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  1. Richard, Lapidus and Miles could come back and help in some way, maybe.

    Ugh this time I was actually hoping Smokey would stay the fuck out of the scene but alas, it was not to be. They should have just let Flocke walk in from the start instead of having a badly rendered fake CGI thing ruin it.

    Yeah me too ;)

    And his reason for not flying around all the time, when he now has such a clear objective, is pretty stupid.

  2. I really liked those padding parts too. Dharma, the Others, Ben vs Widmore, time travel and the survivors caught up in the middle are what I'll remember most fondly about the show. They were all linked to the main story and served to facilitate it of course, but it's a shame that's all been nerfed this season. I'm still looking forward to the finale but I don't really care what happens anymore.

    Nedroid's comics and Lost verticals have been my favourite element of the season!

    This episode was better though, with Desmond acting smooth in the alt. There's no way Richard is dead because otherwise that was such a lame death scene.

  3. Ah okay, I probably spammed it too much. So it doesn't matter if you aim down sights or not, as long as they are in your field of view?

    Edit: just read your reply Tom cheers. :D

    No prob :angry:

    Honestly some of these mechanics work vaguely in-game and it's hard to tell exactly what certain limits are, even though I've been playing it quite a lot.

  4. 1) Spotting - Can you spot anyone? Is it supposed to work whether you are aiming down sights or not? It seemed a bit hit and miss to me.

    2) Leaving a game - I seemed to have trouble actually leaving a lobby, is it the case that once a game has finished you have to hit ready for the next game and then press start and select exit game? And once I'm in a game if I have to leave for whatever reason do I get penalised/lose my stats?

    3) Map Rotation - It seemed that once I was in a lobby we kept playing the same map and gametype, is it supposed to change maps or do I need to leave and try another lobby for a different map/gametype?

    4) Health - Does your health regenerate like in cod, because it feels like it does but then what are the medkits for...?

    1) You can spot anyone if you're aiming at them (sights or not) but only get 2 or 3 presses if you miss before the cooldown hits and you have to wait a few secs. I think if you get multiple spots on target you can 'chain' them sometimes. e.g. you can spot 5+ people in a row if you don't miss any.

    2) I'd like to know if there's a quicker way too, although maybe there isn't. Not sure about XP points, but it should not take away your points, you just won't get any. You should keep any unlocks/pins/insignia you get.

    3) If you select the Rush-only gametype it will stay Rush, same with Conquest. There's a Rush OR Conquest playlist too though. Each map is played twice (you switch sides), but I've had a few weird occasions where it's three times.

    4) Health doesn't regenerate without medikits, but the red damage vision fades if you stop taking hits for a bit.

    edit: maybe health does slowly then

  5. So, ok then. They've answered Adam and Eve, the whispers and the like.

    What one thing that has bugged you from an earlier season would you like to see answered?

    The Hurley Bird would be mine. What the hell was it?

    Darlton said it was an in-joke on an old podcast, although it may have started out semi-serious despite the "Hurley!" cry. They brought it back just to make fun of the crazy fans speculating about it, who had seen the DVD captions which said "Hurley!". Darlton trolling, basically.

    However, some people here are holding out for an answer in the finale, so maybe Hurley Bird will save the Losties after all!

  6. Everyone else has ADS too though, so they have to go through the same process aiming at you.

    I can't see CS(S)'s perfected formula ever being changed now, and I still play sometimes because it is what it is. But I thought CoD4 was pretty close to an updated version with modern features.

    I hope this does well for the dude but it does appear to have emerged from a time warp.

  7. Mine worked fine, I'd already downloaded Dragon Age stuff before. Should work anyway.

    Thanks. It didn't ask me for EA details and went straight to the Cerberus code input, where it says "Error - Key code is already in use" :)

    It's a new copy from a while ago but only started up today. EA support it is then.

  8. Erm, do you need a social.bioware.com account before setting this up in-game on 360?

    I already have an EA account (linked to my gamertag with the same live.co.uk email), but have no Bioware account. So when I use my EA account for Cerberus will it then make me a Bioware account?

    Sorry if it's been covered to death, but it seems really easy to mess up. Nice job EA!

  9. In light of "The Candidate", it's possible he doesn't want to leave the island at all and this story was just a way of getting everyone onto the sub, so he could kill them all for some other reason.

    Maybe, although I hope not because MiB killing a few people and staying on the island doesn't seem as dramatic as him escaping and "everything will cease to be".

    The magic answers are ok, but I agree they could be handled better, or just left ambiguous. It's like they're stumbling towards the finish line and not being careful at all. I'm finding it hard to care about what happens now, I just want it to end :(

  10. Oh and if you want to make sure you never hear whining, never join a squad. :o There's no team-wide voice chat.

    Or join a squad and turn the headset off, so you can still spawn on people and get squad xp. I usually play with friends, but even with random squads I've never encountered dicks or trashtalk like in MW2 :)

    I'd say it's one of the most noob-friendly shooters around, if you can get the jist of basic gameplay and follow people.

  11. From a TV blog with rapidshare/megaupload etc links. I find it easier so I've not torrented any shows in a long time.

    Also, MiB showed some seriously-wishful thinking there if he hoped all those parameters would pay off. His whole plan to gain Locke's body was impressive but it's getting ridiculous!

  12. ROFLMAO @

    the long overdue death of Sun and Jin.

    Sun has been a bit useless this season, but I wanted them to reunite with their kid, and Jin be badass or do some stuff with Widmore's energy pockets!

    They need to watch out for random objects more though. First that chain that dragged Juliet down the Swan shaft and now filing cabinets and girders on the sub.

  13. ;_; Frank better be ok. The C4 on the plane could have been Ben and Richard, right? They wanted to destroy it and Widmore probably doesn't want to kill them all.

    Also more ammunition for the Kate haters - if she hadn't been shot, Jack wouldn't have boarded the sub with the C4. She ruins everything!

  14. Do you mean a specific version, or just in general? tv rips have been out for some hours :)

    Awesome episode. I started season one a few days ago then caught up to the latest, and everything about it has kept me hooked.

  15. Lost is a very specific and structured story, where each episode is interlinked and it's next to impossible to start watching anywhere but the beginning, far more so than even the X-Files. It would be an extremely difficult balancing act to make a movie which could be watched by anyone but also appeal to fans of the show.

    Definitely. I think it's been planned to end with very little scope for a continued story. Even if the cycle continues with new groups brought to the island all the locations and mysteries have been explored. With this final battle and the two universes it's hard to see how you could tack on another arc of story, or a semi-reboot with new characters without rehashing the same stuff and sucking. Not to mention Jack and Kate (maybe more) are quitting TV and the writers aren't going back.

    I'd watch Terry O'Quinn's proposed suburban hitman show starring him and Michael Emerson though.

  16. Nobody seems to know exactly what is required for the pin, looking at these: link link

    The 2nd thread says the description should read 6 flag kills, not 4. You might need to be in a squad and put a back-button defend order on a flag being taken first, then kill the enemy taking it. But defending the same flag 6 times or dying inbetween shouldn't matter....I think... :)

    It's hard to get whichever way it's done.

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