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  1. There was that webisode thing too, where after the 815 crash Christian tells Vincent to go wake up his son Jack, as he "has work to do". Vincent didn't know who he was either! I thought it would be sweet - ghost Christian helping his son discover destiny on the island. But now it was just MiB doing...some stuff. I hate that guy
  2. That damn preview editing. I guess Hydra island still counts as the Island then, if MiB still needs to go there to get on the plane? Agreed about it needing to kick off. I know big stuff has happened this season and the alt stuff is getting good, but on-Island it's just kinda....people sitting on a log sipping from the blue cup, gun-cocking noise, go to Hydra/come back/go to Hydra/come back, GUN-COCKING NOISE, everyone's "got a lot of catching up to do". Frank's still getting in the cheesy one-liners
  3. My M1 is still glitched with enough kills but no star, and they're meant to be fixing it but there's been no update yet afaik. There's probably a balancing patch due at some point with it included.
  4. Pac-Man sank the island? Dr Brooks had an island photo in his office too. I think the teacher in the Dharma school was showing them a volcano model, and said the island's volcano had been dormant for a long time. Then there was a Hostile incursion, not an eruption. The volcano sinking the island sounds much more plausible than the bomb though, which just seems wierd. Either that or it's the pockets of energy, or a wizard did it. I saw some Libby cleavage discussion on 4chan's /tv/, as expected.
  5. omg what "DARK and menacing" everything ceasing to be = people's holiday plans? Also, the promo for next week is really bizarre:
  6. Yeah, I said that on the last page! There could have been a gradual understanding of their meaning during previous seasons, but instead Hurley suddenly just knows.
  7. Maybe enlightened Desmond knew it wouldn't kill Locke. It didn't seem like a revenge attack to me, just him trying to make someone see the other timeline again - presumably Locke will next episode. Also it would be kinda harsh as alt-Locke isn't even MIB, just some poor guy in a wheelchair! If he wanted him dead he'd reverse back over him or use a gun instead. Desmond's little smirk before the impact was good. Also I liked the whispers confirmation, but the way they did it seemed a bit...weak...and crammed in. "So the whispers are all the dead guys?" "Yep. We're trapped" "Ok, later". Then again it's not a huge deal and people already decoded the audio ages ago, so I'm probably just being unreasonable.
  8. Can you say who it was? Just so I can avoid/unfollow/not follow them. People should know better.
  9. If iTunes is too late, there will be blogs/sites posting rapidshare (or similar) links - like whizzo says maybe 4-5am as it'll be double length so might take longer. If you just check sites that always post every TV show then it will show up, you wouldn't need to wait until it's on then come in here for a link and risk spoilers. I could PM if you want, or maybe someone knows a better method. Also ABC is showing a 2-hour special before the finale, and some Jimmy Fallon thing, so 5 hours of Lost (link)
  10. I dunno, but the V countdown logo during Lost pissed people off.
  11. Lostpedia says Charlie and Desmond were at St. Sebastian (Jack's) and Claire was at Angel of Mercy, for the ultrasound. The boat shooting occured in daylight, although they flashed again and it was night. If it's the Richard crew in the other boat then it looked like Juliet hit someone important . Everyone seems to be coming to and from Hydra island a lot, so hopefully they were just Widmore goons or MIB Others. Those Desmond theories are making my brain melt too!
  12. Des' face looked silly when he was tripping balls in the limo at the end too, so I guess they're even. I hope they can be together again ;_;
  13. @Goose: Because it does? SCIENCE>washing Almost everyone on the show has a stupid face half the time. Even the cool ones like Jin and Faraday occasionally.
  14. What happens if you don't have the map pack on the normal playlists - kicked? It really is! Even though they're cheap and old-hat now.
  15. My first game playing this again after weeks of BC2: for the first time ever I get enough kills for a nuke, but I don't have nuke unlocked. FML.
  16. nnnooooooo The /tv/ person running the stream I was watching rewound back to that during the ad breaks They did the same with the Locke-slapping-Claire bit in that other ep. Also, when Sayid opened the freezer for Jin in the FS, he didn't seem to give a shit ("I don't care who you are") and let his evil english accent slip through slightly. Could this be Sayid gaining his main timeline version's lack of soul, or did he just not care anyway because he doesn't know Jin? I suppose he just shoot three dudes.
  17. Yeah same here. It dropped me to dashboard, then all my stats were reset. wtfmansloth.jpg
  18. Thanks Broker. So post-Purge Dharma probably won't be mentioned in these last eps, right? Unless Widmore is involved. Not that it's needed, but it might have been cool to show these factions off-island.
  19. What's DeGroots? I read some of that info Goose mentions on DarkUFO - apparently ABC made them take it down so I guess it was real. I only half-read it but wish I hadn't now Still, Across the Sea should be awesome.
  20. I know what you're saying and there are loose ends. But most of the things you mention are not them, or they've been left with enough info in the show for the viewers to put together their own conclusions. And some might be in the remaining episodes. More detailed backstory would be good but they won't have time to explicitly show everything before the end, and probably don't want to. I think they've done quite well considering they didn't know until season 3 that they could end it by season 6. A lot can change over 6 years, so the ep1 smoke monster seems consistent to me considering Ben was only meant to be in 6 episodes or something and is now a major part of the story. That doesn't mean everything has been made up on-the-fly though. All of the flashbacks seemed to specifically tie in with that the characters did in each episode and explain stuff (although the Jack's tattoos one sucked!). As Luke says it fits together better than you think, it's just not spelled out all the time. Watching again carefully might clear up some confusion.
  21. Yeah some explanations have been wooly or vague, and I've forgotten lots of bits over six seasons too, but most of the stuff you mention has been covered in the show to some extent. Some might be explained more up by the end. Maybe a rewatch would help. The Dharma station purposes were mostly covered as each one was found, with more detail added in season 5. Not sure how they found the island initially or why they were allowed to settle, but I guess they were mainly scientists and not an immediate threat (unlike the US army and Jughead in the 50s), up until the Purge. Ben probably thought continuing the experiments would benefit the Others (debateable), and all the communications/transport stuff allowed them to establish or expand their mainland organisation. They might not explain any more of that. The polar bears were part of the Dharma experiments on Hydra island, and probably used to test the donkey wheel - Charlotte found the body of one near the exit point in Tunisia. The thing throwing trees around near the start can only be the smoke monster. Maybe it appears more impressive in season 1 but it's always thrown trees around. Abbadon didn't push Locke down those stairs when they were talking, although Locke thought he might and it was filmed that way. The Jacob = white, MIB = black stuff was shown at the end of last season, so not a coincidence or hint just stuff we know.
  22. Oh yeah, what happened to those evil skype people? I can't remember the end of day 7. If they leave out Tony completely it will be a massive shame, although maybe it's too late. It should have ended last season damnit! The film could be Jack and Renee getting married in Europe with all their family and friends, but then Tony has like planted a bomb in the cake or something.
  23. It's pretty cool when defenders sit still getting no kills while the second M-Com is flashing. Then the base moves on and enemies spawn all around them and they get easily killed. And by cool I mean lame. Also getting Destruction 2.0 kills is the hardest evar.
  24. Yeah I know, I don't want anything to change. I'm reading it all anyway. You've always done a great job with the threads Goose
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