weekends - As said, he's great at letting people expose themselves with some hilarious or sad results. The Gangsta Rap episode is probably my favourite.

    2. Places That Don't Exist + 3. Meet the Stans - These travel docus with Simon Reeve are great. The locations were interesting and although he's dealing with some serious issues of conflict he can be pretty funny as a presenter too - just a guy hanging out in dangerous places, meeting people and pointing out odd things. I haven't seen his more recent shows yet, but hopefully they're just as good.

  2. Don't laugh Master Racers, but is anyone running this on an nvidia 9400m? e.g. late-2009 Macbook via Bootcamp, that runs L4D2 ok.

    I'm trying to gauge from the Steam forums if it will even run before I give in, and nothing seems conclusive yet. I wish there was a demo out.

  3. Man, I wish I had a PC capable of doing Portal 2 justice. :( Have to wait for the console version now.

    Me too ;_;

    I'm not sure my shitfest Macbook will run it, and minimum settings might ruin the magic. But I'm still a Steambro at heart and the console version seems so far away, so I don't know what to do. Oh god the hype!

  4. For anyone interested, Puzzle Quest 2 has just been updated with Retina Display res (at last!) and multiplayer.

    Does that mean it's worth getting now? Someone earlier in the thread said to avoid...

  5. Do you guys generally get FLACs or VBRs (V0) or both?

    Maybe I should give up getting flacs as well 'just in case' if my HDD space is limited. I don't know how to add them in iTunes anyway.

    There's too much and I don't know what I'm doing :omg:

  6. Battlefield had a campaign mode on the PC didn't it?

    Yeah BC2 did, but the old games just had bot training and were still full price. It seems like they needed a SP for Bad Company to compete with CoD on console, and now they're stuck making them for all the main BF games. I never got the impression that BF1942/BF2 were trying to take on CoD1/2 like the current games are.

    Also, there's so many Battlefield games! And still no Mirror's Edge 2. Maybe their campaigns could be better if they weren't churning out BF Heroes and BF Free2Play. They're probably all seperate teams, but still :(

  7. Opinions will probably vary quite a bit.

    I thought seasons 2-4 were almost all excellent, with a real heart to the show (as you say), and 5 had some great episodes but they kinda lost it near the end. I see people still like the new seasons so maybe you'll like them too. But the season 6 atmosphere seemed too wierd and zany, and most jokes fell flat so I gave up near the start. Maybe the end of S3 changed everything but there were still good episodes after that so, I dunno...

  8. Looks awesome :)

    No mods and that guy sounds iffy about the Commander role, but I hope they work it in somehow or at least give squad leaders more powers. I understand most people just want to shoot things but when you had a good player in that role it really added to the game IMO.

    Also great that prone is back - I think BC1+2 worked fine without it, but if there's bigger maps it will be nice laying in some grass marking targets for planes again. Not that always being hit by unseen snipers is fun of course. Maybe if they had a more specialised role or something you wouldn't get nearly full teams of snipers sat behind rocks like in BC2 Rush.

  9. yeah, but. That guy's got a beard in the new one. It's like...you know in The Road when The Man's got a beard?? It's like that. The guy's got a beard in the new one that's coming out. Like The Man in The Road. He's got a beard cos he's all fucked off with all the war n' shit going on.

    I heard The Road is Cliffy B's favourite book, so that would make a lot of sense.

  10. Are these older-ish games still good?:

    Broken Sword 1&2

    Civ Rev

    Game Dev Story

    Noby Noby Boy

    Phoenix Wright

    Puzzle Quest 1&2

    Just getting my first iPod Touch, have PvZ and Words with Friends so far. But keeping track of the daily xmas sales + good old/new games is crazy.

    edit: sorry, I see indiesale was already posted but it's still good :hat:

  11. Quick question (sorry) to Treble or anyone else who knows - I tested out this PS1 with one PAL and one NTSC game, on a CRT TV. PAL was in colour but NTSC was black and white. All the PS1 seems to have come with is Red/White/Yellow connectors and I read something about an RGB cable being needed or a TV with NTSC mode (which I don't think I have. Does this mean the PS1 is fine and just needs an RGB cable or a better TV than mine?


  12. the sci-fi talking computer interface stuff. The most petty of complaints, maybe, but it really took me out of the episode every time it happened.

    I'm not sure why it had to talk back when doing that stuff. And they could have picked up a few discarded army weapons or equipment from outside. Also everyone just stares at each other for ages. I know these are silly complaints but....wtf man :(

    Was this scientist bit in the comic? I just wondered whether they dropped other plots for this, or if they mishandled what was there already. I'm not sure how the cliched isolated scientist who turns bad after losing his loved one in an experiment (but then repents at the end with an explosion!) could be good. As said, it feels similar to Lost but without the good characters.

    I kinda liked the pre-credits bit.

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