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  1. Some people (well, two) saw the 'Welcome to...' part of Welcome to Town and in their haste and desire for news clicked on it before reading the next word 'Town', therefore confusing it with the 'Welcome to Season 20' thread. It's this new, speed concious, everything now now NOW world we live in.
  2. Ah go on then. I'll be on, but expect most of my boys to start trickling on from 9/9:10ish.
  3. If you wanted 'friends', you shouldn't have joined the priiiickiest team in all the league. Fuck you, and fuck your fucking birthday.
  4. I would fucking LOVE to play like that just once - everyone else literally standing on the goal-line trying to block all the other team's shots for the whole game.
  5. She won close to $600 in two days - off a starting bankroll of $10. She'll be teaching you how to play soon. And then ramming it up you sideways. I'll still be whimpering in the corner though, like the little bitch she streats me as. SCORE. SHAME. Having said that, it makes selection up front a bit easier.
  6. No chance. The only player with any speed is John Carew - and even then it's just half a wrap he bought off some bloke in the lapdance club toilets.
  7. I can totally see where you're coming from and I'm not disagreeing with you - this is why I posted the hand! In the same situation as above, with the BB and UTG calling a let's say 3.5xBB raise, what's our line on the above flop of 8, A, Q? By reckoning there's t1,100 in the pot and we've got an effective stack of t3,200ish.
  8. Also, our first cup game tomorrow is at 9.30, if we could get everyone on for 9pm that would be grand - I'd like a warm up and also to do a lucky hat raffle draw to see who plays in what position. "In the two striker roles... *pulls out number*... It's two fat ladies, Timmo and his mum."
  9. Last night was great. I liked how everyone was constantly apologising for being shit, even though it was just a run-out with the any on the back line. Very glad there's a player better than me who's wanting to have the 'any' - although I coped OK last season, I could have been a lot better. I still think we can do two Any's though, I'd like to try Timmo and Yawdib but with Yawdib's dropping problems maybe this isn't the best idea. Timmo, if you're dropping out of the Striker role and are taking the any, where's easiest for you to take over if Yawdib drops? I was thinking CF - especially with two Any's. Practice games against City tonight after the Man U game. There's no Sladie but let's see what kind of turn out we can get.
  10. Yep, totally agree. However, with two very loose players to act behind me, one of which will have position on us, if we raise, how much are we raising? 4xBB? The BB loose player is coming along with any two (trust me - he's shown down some utter garbage so far) and then so will UTG. So then the pot's t1,500 or even t1,900 if the very loose button come along as well. That's almost 20% of our stack. Even if we hit the Ace and Bet for value on a drawy board, that's going to have to be in the t1200-t1600 range - what if UTG calls our flop bet? We're in a massive pot with A+medium kicker and we just don't know if we're ahead or crushed. I'd prefer to avoid all that trouble and all those difficult decisions by not raising pre here and keeping the pot small. Note that it's only the presence of the loose players on the button and BB that are making me think this way. Of course the simplest answer to all the above is stop playing $6 knock-out tourneys full of gambler calling stations.
  11. Yeah I can get on board with that.
  12. Good question - because I'd seen UTG limp with AK, AQ & KK along with A2 & A4. He min bet every single flop regardless of texture and his holding. And as such I didn't want to build a pot if I hit and A or T - and then not really know where I was at. My M's 71 - no need to get involved with a marginal holding. Granted I was in the same situation as it played out but it let me raise his flop minbet without having already built a big pot. Button was running 57/9 and BB was 46/18. I figured by raising, I'm not folding them out - if they're calling, they're calling.
