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  1. Oh look, it's a 4231 that can morph into a 433. A staggering shock to all those in here bemoaning the inevitable 5-at-the-back, that presumably comes from paying zero attention to England's tactics over the last year.
  2. It's quite weird coming in 'late' when there's new metas and they've changed up the chemistry system and you have no idea what players are good. I have no idea how to build a starter team anymore. It's also great fun too. I think.
  3. ok cool 100% of players are either packing million coin icons or doing 50k two sbc needed FB cards before playing any actual matches glad to know cheers
  4. There's a Millwall TOTW card for the first time in literally years, AND there's a Millwall player in objectives. So that's me back in. It's the first time I've joined FUT so late in the cycle. My Division 10 games were interesting. I faced FB Falcao in game 1, and Henry in game 2. I suspect I'm not playing solely against other Div 10 players.
  5. Rodri, Cancelo and Premier-League-Top-Scorer Son upon seeing CR7 in there:
  6. The Mbappe transfer-in-that-it-isn't-actually-a-transfer saga stepped up several levels today after the Ligue 1 president released a frankly brilliant letter full of utter fury and vitriol. (Context for those not following it: Mbappe ran down his contract, went into protracted negotiations with Real, agreed a monumental wage+bonus package, then chose to stay at PSG. Real reacted... well you can probably guess how that went.)
  7. I don't think we do to be honest. Of course the quote above is a more extreme take, and of course there's idiots across all fanbases. But there is this idea we see everywhere (not just on Twitter) that Liverpool are somehow 'the good guys'. Sort of like this: Yes, City are sportswashing evil. But Liverpool are evil too. Granted, they aren't *as* evil. Their owners don't murder people. But this is an organisation that attempted to form the SuperLeague, that furloughed their own minimum wage staff during the pandemic, that that were handed an 18-month transfer ban for their poaching of youth players... and this is all very recent stuff. Liverpool's ownership is absolutely a cancer perverting and abusing the game with aims beyond it. None of us non-top-6-club supporters want City to win. But we don't want Liverpool to win either, because both clubs are run by utter cunts. So if we *have* to have a horse in the race (and fuck me, does all coverage and discussion insist on that), then we'll pick one for the silliest reasons. And sometimes, that reason is the incredulity offered by (some) Liverpool fans when we pick City. I have to add, OF COURSE not all Liverpool fans are bad/blinkered/silly/insufferable. They're actually a pretty decent bunch. I always admire and respect their sense of community, and the atmosphere they generate for the big games.
  8. Yep. It's easy to write off Newcastle as just buying success. But with 10 points from the first 18 games, they were dead and buried before Christmas with most people (including many in this thread) pondering how hilarious it was the Saudi's had spent so much on a 100%-in-the-Championship-next-season team. Had they just barely scraped survival we could point to the cash injection. But they have 33 points from the last 16 games. That's 'vying for a Champions League place' form.
  9. Liverpool truly are the billion pound underdogs, it’s a miracle they’ve won anything really. Edit better example: Chelsea truly are the 4.25 billion pound underdogs, it’s a miracle they’ve won anything really.
  10. Just a reminder that: Manchester United have the world's most expensive defender, second most expensive Bundesliga transfer (mainly sat on the bench), and two of the most expensive teenagers ever playing for them (one of which also sits on the bench). Liverpool have the world's second most expensive defender (most expensive at the time of purchase) and the second most expensive goalkeeper. Chelsea have the world's most expensive goalkeeper (and don't play him), and second most expensive Premier League signing of all time. It ain't Bayern situation at all.
  11. I can appreciate that. I'd love to see all the rule-bending eradicated, harsher punishments for diving, retrospective bans, etc. If it helps, Man City played some excellent football in the first leg, without which they wouldn't be through.
  12. I hate to ask the obvious, but with the (dubious) exception of Villareal owner Fernando Roig, which of the last 8 teams would that be?
  13. "Atletico pushed to 'madness' because of Man City time-wasting, says Koke" https://www.goal.com/en-au/news/atletico-pushed-to-madness-because-of-man-city-time-wasting-says-/bltfc34ee0ac8404640 OM NOM NOM NOM. Love it.
  14. That Allison save from Sterling in the opening minutes is one of the best saves I've ever seen. Like peak Peter Schmeicel, but more athletic.
  15. Nah mate, group of death innit.
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