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  1. Did you link your gamertag to your R*SC account, and are you sure the outfit isn't unlocked for you? The game is in the Blackwater hotel, but I don't think you need to reach Blackwater to get the actual outfit as the notice popped up for me at the very start of the game.
  2. Looks like it. Finally! I don't want to seem ungrateful as free DLC is great, but a new map or two would be pretty cool at some point, if they get a chance.
  3. ? It doesn't tell you, but it will only become available after you complete the final story mission. Unless DLC makes use of it that tailors is kinda pointless, selling a single scrap of clothing and nothing else.
  4. Definitely! I've never been interested in sports either but like some fans have said, it's fun no matter what they talk about. The meta joking about skype shittiness, their listener figures and how everyone hates their loudness was brilliant. Todd (like all of them) was so committed to putting a show out each week despite travelling the world and recording from friend's sofas, an airport or an art gallery. I'm glad they finally did the Star Wars draft at the end too
  5. Who else is still on that, people from at1UP/Oddcast? I don't think anyone will care, but 1UP finally shut down the Sports Anomaly for revenue reasons. It outlasted all the other shows, and none of them had worked there for months My favourite podcast ever, because of the energy and humour. The final episode was huge, and I'm sad to see it end but it looks like they're starting their own thing soon anyway.
  6. I did that with a Bounty gang and the Mauser
  7. So you can keep playing after the ending to get 100%, right? Even if you . I think I only have story missions left to do, but there's one outfit that supposedly unlocks after the last mission.
  8. Tom*


    Lost - That always gets asked but I thought Dharma just brought as part of the experiments It's not so implausible compared to all the other stuff that happens throughout the series. That was more inconsequential! I started and caught up with Breaking Bad a few weeks ago, and started Deadwood recently. Both are awesome.
  9. If you kill a store owner do they respawn? I was playing Poker in Armadillo with the guy who hates Jews, when he said "That John Marston used to be a hired killer for the Jews" like I wasn't sat right in front of him Guess I'm kind of a big deal, having finished Mexico. But everyone keeps saying my name and praising/talking shit, even through walls in the saloon, and it's becoming annoying.
  10. The GTA cars were great, but I'm more attached to my golden horse buddy than an SUV. We've been on so many adventures and he can also teleport! Cars were just tools to get somewhere. Maybe controlling a horse does feel too 'easy' though, and you should fall off or trip your horse sometimes.
  11. That's what some Lost fans have been doing since season 1 though, with the audio samples, screencaps and Dharma logos on sharks. They've always taken that stuff further than the writers seemed to have intended to - with the fanbase they created a monster (lol) they couldn't control. Not that I've ever felt the need to examine everything that closely, but I can understand how people would be disappointed with the finale after being immersed in every detail of this story for years. I think Michael had moved on after he told Hurley about the whispers, or after Hurley changed the rules to set everyone free or some shit.
  12. Hurley and his parents seemed to be on good terms once he was back in S4/5, after reconnecting with his dad and the money issue forgotten. The divisiveness should keep people talking about Lost for a long time, which I guess is good for the writers. Not sure what I think anymore - changes in detail over six years are going to happen, but you can't build a story like this making it up week-to-week either. They definitely messed up a lot of things but handled just as many fantastically. As said above, I don't think the mysteries would be interesting without seeing the characters experience them. It's still a character show to me (as the writers always stated it was), they just pushed it so far towards mystery that it was bound to piss half the fans off. What fans thought the show should be varied so much, it's no wonder they couldn't please everyone and just ended it their way. Hmmm.
  13. Is that a torrent? Direct downloads would be better depending on your net speed. I got each part in about 20-30 mins or less.
  14. Wasn't Desmond the only person who was aware in the real world, and he was the variable so knew what to do after he got the jolt from Widmore? He seemed to be the only simultaneous connection between the two worlds. (or what Anne Summers said ^) I'm not sure if I liked the finale, but Jack at the end was great and I'm gonna miss this show no matter what. I'd have preferred one of the other alt theories mentioned, but I think the writers did ok considering the position they'd put themselves in. All this characters vs mystery stuff - it was always about characters dealing with the mysteries, not just one or the other! I'm glad they stuck with characters as the mysteries became harder to deal with, because I don't think it would work the other way round. Also season 5 was great Timmo
  15. cool, it's listed now on dedicatedtv dot net (is that ok to post?). I imagine eztv will have it soon too.
  16. I'd like to know this too. I guess it's still being worked on, and will be everywhere eventually. EDIT: it's around now
  17. Desmond's hatch routine for me too although there's many more scenes up there. I'm really gonna miss the show, even if the finale sucks ;_; [yt]DgsNjTyGsRk[/yt]
  18. You just need to click release around the middle mark, not too early or late. Maybe use the first throw to guage how much power is needed. I always lose those, apart from one time when I hooked it on top perfectly. Do the animals always appear in their designated areas then? Some like deer and rabbits seem random. I haven't got to Grizzlys yet, but Cougers out-of-nowhere really fucked me up near Fort Mercer while I was picking flowers...
  19. I don't think I could leave people for cougers in this. I tried to help a guy free his wife from bandits and I didn't realise she was hung up, so I casually dismounted after killing them and then she died. Another time I rode past a guy out in the desert, crying over the body of his dead wife. As I got nearer he just shot himself in the head. wtf man
  20. So do your old horses just disappear? I take it you can't collect them like cars in GTA. Also, you can find and break the War Horse in the game without the DLC code, right? I want it now
  21. How about an epic Driveshaft set with Faraday also on-stage.
  22. Did they run out, or just not offer them? An HMV guy said they'd have them in-store, so hopefully I'm not too late and he wasn't lying.
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