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  1. I'll be the judge of that. Record us a Sean version of The Macarena and upload it please. Dancing compulsory.
  2. Ah so the bad luck you suffered was more unlucky than the bad luck we suffered. MASSIVE WINKY ----->
  3. Hang on there a second. Some people, more sensitive thin-skinned wussy people, would say the same about the comments floating our way from your lot during the first game's routing we suffered. I think accusing us of snidy remarks is a it off to be fair. There was definitely some gloating aimed at us in that first game. We took them as funny and laughed along with them. If any comments we gave back in the genuine spirit of friendly banter have hit a nerve, like I said, maybe not dish them out first then? I'd hate to think it's a case of Athletic only sing when they're winning?
  4. Oh yeah. We had the luck in that second game. But then you guys had all the luck in the first, so it evened out. Nice games boys.
  5. Not sure where this is coming from Sean mate. We were in high spirits. I do remember your boys giving us stick for 'moaning' about restarts and a comment along the lines of "Don't blame the corner, blame your awesome throw-in" after one of your goals. It seems to me if your lot can't take a bit of banter, I suggest you don't start giving it out.
  6. Always happy to play the any. However, this is my far preferred option. It's difficult to run players up and know exactly what to do in the nano seconds you get on the ball going forward, but swapping between players defending is much easier. I've also found that when I play the any, the RM and LM end up being a bit more defensive for the above reason. I agree to finish 4th (or better) we need at least one win tonight and we won't cause enough trouble going forward with me as the any on the LM, RM and CAM. If there's a chance the Joffs may go wandreing, should we set the LM arrows back as well? I can run him uo when needed, but if I need to jump over to cover the LB position, it'll be easier to do so if the LM's already hanging back. Sorry I missed last night by the way, had to work late. And when I got in, the missus was watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on 4od. Which was actually quite good.
  7. I'll be around from 9ish tomorrow Winch and any other Town boys. I may make practice this evening, we'll see. I'll keep you all in suspense as to whether I get my clogs on.
  8. This one of my favorite docs of all time, I highly recommend it even to people who aren't all that interested in war.
  9. Just one more thing..... it turns out EVERYONE is a cock.
  10. The Hill is a fucking GREAT film, first film I saw when I was younger that made me think 'Hey, maybe Black and White movies aren't so bad after all'. For a film set in the desert, you can amlost feel the sweat dripping off the camera, it's so overwhelmingly overbaring.
  11. No probs mate! Yeah, I'm around early evening, 6 or 6.30 any good for you?
  12. On another note, I saw a bunch of us were playing the Ultimate Team mode last night. Give it to Robben!
  13. I'm really enjoying this. Unbeaten so far in single player, the chemistry thing makes such a difference. After winning two cups and building a nice little squad, I bought a silver pack, threw the 4 new much-better players into the team and they were atrocious! I've got a 57 rated Korean CF with such a blistering left foot on him I just give it to him 30 yards from goal and watch the scores rack up. Here's one with me pissing around with the camera angles. http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk/media/play/video/17286380
  14. Oh how convenient. The one night it's your turn in defence and suddenly your daughter is born. I bet you were feverishly feeding your misses curry and castor oil all week to induce the little 'un. Congratulations dude! Although commiserations you've now got an impatient little girl to deal with for the next twenty years.
  15. You'd be surprised. Compiling a show is very much a collaborative effort, while there's many things in the edit a good director will be on top of, getting the order and duration of the sketches requires both parties top be on sparkling form. It's the place that the director/producer most commonly gets 'edit blindness', where they've been so close to the material for so long they just don't know what's funny any more. I've seen many a director just get up and go home in sheer frustration during these times.
  16. Meh. I've missed out on the BBC Sketch show I was up for. As I'm now not working on it, I guess I can reveal that it was the next series of Armstrong and Miller. According to my agent, I was head and shoulders above any other editor they saw in terms of preference. However, they've been offered a post-production package by a company that includes a staff editor - as in an editor who's staff at a facility and not a freelance specialist in a certain genre. This package is apparently so cheap they can't turn it down. It's an odd move by them really, sketch shows are made and broken in the balancing of how each show's put together - which sketches go where, how often they re-occur during the series, that sort of thing. It's a complicated process that's not unlike a massive jigsaw puzzle, you were certain that piece should go there, but it just doesn't seem to fit. You have to be able to separate your own personal preference of a sketch from what makes the best possible episode. A non-comedy editor could really balls it up. Unfortunately, I think it's part of a growing trend in TV post-production. It's been happening in other genres over the last couple of years, it looks like it's now happening to comedy. It's a bit disappointing really. Ah well, another reason to move over permanently into films I guess. Personally, while I'm not massively gutted about losing out - I really like the show but all sketch shows can get quite dull after 4 months - it does now mean I've got a huge hole in my diary with no real work on the horizon for months. That's a bit worrying. I guess it's time for me to hit the phones, otherwise how will I keep myself knee-deep in Creme Eggs between now and Easter?
