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  1. It's a fluctuating experience. During the week, especially playing rivals, it plays fine. This is my baseline - when I press a button, my player does the action. During the weekend in WL, this isn't always the case. There are some games where it's ok, but I can feel 'input delay'. It can be a little tough to pinpoint, sprinting animations for example will mean your player takes that extra step or two before passing. And while this is frustrating against an opponent good at pressing, it's not lag. An example of it would be double tap passes - the lifting the ball up pass. The game won't register the double tap, so there's a delay before the pass, then the recipient first time passes the ball when you didn't want him to. Or first time passes won't register. I'll pass into a player, press the pass button before it reaches him, and he'll take a touch before passing it out. When it's really bad, it's two touches, and the pass goes nowhere near where I was aiming, due to the input being... Well random by this stage.
  2. 10W 10L in Weekend League, despite the lag. And I absolutely was robbed of 3 or 4 wins. Now I've proven to myself I'm easily capable of Rank 5 (and I'm pretty sure I could get rank 4 if I really pushed), all that's left for me to do is get into division 1 and I think I'm done with Fifa this year. It's already the most I've ever achieved in any of the series. The 120 'good quality' packs I've saved for TotY... probably shouldn't have bothered in hindsight.
  3. Same ol', same ol' with WL. Gameplay utterly, utterly shocking. If the whole point of the game is to grind for 'Champs', then make champs playable. Cos otherwise, the game has no point.
  4. I just watched Boras' latest video (helloooooooooooo friends), paying particular attention to his fake shots in the box. And can see how that makes a huge difference, so thank you @Timmo for the idea. He also lost a game 5-2 where he had a far higher Xg, so that was very heartening.
  5. About 2/3 opponents I play use either high depth or drop back, and flood their area with players. And the auto blocks are really, really killing this game off for me. This is most of my games, and while the losses to chipped through ball spam when I can't get hold of the defender I want are annoying, it makes even the wins not a fun experience. I do build up quickly when possible and it's not my pace of play allowing the opponent to get into position. Any vids that show me how to not have most shots blocked would be very much appreciated.
  6. Here's what I played in this WL, which I has the theme of 'Players I like in real life, except for Ashley Cole cos he played for Chelsea but I packed him untradeable from a base icon SBC so I might as well play him. Also Verratti, but he works for chem'. Unfortunately I can't quite fit that in the team name box in game.
  7. Does TotY start this Friday? If you're not sure how to spend loads of coins right now, you could just wait and see who pops out in that.
  8. Cam him up yo. He's perfect there.
  9. What formation are you playing? And surely you've tried Messi?
  10. Narrator: He didn't. We were good though. A different day and it's a different result.
  11. Matt Smith is on for Millwall. He has 47 goals for my Fifa silver team despite only having 33 pace so fingers crossed he might just make a difference.
  12. The two halves of this game are a pretty spot on representation of his skills vs mentality.
  13. Genuinely excellent strike. Elise is now like that kid at school who score one jammy screamer and then tries it every single time he gets the ball. Only he might actually do it again.
  14. Not cleared by the medical team yet. Ojo took a little while to settle in (which isn't uncommon with us), but he's got some real quality in him.
  15. Yeah cheers. For some reason this is a slightly better sell than a cold Tuesday evening to watch the visit of Shrewsbury.
  16. He is, and has been great since we got him back from Middlesbrough. I'm with you on Afobe too, love the way he doesn't really run past players, more that he runs through them.
  17. Millwall vs Palace today live on ITV with a 12:45 kick-off. If you enjoy watching games with an atmosphere, this will be bouncing, as it's a proper South London derby. While both clubs have more immediate rivals (West Ham for us, Brighton for the Eagles), it's safe to say it's two clubs who do not get along. As for insider knowledge, we've only been able to name 15 players for the last two games (thnx Covid), including a 15 year old Zak Lovelace. We have some retuning players, but it's a punt on what our team will be. Jed Wallace is the player to watch out for if he makes it. I've been pleasantly surprised we've kept hold of him in the last couple of transfer windows, although he might be off to Besiktas in the summer. Benik Afobe used to be 'the next big thing' at Arsenal, and we'll launch all corners & free kicks at 6'6 Jake Cooper. He's no stranger to headed FA cup goals.
  18. Your aversion to having any sort of defence is admirable. Fekir is in no way a CM in a 2 man midfield, ESPECIALLY when you only have 80 defence stats, H/H workrates Tchuawhatshischops next to him. Play Fekir up top next to Larsson, get a better CDM to sit next to Tchu.
  19. If you're still looking for a CDM upgrade, Kante is 170k and you're really not that far off him. A bit of effort and you'll have him by Monday.
  20. Oooh good shout. I'll give him a go!
  21. Going 4-0 in my qualifiers yesterday was a great achievement, but even I thought people setting off fireworks outside was taking it a bit far. Going to go with this for WL, that flicks to 4222 in game, with 41212 and 4231 as second formations. I'm a bit short of what I wanted - prime Lineker is 40k more than what I have, and upgrading to OTW Alaba is another 55k. So who should I go with as my main striker? Mid Lineker is the obvious choice. As is FB Benzema who I also have.
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