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  1. I wasn't convinced by it to be honest. The big deal between Town and United almost didn't happen as we couldn't get hold of JohnnyArgos to confirm that he wanted to go there. Now, we all know Johnny's a great guy, really laid back, never moans and just enjoys the whole BAP experience - and we all know United is a great fit for him, they are a team that everyone would love to play for. So him saying yes was never in doubt. But as we had to confirm with him and he happened to be out Friday night and all Saturday - like anyone would be. As a result, we just couldn't get a definite deal done. The point of the contract control seems to be that a player won't have to put up with a team that would be no fun to play for. Now some people - none from Town I'll add - had reservations about Wanderers last season based on their poor results and dressing room atmosphere. Just look how quickly Poopa has changed that round. The dressing room's got good people and good banter, they've already put points up on the board, they've got a good Fifa team - they're a good team to play for. Those who didn't want to go there based on last season got it wrong - and it only took a couple of weeks to see that.
  2. Look fellas, this is the Town thread. We don't go in much for 'rules' and 'order' round these parts. Any posts containing such talk must be accompanied by pictures of Clowns, Norweigian Girls, or snyde comments on any of the following subjects: FuntimeDave's age, Manic's shitness, Timmo being a prick, Toberts general 'wrongness'.
  3. Only Dan and Gambit to give me their nods for the awards, I'll write them up tonight.
  4. I thought you guys were great last night. Despite dropping half your team in the first game, your defence was incredible. We played the best we've pleyd yet and it was tough work breaking you guys down. Smithstock is a BEAST as the Any, it was like playing a full strength team. If you can sort your connection issues, you'll be easily be champions.
  5. I woke up buzzing this morning with giddy thoughts of being title contenders. Last night was probably the best night of BAP I've ever had - and we were missing Tobes' voice & Billy's sarcastic wit. We were great all over - yeah our crossing was off, but Yawdib was controlling three mids so didn't have time to set himself and they were using their wrong foot as we'd swapped them for shooting purposes. And yeah our finishing wasn't the best but United were great in defence - they closed us down instantly and never gave us a second on the ball in the final third - we were having to snatch at shots all over. But Cor Blimey Guv - the defending was a sight to behold. Just wonderful. My genius plan of signing the funnest team in the land is starting to pay off.
  6. Cheers for the games lads, I would say unlucky in the second game but we crucified you. Shots: Town 14 - 3 Utd On Target: Town 10 - 1 Utd
  7. Alright then boys, I want your nominations in the following awards: Man of the Match - separate nominations for game 1 and 2. Goal of Night Quote of the Night Fail of the Night. Although I think we all know what will win fail of the night.
  8. And Dave, can I get you to do the match reports for tonight please? It has to be someone in the 1v1 league and from Town that's you and... er.... it might just be you.
  9. Line-up for tonight: ----------manic----Timmo---- --------------Dan-------- ----Dan----------------Dan------ ---------FuntimeDave--- Petey--Sladie--Gambit--Pants ---------Clown (GK)----- I'lll need Timmo and Dave taking photos on their phone pf the end game ratings, stats and goal scorers please for back-ups.
  10. United City Town Rovers Wanderers Athletic Oh yeah. I went there.
  11. Last night was LOLs a-plenty. i'm still laughing at Timmo's 'Oh for God's sake' after every single shot sailing wide or miles high. The custom tactics looked pretty much spot on to me, anyone think otherwise?
  12. Hello boys. Looks like I'm working late. Fail. Tobes, you're in charge. Double Fail. We've got practice games against Wanderers at 9, but I'll PM Poppa to let him know I'll be late. As there's no Tobes and no Billy for Thursday, me and Petey will drop back to take LB and RB respectively. Dan, you OK to take the Any across the two WM's and the CAM? Or would you prefer to have two Any's with Dave controlling all four midfielders? Tobes, probably best if you take Manic's JC role tonight and everyone else try and play Thursday's positions. I'll be on at some point tyhough to shout at you all. And finally, what kind of a wuss is scared of a clown? It's a fat bloke in make up - you're essentially saying you're scared of Transvestites.
  13. In other news, we should have practice tomorrow from 9 againt Wanderers.
  14. Tobert's the biggest waste of money since Manic and Timmo's decision to print up 10,000 'RPL United Treble Champions' t-shirts two weeks before the end of last season.
  15. How about some practice tomorrow against Town boys?
  16. Gonna agree with Winch and Poppa here, it's extremely difficult to get 2 yellows by accident - you need to be hitting that slide button regularly. On the other hand, I've seen crappy Red Cards awarded for an 'A' button foul when the game decides the attacker's clean through.