  17. I've seen it before - you'd pretend to be my pain buddy then as soon as Timmo comes back to the league and starts moaning *bang!* you'd drop me quicker than a hot potato full of AIDS. At least you're sat in the lofty position of the chumpionship. Being a League-one supporter in real life, it's like hearing Rafa Benitez moaning about having no money to spend. I'm second from bottom in the fucking Ryman's league. I've so far only one point more than BIRMINGHAM. And he's got TWO GAMES IN HAND ON ME.
  18. Yeah thanks. I didn't come in after your original post with a sarcy comment did I? KICK ME WHEN I'M FUCKING DOWN WHY DON'T YOU.
  19. Yeah totally, once you were two-up you defended fantastically and definitely deserved the win from there. It would have been very harsh of me to come back then. Just after the frustration of the first game, the moment you scored that first goal off my players tackling each other again I was just FFS I'm even glad I managed to keep the damage to just two, you were always threatening coming forward. I just wish I could have scored a couple of the guilt edged chances I had in the second half.
  20. I've come to the conclusion I'm fucking awful at this. Maybe it's been clear to everyone else for years - like that weird guy at college who everyone tried to actively avoid yet still turned up uninvited to parties. You'd stand in the Kitchen going "Surely he knows he's really odd, no-one's that odd who doesn't know it, right?". And yet no-one tells him because everyone's too polite. Well that's me. Bottom of the Ryman's League, I've scored 3 goals in six games. I scored a whopping 1.28goals per game last season. Thing is, everyone says 'oooh close games, unlucky mate', but I can't be that unlucky all the time. I must be shit. I'm definitely OK at BAP. Passing it quickly, coming back if I need to, etc. I follow all the advice I can when playing 1v1 player, don't rush it forward, build up play, I do create chances - 11 shots off target/8 on & 10off/6on in my last two games, just.... I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Pah. The only consolation is that I was at United for last season's BAP, if I was truly, truly awful they'd have told me constantly. Because they're all cunts.
  21. I predict a hat-trick of goals for Sladie and 178 offsides for Joffy.
  22. PANTS PAYS PRICE FOR POOR PASSING: PROCLAIMS 'PISSFUCK PISSFLAPS', PUNCHES PAD DOWN PASSAGEWAY. POLLOCKS Jeda needs a hug after another night of FIFA frustations. Pants (1 - 1) Charliemouse Goalscorers: 37 G Mcann 63' A Cossu Top performers: 1 A Cossu (7) 2 D Blondini (7) 3 D Conti (7) PFFFFF. Pants was well and truly Fifa'd here, with every bounce, every meaningful pass, even every tackle he made FIFA'd to hell. The opening two minutes of the game painted the picture - a clearance bouncing off the Bolton winger, the tackle bouncing up off another defender and back to the Bolton striker, then the hoof clear again hitting another defender before bouncing up over everyone to an unmarked Kevin Davies with a wide open goal in front of him. Unfortunately for Charliemouse, the FIFAism's set in here too and Davies spooned his header wide. After a bright spell by the Italians, Bolton started to control the midfield and their hard work was rewarded when Cagliari's Alessandro Pisano beautifully yet inexplicably chested down a Bolton cross to Mcann's feet for him to slot home from 7 yards. A change of tactics and formation then brought the best out in Cagliari. Well, it would have been the best if it wasn't for the bloody ARRGHHness. This reporter lost count of the number of tackles made by the Italians that would either bounce back straight to the attacker, or worse, be immediately re-tackled by a fellow member of the Cagliari defence. Still, a goal was surely coming and a well worked effort saw Cossu, slot home only the Italians third goal of this campaign. Cagliari continued to press, but a combo of Chariemouse being excellent at the back and the ball not fucking going anywhere near where I told it to fucking go meant the score stayed even. A game the Italians really should have won, as the stats suggest. Cagliari - Bolton Wanderers FC 11 Shots 5 8 On target 3 55% Possession 45% 7 Tackles 15 1 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 1 3 Offsides 0 2 Corners 0 72% Shot accuracy 60% 76% Pass accuracy 64% Charliemouse (2 - 0) Pants Top performers: 1 A Cossu (6) 2 A Lazzari (6) 3 A Parola (6) This match was even worse for The Calcio. Mention must go to the excellent Mr Mouse here, brutally tight at the back, always dangerous going forward, Bolton were definitely good for this win. But the Italians will feel like they deserved more than just one point from both encounters as both Bolton's goals here came from Cagliari getting tackled by their own players - the first a breakaway counter which was very well finished and the second lead to a corner excellently executed. The Calcio had their own chances, two one-on-ones and two sitters missed for no good reason - but for now at least Pants must sit at the bottom of the league, dreams of making the playoffs fading faster than Fadey McFaderson running the hundred-metre fade. Bolton Wanderers FC - Cagliari 9 Shots 10 6 On target 5 47% Possession 53% 8 Tackles 4 0 Fouls 3 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 2 Offsides 0 5 Corners 3 66% Shot accuracy 50% 68% Pass accuracy 83% Running stats Top goal scorers A Cossu - 1 D Blondini - 1 Nenê - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:5.79) M Canini - 6.67 D Conti - 6.17 Nenê - 6.17 A Agostini - 6 A Parola - 6
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