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    The Valve Thread

    Gabe better not screw us.
  2. CoD's Search & Destroy is like CS, but that's about it and they always felt different. 3rd option - both CoD and Halo can be pretty ok for different reasons 8)
  3. Is it downloading game updates? Ten mins sounds too long but updates can kill my connection sometimes, causing pages to not load.
  4. Yeah I have the same thing - there's a big battle.net thread: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/441825896 People are getting disconnects and losing games because of it too. I stopped playing the campaign in case it breaks it
  5. Yeah, RO2 looks very good so far. I haven't played many new FPSes on PC. But from what I can tell all the main multi-platform franchises are still there (with better versions), as are the exclusives and many people still playing all the old games, so things seem pretty much the same. Aside from MW2's servers and BC2's player sizes (fits the design, BF3 coming anyway) there doesn't seem to be much dumbing-down. Agreed memories - the console side has really improved but not to the detriment of PC, which has gained by incorporating a little console accessibility.
  6. http://twitter.com/steam_games is the official one with loads of updates. I already have SoC and Clear Sky. Why can't CoP be like £4 on it's own (although it's not bad now)
  7. All the problems mentioned above annoy me too, and I'm not sure how much is just down to the players. I think deep down part of this game is still great like CoD4, but it's a slog dealing with crappy connections and racist kids. Still, I played a bit this week, and despite never managing to get a nuke before I got three over a short time I doubt anyone cares about nukes anymore! But I only just tried HCHQ with UMP/CB/Ninja and felt so cheap, sneaking around like a bitch on Wasteland and Invasion so I could reach 7-11-25 (thanks for the tip). I got the first on Terminal with 74-4 due to unfortunate enemy spawns, but I stupidly ran out and was killed. Then I couldn't call it in because our HQ was still up for the remaining time. Also, I love Chris Smoove's videos/sound clips.
  8. I thought the action scenes were well done, but agree about them working best together. I'm just glad there was minimal slo-mo. And Leo was catching the shell casings. Also, I don't see that many similarities between the Matrix and Inception apart from the entering dreams and fighting fake people. The plots, character motivations and outfits are totally different! Maybe I forgot most of what happened in the Matrix sequels, but it seems like: heist/dealing with loss vs apocalypse/slo-mo punching/cgi robots.
  9. A recon can be great when attacking/defending in Rush games. Using the sensors to catch people around M-Coms for your team to take out, or sniping people defusing/planting from distance is useful. As long as you're not just sniping from right at the back, every single game then it's all good. I like to change classes a lot though.
  10. Yeah, I was expecting the worst but on low/off at 1680x1050 it's smooth and looks fine without special effects (C2D2.4 / 4GB / 9400m). I will be destroyed by even noobs online though.
  11. Will there be a demo or is a guest pass the only way to test if I can run it?
  12. I thought they stated that limbo was a shared state with no owner, and Also is this correct? Because I read it:
  13. Tom*

    Alien Swarm

    Maybe they're still making it.
  14. Awesome film. I couldn't hear any of Ken's lines either though. Damn you Vue.
  15. I've never been to the Imax before! I think only midnight showings are available this weekend, and I live outside of London so the train would cost double. Maybe I should just man up. BBBRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMM
  16. Sounds awesome, but does IMAX make a "big" difference with this film? I might be seeing it there but the tickets are so...expensive
  17. It was hit by [end of S2 spoiler]. It keeps getting broken
  18. Is it too late to get the points + theme, and how would I get them if not?
  19. I really enjoyed playing RO in the past, but it's probably one of the hardest FPSes for new players. It makes DoD:S feel arcadey due to sim controls, one-shot deaths and long periods of walking, although the scope of the game is often much bigger. Including custom maps it can range from small DoD-style infantry-only maps to huge Battlefield/Flashpoint-style maps with fleets of vehicles, multiple bases and large teams. I'm not selling it very well! But it is really harsh to play even though I've had great fun in a group, with 2/3 of you trying to control a tank and not die or rolling in a big convoy.
  20. There's still a few days left and they're probably spacing the best deals out.
  21. errr, Badger's hats? great shots Lunch Box
  22. Ah right, that sucks. So if you click Download for the PC ones does it go to charge you?
  23. That link is about Dragon Age though, and it says if you log in with the same account the content should auto-download. I thought I read ages ago that ME2 Cerberus DLC worked on both platforms, but maybe that changed? I'm tempted like you except I wouldn't be able to run ME2 until I get a new machine, so should probably just play my 360 version...
  24. Tom*

    Portal 2

    Yeah. Less "big screen, comfy couch" as well though, please. I play 360 games hunched over my desk on a small-ish monitor, destroying my back and eyes simultaneously edit: also I can't wait for this game!
  25. It may take a bit longer but you can compare your in-game stats to this list (which also has tips) as you play, if the Social Club stats are not updating. I got to 100% and it still doesn't show everything as done a week later.
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