  13. So I'm currently trying to work on getting more value out of hands, making sure I'm betting the maximum can get them to call, trying to get a bit more value out of marginal river situations, that sort of thing. How often are we betting the River here, especially considering: A: His chipstack in relation to the pot B: This is a Knockout - each player has a $1 bounty on their heads. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, 6.5 Tournament, 50/100 Blinds (8 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com UTG (t3510) UTG+1 (t4640) MP1 (t4970) Hero (MP2) (t10690) CO (t2290) Button (t4135) SB (t10400) BB (t2380) Hero's M: 71.27 Preflop: Hero is MP2 with A, 10 UTG calls t100, 2 folds, Hero calls t100, 3 folds, BB checks Flop: (t350) 8, A, Q(3 players) BB checks, UTG bets t100, Hero raises to t300, BB calls t300, 1 fold Turn: (t1050) 4(2 players) BB checks, Hero bets t800, BB calls t800 River: (t2650) 3(2 players) BB checks, Hero??? He didn't seem hugely passive - if he had Ace-higher-kicker I was certain he'd have raised Pre and if he had two pair there was a very good chance he would have check-raised me somewhere rather than check-called. To bet or not to bet? Anything else wrong with my line?
  14. This was a form of great amusement for me and my mates when I was younger. So much so, we rechristened Norway "Nobway" and fell about in hysterics whenever anyone said it. We were 22 years old.
  15. Let's go with you for game one and Gambit for game two. WHOEVER SCORES MORE GOALS TONIGHT GETS HIM FOR THE SEASON. Only joking. OR AM I? Yes, yes I am. Maybe.
  16. Much like Capello, I like to organise friendlies against only the toughest of oppostition. Consider it a date, Steels. And much like Capello, I look amazing in a speedo.
  17. Alright then fellas, if we get everyone on and play two games, lets try this: game 1: --------Gambit---Timmo------ -------------Yawdib----------- -----Manic-------------Billy---- --------------Dave-------------- Pants---Petey--Sladie--Tobert game 2: --------Gambit---Timmo------ --------------Yawdib----------- ------Pants-----------Dave---- ---------------Billy------------- Manic--Tobert--Sladie--Petey Petey - I promise you'll get some games up front this season. If we get three games in, you can go up top in the third. I really want to try and have a go with the LB/WB pushing forward every now and then. As RB is sooooo weak, Braaten is a RW with good pace & short passing who could possibly fill in. Tobes and Petey, have a hunt around the wingers and CM's, see if there's anyone with pace and a decent standing tackle that could fill in. As we'll always be controlling the players and therefore, their postioning, there's no reason I can't put them in as a CM or RW and whoever's controlling them plays as an RB. If we do that howver, I think it'd be a good idea if most of us turn our arrows off. There's a CAM sitting in the reserves called Huseth I think with a short passing of 82. Midfielders, have a look see if he'd fit anywhere. Pederson while great at heading & shooting, has a short passing of only 65 I think. Is that good enough to play CAM? Yawdib, get on that list of your choices.
  18. Literally the only three players who will definitely make it are Carew, Mellborg and John Arne Riise - And even with Riise I don't know whether he'll be LB or LM. I haven't even picked our keeper yet. Pussy.
  19. Ah go on then, I'll get myself on for a bit of Praktiss both nights. But let's go tomorrow (wednesday) as the main one. We've an embarrassment of great attacking players at Town this season. Replace the word 'Boys' with the word 'Goals'.
  20. Alright lads, fancy some practice games in the next two days against Town?
  21. Alright lads, practice tomorrow. I'll be on from about 9ish, but I imagine most of the BAP league will get on after the Man Utd game. I'll set a couple of games up with another team, if we could get as many on as possible that'd be great as I haven't decided on a line up for the Athletico Cup yet The plan is to try and have a fun, regular practice on a day not a Thursday if people can make it. But I'd like everyone to try and make it on for 9pm on Thursdays so we can can have a good warm up - this'll be especially important for people playing in new roles after a rotation. Don't forget to have a hunt around the reserves for your choice of players.
  22. So it's a new dawn and a new era at Town. Who here, as in not Tyler, wants to design us a new Badge?
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