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  1. I too am enjoying the 4222, but I definitely need two or three other tactics to change things up when their not working. Went 4-5 in my Qualifying yesterday, which I'll take as encouraging rather than gutting. Only once was I seriously outclassed, and 2 or three of the losses I could easily have turned into wins with a less unlucky bounce or better finishing. Two of my wins were first half rage quite too. Fekir is aces.
  2. I've noticed that sometimes in my build up I'm looking for an extra striker that isn't there. So have built this 4222 to see how I fare. 442 is great obviously, but I like my players closer together, especially when facing 'press after possession loss' which a lot of opponents seem to be running. Will start with Ben Yedder on Get in Behind and Fekir on balanced. Fekir, De Bruyne and Sterling all being on the same side is through design, as I'm intrigued to see if I can create overloads by being 'playmaker heavy'. (This is a trick I've nicked straight from Football Manager.)
  3. I would take the last option, and here's why. You're about to embark on a very drastic formation change, and experience of how some of the players play will help you determine if the new system is for you. With the rate that EA are pumping out promo cards, and trashing the golds market, there's a strong chance that 200k will be worth much more 'in relative terms' in a fortnight. Try some new ways of playing, find your style, the build the team.
  4. I'm guessing reading this thread that you all think Fekir is worth it?
  5. My European Euphoria objective team. It's the Baby Lineker, and I used him in Fifa 20 too. I really like the card. His off the ball positioning is ridiculous. However he's definitely far from 'meta', and I couldn't tell you anything else he excels at over most other meta strikers. My enjoyment of him is more down to me liking the player in real life. And there is something about him that seems to cause more rage quits than other cards getting a brace. As a side note though, I've done some Icon trading with him this year. If you can grab him for under or at 200k (especially with Hunter or as a fresh card), you should be able to sell him for >210k when the market is high.
  6. That's a much more balanced team for sure. I'd have Valverde over Camvimga, and set him to Stay back while defending, with Tchu Tchu on balanced. I'd also ensure 'come back on defense' was ticked for both wingers - but @Keiths_Dad knows the 352 better than I do. Regards playstyle - Style and formation are different things, but are intertwined. Klopps' Dortmund and Klopps' Liverpool both do the Rock and Roll football thing, but used a 4231 and a 433 respectively, to cater to the players they had. My buildup style is shorter passing, and I do like to press. So I need a 3 man midfield - to give shorter passing options in the middle and to cover my arse when my opponent passes around my pressing. But I also like to stretch play when the opposition sits back. I need width for that. Now, I can't play a 4-5-2. I have to sacrifice a number somewhere. So the formations for me are 433, 4321 and a 352*. Sacrificing a striker in the first two formations and a defender in the 3rd. And now I've laid it out, you can see how I can play 'My Style' using all three formations, I can tweak each one for different situations but still play the way that suits me. This doesn't automatically mean I win all my games of course, but I have a better idea of where and why I lose when I do. *I actually have a 3421, but with the LF set on false 9 so the shape is the same as a 352 with an offset Cam.
  7. It's not Greizmann that's the issue. It's a lack of balance. You have three CDMs, no width, and no 'genuine' pace. Anyone playing a 4231 or 3 at the back would clog up the middle of the pitch and stifle your play with no real effort. Of course Fifa is a videogame, but it's trying to give a vague representation of actual football. You and me are never going to be brilliant at the game, so solidifying the middle with more than one CM who can defend is certainly no bad idea... but no real world team uses three. Who Defends? Who creates? Who moves the ball forward? Who scores? How do you play? Example - there's no point in me spending extra coins on the guy everyone says is brilliant if he's brilliant cos of 5 star skills, as I don't use 5 star skills. Yes better players really help. But find your style first, then find the players for it.
  8. Well the obvious upgrade would be Fekir's SBC card over his gold. But I gotta be honest, unless you are exceptional at dribbling & skill moves I think I would find that team very easy to defend against.
  9. I packed a David Silva and some discard inform from the 10 I did. But I'm making NUFF FINANCE from mass bidding on common gold Cams and strikers due to it.
  10. PANTS McSKILL’S GUIDE TO TURNING 10K INTO 100K IN 7 DAYS Simple steps for easy coins. You don’t need to be a trading god, you don’t need to spend days sniping, you don’t need ‘secret insider methods’. Do this, profit, buy better players, still suck at the game. PART ONE: ABS – Always be selling. You have 100 spots on your transfer list. Fill that fucker up. Have at least 50 players for sale at any one point. We’re going for quantity over quality here. Selling 50 players for 100 coins profit is 5k... which is 4k more than spending 20 minutes sniping one player for a 1k profit. But where do we find these players to sell? Step 1: Mass Bidding. Here’s a couple of YouTube videos, cos it’s easier to show rather than tell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBhmCScpqQ4 https://youtu.be/UZ9HYn6daKw Step 2: BPM. The Bronze Pack Method. Buy Bronze packs from the store for 750 coins. Check what each player sells for. List all players on the market. Most will be listed at 200 coins. Some will be more. You will need to list most more than once. But it works, and it is profitable. Step 3: Pack Filler Items - Check Your Club Packs give you stuff like kits, stadiums, badges, Tifos. Some of these go for surprisingly decent coins. Even the discard prices can be worth it – Rare Gold badges discard for 483 coins. Would you rather have 483 coins or an RCD Espanyol Badge sat there doing fuck all? PART TWO: REWARDS AND OBJECTIVES Do your objectives, and chase those rewards. Squad Battles Rank Silver 1 was attainable last week with 3660 points. This is easily achieved by playing the featured Squad, the Totw squad, and one other match all on Professional Difficulty. This would net you 2 tradable Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (Quick Sell value 5k each) and 4000 coins, for roughly 45 minutes playtime. But that’s not all – you can combine this with other objectives, such as play ‘5 matches with a Bronze team’ (Reward: Untradeable Gold pack) or the current Silver Beasts Objective (Reward for all 4 tasks: 4x 75+ rare player packs & a rare Mega Pack). Even focusing on those tasks that net you untradable cards lead to more cards for SBCs, which saves you coins when you need one more La Liga midfielder for chem. And you’ll want to do as many as SBCs possible, because you’ll want as many packs as possible, because you just might hit a 30k card that gets you to 100k even faster. In summary: Always be selling. Keep your transfer list full. Don’t forget to refresh your transfer lists on your Fut App when out, or eating dinner, or having a shit. Do all these really easy steps and I guarantee you’ll have 100k one week from today.
  11. A Hybrid you say? 12,700 coins, not including the coins you'll make selling the players you have.
  12. This week's TotW has a huge supply - due to the no loss Glitch loads more players have better rewards than they would have normal. Plus EA flung out the promo packs last week like they were confetti, AND because it was such a belter of a TotW, with also these new Road to the Knockout cards being in packs, loads of people went ham on pack opening.
  13. Here's my current lot. I start with 433(2) in-game with Grealish alongside De Jong in the CM roles. Can also be switched to 4321, and when chasing a game, the 3421 with Grealish at LF with a False 9 instruction. There's some obvious upgrades at some point - Lenglet at 700 coins was perfectly good in divs 7&6 but given how I've not seen a single other player use him suggests he may not cut it much longer. And while Jesus can finish everyone's dinner, his pace and passing are noticeable weak spots. Alaba is all manner of phenomenon though.
  14. Mixed up my team this weekend and utterly blew into division 6, then freight-trained my way straight through to division 5, winning every game - and all bar one of them by three goals. I'm unstoppable, I'm unbeatable and all your mums want to snog me.
  15. Have you met Timmo? His name even vaguely rhymes with 'emo'.
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