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  1. old folks' home, which was feeble. What was Egg's plan in the scene where he takes the guns back? Kill everyone?

    When they all walk inside? I wasn't sure either, as after the first standoff Egg was pissed but the old lady needed to interrupt them and make everyone friends. So they had that extra scene then err... go inside to get jumped by even more guys and wait for the OL cue. Maybe if the two sides teamed up earlier there could've been more about the gang's zombie defence later or something, I dunno.

    This is ok overall, I guess! I've not read the comics.

  2. You might need to find clan league communities to see more clan games, as I'm sure there are a few. I think some of the youtube people play in teams, but most of my Machinima feed is tutorials or just skill montages in pubs. Woody recently posted videos about Gamebattles (possibly part of MLG?) though, which seems to be the main organised league they talk about in CoD/Halo videos. I knew of EnemyDown in the CS days, which is probably PC-centric, but have not kept up since.

  3. I'm with you Timmo o/

    Not sure how it's whining to recognise legit flaws amongst some good improvements.

    They probably didn't like spawntraps, so went too far the other way with wierd spawns and less bottlenecks for instant action. As you say, if it's all action with no flow then it does seem grey. Now nowhere is safe when you drop in, and your team could be anywhere. At least spawntraps kept you with your bros, so you could mount awesome flanking breakouts!

  4. CoD has Eminem, guys. Just sayin.

    However, I'm still interested in the totality of reasons why military FPSs get so much support. One contributing factor is that certain people have fun playing them. Another might be the multiplayer whose defining characteristics you have elucidated on so well. And the "hugely impressive" production values, of course.

    I guess it's because the average player can relate to CoD's military setting more than Halo's sci-fi one. Same as with any military-themed media in general. I think the slick military/action movie-veneer is the right balance for people, because I doubt something actually realistic like ArmA II will ever be as popular.

    Also CoD seems to be an everyman game where anyone can pick up the simple rules (you and a gun vs) and do well, which I imagine is similar to Fifa, and be constantly rewarded for it. And people stick to yearly updates because all their friends buy it. Maybe Halo was the accessible FPS for a while, but CoD seemed to become more accessible after CoD4.

    I mostly like both series so the continual fanboy wars can be pretty lame.

  5. Err, is there room for one more in this or will it mess up the numbers? It's cool if not, but Ninja suggested I join.

    The casters won't see any HIGH LEVEL PLAY from me unfortunately, as I'm still a no-league scrub.

  6. I'm not really feeling the SMGs on this yet the way I did in MW1 - the MP5 doesn't feel satisfying and sounds like a popgun, having no P90 to aim for is a bit sadface and the AK74u feels really underpowered compared to the hip firing beast it was in MW1. If it wasn't just lag fooling me, maybe that's the removal of Stopping Power coming through.

    I think it is the combination of no SP and reduced SMG power - that Woody guy said in one video that SMGs have been made more inaccurate/weak at range. So rifles and SMGs have more distinct limitations, unlike in MW2 where most guns were ok at any range. The AK74u + grip + steady aim seems ok as long as I constantly reload and watch for the crazy spawns. The Galil is indeed great.

    I find what he says in

    video kind of true as well - accuracy and reactions seem more important in BO than positioning/flanking/reading enemy movements, because of the maps and spawns. Maybe the maps aren't as familiar yet and it could be a good thing anyway, but it's harder to lock areas down like in MW1&2.
  7. That track fits perfectly!

    I'm enjoying the campaign so far, but agree with most of the criticisms posted. The AI is bad, it could do with better/more checkpoints and no infinite spawns. I think I'm in the minority now who really liked the MW2 campaign (but CoD4 was best) - this seems less slick or as memorable but the unusual settings are kind of interesting I guess.

    That mini-RTS bit could have been used more.

  8. Sort of want. A bit more info:



    The dude says earned points are linked between BF Heroes, BF Play4Free and BF3 so it sounds PC-only. Also only 32 players on smaller BF2 maps, but there's graphic upgrades and BFBC2 weapons.

    BF2 was amazing so it sounds good, but there's so many Battlefields now. I kinda just wanted BF3 :(

  9. My main problem is I can't see the enemy. At this point I should say my eyesight isn't 100% and this may be the problem. 9 times out of 10 I die because I didn't see the person who killed me, plus I can go ages without seeing someone. So I altered my gameplay, stopped running about and listened for the enemy. That worked a bit better but still kept dying.