  17. So our first two matches are against: United and City. For that reason, I'm going with our current strongest line-up for both games. The Town personnel are fixed for two weeks. The Norway personnel are somewhat fluid - We're not 100% on the CDM, the RM and the LB. Yawdib - You tell me who plays at CF. I want Carew up front and I thought Braaten was great so we're sticking with them. Manic showed good 'bargingness' and linked up best with Timmo - he's our other striker and I want him on Carew as he's the only person who's liked him. There'll be swapping around of positions after the next fortnight, but for now, let's concentrate on this, get some goals and get some points.
  18. That's exactly the goal I was thinking of. Against Athletic, it was. So first Manic's changing round my formations AND NOW THIS. Where's my fucking tea Manic? WHERE'S MY FUCKING TEA?
  19. Your 'skill' produced no goals. That much I'm certain about. The fact you even scored has come as a shock, I must have filed it in my mind under 'Things that could never happen', along with Ricky earning the nickname "Slim Rick" and a kitten beating Chuck Liddell in a UFC title match. The first goal was a beauty though. I may have gotten mixed up though as to the scorer, but that's OK as the award goes to the team. I'll now pat myself on the back for some good back-peddling there.
  20. We'll start the team Man of the Match's next week, but for now let's revel in our moments of magic. Goal of the Night Well, that's easily our goal against Athletic. Beautiful, interlinked one-touch passing of the ball, we spread that little fucker all over the pitch. Every member of the team got at touch in the build-up and it was finished off with a genius pass across the box by Timmo and a lovely finish by Yawdib who'd brilliantly got himself into bags of room in the six yard box. Wonderful stuff. Skill of the Night Manic mini-run against City where he just kinda bundled his way through three players thanks to the strength of the Viking Midfielder. Probably the only time he didn't perform a stick-flick all night. Miss of the Night Timmo wins this for quantity rather than quality - although Carew's sidefoot that slowly rolled past the post from that one-on-one during the Athletic game was quite special. Quote of the Night "If only we could play Wincho every week".
  21. Alright everybody... So there'll be a more tactics based post to come, but first things first. Last night was a pre-season warm-up. Nothing more. We were fine. Game one we played some good football. had more shots than Athletic, created at least six or seven great chances and were unlucky not to win. Our goal was sublime. We had them on the back foot for almost all the second half. Everyone seems to have forgotten Athletic played very, very well - they were damn solid everywhere - and yet not only did we still carve them open on several occasions, but we only conceded two goals - one of which was a wonder strike we couldn't have done anything about and one direct from kick-off. And let's not forget all the other things - Any's down both wings and full backs, the first time a few of us have played together, a lack of knowledge of Norway's players, I could go on. Game two we had already mentally given up on - we played just about the most attacking formation possible, we had Any's in the CAM roles, we tried out new players, plus we played the Champions. Of the last three seasons. Who've scored more goals than any halfway amusing simile you could place here. The Utd friendly. No Any and an AI that gave the ball away in our defence constantly. When Tyler, that's the GLOATPETER himself, apologises for scoring goals - it's proof of a bit of bad luck. In summary, we were fine. And we'll get better. Norway are a fine team. They've got decent players all over the pitch. They lack speed, sure, but we didn't pick Mexico because every time we played with them we got knocked off the ball. There's no point in having pace when every time you run you just get pushed over. And the biggest plus of the evening - no-one started pointing fingers, arguing, getting angry, it was still fun by the end of it. And yes, there were too many cooks talking tactics. But everyone's realised it and it's OK. Like I've said, I signed you all for your personalities more than your skill - I fully expected some of this. I want my Thursday evening to be fun and with you pricks, that'll continue to happen. Now we've got the first week messing round out the way, my masterplan will start to come to fruition. Trust in me lads, trust in me.
  22. Formation for at least one practice game - ie get your fat backside online BEFORE 9:10: -----Timmo------Gambit----- ------------Yawdib------------ -----Any--------------Any----- ------------Dave--------------- Any---Sladie---Tobert--Any-- Me and Manic on the Any's. If we get royally turned over in the practice games before the cup this will be our formation for cup game one: ------Timmo----Yawdib-------- --------------Any--------------- -------Any----------Any-------- --------------Any--------------- Tobert--Sladie-Gambit--Pants ...with Dave and Manic as the any's. I HAVE SPOKEN.
  23. With no Petey... Pfft. I'm extremely tempted to have the LB as the any along with the LS for Timmo to operate. If it was to have Timmo on Carew not in the CAM, I can't remember what we decided on last night. All you lot swapping around all the time, I'm too old for this shit. Let's go with: ------Timmo-----Gambit------ -------------Yawdib---------- ------Manic-------Pants------ -------------Dave------------ Timmo--Sladie--Tobes--Billy ....and now you can all start the disagreeing.
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