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  1. Have you met Timmo? His name even vaguely rhymes with 'emo'.
  2. I say this from a place of genuine respect and affection... Mate if you can't be over the moon with a 750k pull then you should find a different hobby cos there's simply no joy for you in Fifa.
  3. I've done unassigned many times in the past when I've saved packs for a big event. I once streamed a 150+ pack opening here. Take it from me, it's never worth it.
  4. I don't think anyone saw him going to that price. I'd very much like to use him too. Also sniped and flipped Traore for 10k profit, and Mukiele for a 5k loss, cos not everyone wins all the time.
  5. Sniped an ECL Isak at 105k at about 3 mins past the drop. Flipped for 189k. Best. Flip. Ever. I don't know a single living soul outside of you lot that would understand half of that first sentence, let alone be chuffed for me even if they did.
  6. Side note: You can use this technique throughout the year on all sorts of filters, depending on what SBCs are doing to the market. Prem full backs, La Liga Wingers, pick a 'thing' and see if there's any room on the min BIN to bid under.
  7. Mass bidding on silvers works for me. It's dull, it's not clever, but it returns the solid income of about 200 coins per player that BPM was doing. Pick a league. Look at the min BIN for any silver in that league. Then just mass bid on all silvers that have a min bid price at least 150 coins below that. Relist all you win at that earlier min BIN price.
  8. I'm really enjoying fucking around with tactics, it's the Football Manager addict in me. I used a Targetman with my silver team (6ft6 Matt Smith for the win) and it was great. I'd love to try it with a similarly strong yet less of a donkey striker - I suspect Lukaku would be aces. I have a ludicrously attacking tactic that produces 7-6 games. It's a 3421, similar to Boras' one. But the LF role I have set to False 9, using Grealish. And he is always open, just dropping into the half space regularly to receive the ball. I reckon one of you guys who are actually good at the game would utterly destroy an opponent or two with it.
  9. I haven't watched him, but I don't think he's specifically a trader. The best from back when I was well into it all on 20 were The Fut Accountant, ChrisRM22 and Run The FutMarket. They still all seem good so far this year.
  10. On the Sabitzer thing, mine's currently on the transfer list for exactly the reasons Keith's Dad mentioned. (Also mine's on sale for 27.5k, and he's not hit that yet, so definitely don't buy him for 30k.) If Grealish drops by a couple of thousand tonight, you could pick him up and sell him Saturday before City's game against Burnley.
  11. Cheers for the suggestion lads, that does indeed seem to be the easiest way. Alas the guy I messaged said 'ok', scored a goal, went drop-back-park-the-bus, passed round the back and took it to the corners for 85 minutes.
  12. Popped into online Friendlies to try to do the friendlies objectives - assisting with bundesliga players, through ball assists and having a squad featuring 5 bought and 5 first owner players being the main ones. Came up against a credit card FC team that was probably 3 million coins - Ronaldo, Mane, Varane, De Jong, Salah on the bench... And he was clearly a very good player. Skill moves non stop, constant pressure. And he tried SUPER hard every single minute. Now it's a friendlies mode, so the match making is what it is. But he's not even doing the objectives. No through balls anywhere. How does someone have that time in their life to waste in an objectives arena not doing objectives? I don't even have the time to post this.
  13. Ronaldo is the Player of the Month, and his SBC is out. Just need to submit 26 squads. At a cost of 2.65 million coins. Lol.
  14. Silver lounge is out, and so begins my frankly masochistic mission to use Millwall Striker Matt Smith. https://www.futbin.com/22/player/3532/matt-smith Why would I use a 33 pace striker you may ask? HOW can one use a 33 pace striker? Well, with a height of SIX FOOT SIX, and a strength of NINETY-THREE, I am going to attempt to make the Target Man a thing in Fifa. If there's any tips on how you much-better-than-me fifa players would do it, I'm all ears. I'll see you all tomorrow when I've lost 7 in a row.
  15. There's parking the bus, then there's this. Harumph.
  16. Lads. 10 years of playing FUT. Countless hours spent in the game. Thousands of packs opened. Never packed Messi or Ronaldo. Never packed a TotY card. This morning I packed my first ever Icon.
  17. It's pretty damn easy to make coin this year, so I have (mainly) Bronze Pack Methoded my way to this team. (I should qualify that Yedder, Alaba, Modric and Navas were all packed.)
  18. PSG, ST, Argentina.... Icardi is SUCH a 'lol made you look' pack card. I was halfway out my seat and off down the hallway before his shit bleached-head-cunt-face sat me back down.
  19. I'm gonna save my OTW for team 2, or maybe when all players are in it. I already have Gold Alaba untradeable, and I'll bet cash money that's who I pull.
  20. I like the new game. I'd be in for a league, haven't had my arse utterly handed to me by Steely playing as Middlesbrough for a good long while.
  21. Got this so far, the Ben Yedder is untradable. Also have an Aubamayang ready to sell probably tomorrow evening which should net me close to 60k. Really enjoying this so far. Somehow have made it to Division 8 despite not knowing how to shoot or defend.
  22. Cheers @kthxbliz. That sounds like too much of an arse to be honest!
  23. If I wanted to set up a brand new account (on advice from a few in here back in Fifa 20 days due to believing mine is cursed for packluck), how would I go about that? I didn't plat 21 at all.
  24. Who should Southgate have played in the LW role against Hungary then if not Grealish?
  25. For a midfield comprising of Jorginho, Mount, Havertz, Ziyech, Kovačić, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and now SAUL... You have to wonder how Ross Barkley believes he's getting a game.
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