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  1. In conjunction with the above, here's a great video on the 2-7-2 formation:
  2. Sure. You won't save that many coins, but it's the most fun way of doing it. Might even be other cards you want to build teams around.
  3. Any time the market has gotten high this Fifa, EA have crashed it quickly after. If you're holding any cards that you're not using or just have lying around for investments, etc... I'd have a good think about unloading them tomorrow or Friday. I wouldn't be surprised if EA do something crazy Friday night.
  4. Just going through my club and sorting it out... Didn't quite pack enough from my 163 packs to do Bernardo Silva. In fact, I'm short by quite some way. Dreams of doing him AND crafting a base Icon were WAY too ambitious.
  5. EDIT: In reply to Gotters Well it's clearly a tactical choice, but to assume that tactical choice is down to the introduction of xG is quite the stretch. The rise of the high press could alone account for it - high pressing came about as an attempt to win the ball back higher up the pitch so you had fewer defenders to beat to get to the goal. Fewer defenders means more space, which means more passes forward that are on. Or we know that tactical innovation often has many imitators - this could be managers being inspired by the Tiki-Taka playstyle that dominated football around that time. Or with this being the Premier League, instead being inspired by the lightening fast counter attacking Man Utd side that won the treble in 08/09. Counter attacking teams take fewer long shots. There's probably 20 other possible explanations as well. So it's quite the statement that it's all down to this one statistic.
  6. How does that show the impact of expected goals exactly? Correlation does not equal causation.
  7. If you swapped VVD for Militao, and put Salah at RW, you'd be sorted.
  8. This is actually a pretty good idea.They fucked my club's Est. date as I played Fifa 17 on PC, and moving it over buggered it all up, so I have nothing to keep it for.
  9. Really tough, like really, really tough... but let's try. Pack prices taken from here: https://fifa-analytics.com/20/list-of-packs 6/7 one or two player packs: Let's ignore them roughly 30 silver packs of varying quality: between 2500-7500, so lets say 5k each: 150,000 Maybe 10 normal gold packs: 5k each: 50,000 35 player upgrade packs: 30k each: 1,050,000 20ish gold player packs: 12500 each: 250,000 25ish small players packs, normal, premium and gold: No info on the website. Let's assume they're half the above pack, so 6250: 187500 7 mega packs: 35,000 each: 245,000 30-35 Electrum players packs various quality: No info on website. it's 12 mixed players... so let's say 7500 each?: roughly 250,000-262,000 Very roughly done, with a hell of a lot of guesswork... but something like 2 - 2.25m?
  10. Bonnucci and TotW Grealish the other two. Cheers for watching lads!
  11. Drop a message in the chat if you can hear me. Cos I might just be chatting to myself.
  12. Alright then lads. 160 packs. Let's see if I at least pack enough to do Suarez.
  13. I'm not good at the gameplay, so don't listen to me, but I way preferred Lineker to Owen, and his prime is down to 585k at the moment - a fact I'm acutely aware of as I bought him at 730k.
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