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  1. Massive congratulations to City. 3rd league title in 4 years is a hell of an achievement. CL Final to come too.
  2. YEARS they've been threatening this. Years of reports of clandestine meetings, of 'secret discussions' about super leagues or breakaway competitions. Years of this threat being hung over our heads. All so they can have more. More, more, more. More money, more control, more. The Premier League, a breakaway league of it's own, wasn't enough. All that TV money wasn't enough. We've had proper community based teams struggling to survive, Bury FC going under, removal of replays & 2nd legs in cup ties that smaller teams relied on to exist. While th
  3. The richest clubs in the game feel that they deserve even more money, as they are the biggest pull of global audiences. Some of these clubs, while being historically successful, have seen their recent performances not allow them to qualify for the Champions League, or not make the latter stages, so they miss out on performance related windfalls. UEFA acquiesce to their demands - such as qualification and prize money based on historical success, not just the most recent season. But the new reforms are not enough for the clubs liking. They form a new League, unsanctioned by either UE
  4. I've read a few reports claiming Benfica are one, but that's very unsubstantiated. There was a great theory that PSG were supposed to be one of the three, but were waiting until after they hopefully won the CL before announcing, just in case it was taken off them. There's also the fact that they're Qatari owned, and this in theory could affect the World Cup. Neither of these hold up to much scrutiny. They've since come out in opposition to the ESL too, so it's anyone's guess.
  5. None. Given the BBC can dredge up a Flat-earther, or an anti-vaxxer, or a 5G-causes-Corona-cos-the-government-are-giving-it-to-us-on-purpose mouthpiece with about 20 minutes notice, that's quite the thing.
  6. Along with such now-empty slogans as "This means more", "Pride in Battle" (Man City's slogan) and "Victory grows out of harmony" (laughably Arsenal's official motto), your reminder that Barca' motto is 'mes que un club'. Why? In their own words: "More than a club because we feel that such VALUES as humility, ambition, effort, teamwork and respect are just as important a part of the way we play as winning."
  7. Which then comes to another point. I wonder if players from the big six will be able to escape contracts. While I'm sure that the club have wording in them to ensure they play in any competition the club deem fit (like if they're playing some pre-season friendly in a politically difficult country and the player has reservations), it's also any ban on players ever playing in the Premier League or other Uefa/Fifa leagues would negate it and allow them to legally break contract. That could get very messy very quickly.
  8. I liked Leeds' T-Shirts tonight, but there's no way the Liverpool players could have worn them. Think of it like this: They discover the shirts when they arrive. In the next 30 minutes before they go out to warm up, when they are supposed to be mentally preparing for a Premier League match, they need to discuss the issue, agree to all wear them, phone all their representatives, have them check if this somehow constitutes breach of contract, call the player's union, ensure that they will have the backing if it goes south... it just ain't happening.
  9. JP Morgan have confirmed they are the primary backers.
  10. It's quite a thing to watch two pundits rant with such anger about greed in football, to then cut to ads featuring gambling companies, then come back for 45 seconds for a replay of a Tony Yeboah goal, then go to more ads for gambling companies.
  11. * Catchy jingle plays * Working Class Accented Voice Over: "Are you a Liverpool fan? Looking for a new team to replace your cash grab sell out of a club? Want another club owned by a US businessman who seems quite nice on the surface? Need to replace that siege mentality that all other supporters hate your team? Then come support Millwall FC! We even have songs about how no-one likes us! Substitute your love of Salah for a new found love of Jed Wallace. Alleviate your attempts to understand the complexities of a German gegenpress system
  12. Credit where it's due, they've actually managed to come up with something that unites us all.
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