    I'm not sure if this was covered in the advice already but - if seeing enemies is a problem, it's good to stop moving and crouch when you enter a larger area. Any movement is easier to spot with a quick glance. If you can use the radar too and get in position, so it's the enemy running in with you static (not the other way round), then it should be easier to catch people out.

    Also try TDM and watch your team's position to see which sectors it has covered, and which are gaps where the enemy is likely to come from. So you can concentrate on the gaps and have your team cover the rest. Even if your team is just a roaming mob you can work around it.

  10. Good or bad, that seems to be what Halo is all about (at the competitive end at least).

    I like just using the DMR too, but vehicles/power weapons tend to take over and I get crapped on, so I'd rather my team had them over the enemy.

    Also everyone camps to a certain extent, I don't get why people are obsessed with it in all games.

  11. Is your internet or XBL connection dropping during the levels? Apparently levels don't always register if your net drops out (on Heroic or Legendary I think).

    Mine had 7/9 levels done when I completed it and I knew I'd had some dropouts. Replays fixed it.

    edit: actually that may have just been the first weekly challenge. erm, make sure you play all the way until the next mission's start?

  12. I did the same as Timmo. Just DMR'd everyone from distance until the two hunters were left, then found some grenades/plasma things to use.

    I had to sacrifice the militia guys on legendary ;_;

  13. One thing I resolutely hate about Halo multiplayer is the byzantine menu scheme.

    I'm possibly growing too old or something but I cannot see how I just load up the game and find a public multiplayer game to join. I can only see options for friends, but very few of my friends are online right now. How the fuck do you just join a random game and let fly?

    Pressing right moves over to the friends list, so if that's all you can see press left. Then as SM47 said, you need to select Start Matchmaking or nothing will happen.

  14. Did you pull back to cancel Sprint as you fell? That's what the RoosterTeeth vid posted before said to do.

    SWAT being seperated is good as it gets voted way too much. I usually do better in it than normal though, maybe due to the CoD effect.

    Dropouts and the resulting connection screens are annoying too, and seem to happen with almost every drop. Can Bungie's setup just not handle joining mid-game or would that break the whole system?

  15. I wish those

    jetpack ODSTs were a bit harder, as they're all "Let's do this Bullfrogs, woo! Try to keep up, silly Spartan!". Then the first couple of brutes basically wipe them out. I'm trying my best guys!

  16. Motherfucking fuck fucking fuck fuck cunt fucking 'If they came to hear me beg' achievement. :angry: :angry: :angry:

    I guess you've already seen this but:

    Also RB, can you go back in time and work at Bungie please :(

  17. I have to agree about the hunters too. They're the complete antithesis of Halo's choose-the-right-weapon-for-the-job mentality, as nothing seems to do them any noticable harm.

    I didn't like them either. Also those rolling elites were annoying and went behind cover with popped shields for me. Maybe they're not as clever as in CE (I can't remember) but I'd find them even more frustrating if they were. I thought the Heroic/Legendary campaign was great but sometimes wish the "use these exact weapons on this or you're screwed" thing was less rigid, although I know that's what Halo's always been about. I love the DMR too much :(

    Also fuck the four hunters in Club Errera, I sprinted past them.

    edit: misread as Brutes, sorry

  18. I'm seriously shit at fighting though, it's rare that I survive a battle without getting knocked unconscious and just being left to cheer my troops on from the sidelines :)

    Is this mostly in sieges or in normal fights on horseback too?

    I've only really tried one method in Original/Warband so it might get boring. Just concentrating on horse archery + training with Swadian recruits - circling the enemy as they attack my guys and eventually having enough Swadian knights to steamroll everything. As long as I didn't charge into sieges first it was mostly ok. The party companions were knocked out so easily though, maybe I levelled them wrong. And they're always bitching about each other to me :hmm:

  19. Someone probably already mentioned it, but didn't Counter Strike already pioneer the gun game/random weapon gametypes that have been directly ripped off for this game? They aren't trying to pass them off as innovations are they?

    Yeah it's from CS, but I don't think Treyarch or anyone is pretending it was their idea. They said it was requested by the community, and I guess it's only been copied now because they wanted more unusual gametypes. *edit* what he said^

    Is the MP set in one time period? It's just the weapons all look 80s, but there's random modern things too. And with crossbows, RC cars and flamethrowers it seems crazier than MW2. The new modes look fun though.

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