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  1. Well said. We were never going to get fix it as a habit in just one game, but it was a lot better. Bit more dropping off, bit less turn and sprint at their defenders with the ball and we'll start scoring shedloads. Also, give it to Robben. I don't know if anyone in the entire world apart from Dave has heard me say this, but I have been practising free kicks a hell of a lot - especially the crossing and the long balls into the box. Free kick just inside the halfway line? GIVE IT TO ROBBEN. Dave's got my back.
  2. Really enjoyed tonight boys, it was great fun. We also played some very, very good football. And two devastating goals from the ol' Pants-Mattie one-two machine. And nice of Dave to take time out from polo and caviar tp join us.
  3. I've now done my first ever DVD commentary. It's for the upcoming DVD of The Thick of It and it was aces! The way they worked it was to have the show's creator and Director Armando Iannucci sat in the booth and have him joined by various writers & actors on different episodes. I'm on episode 7, along with writers Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show, Mitchell & Webb Look), Simon Blackwell (Armstrong & Miller, Have I got News For You) and Tony Roche(BrassEye, Jam). Naturally, I shat myself as I was essentially walking into a room to record something entertaining with four of the funniest men in TV. No pressure then. But as they'd already talked writing in a previous episode, we mainly talked about the editing, which saved my bacon a bit. And what was quite fun was that as writers, they never see any of the editing process so were genuinely interested to hear why I so blithely throw out all their months of hard work. I think I even 'made a funny'. It was damn good fun though. Essentially it was the five of us sat huddled round a very small telly in a room covered with egg cartons chatting over the top of a show. They recorded the episodes in a mixed up order as Rebecca Front (Nicola Murray in the show) and James Smith (Glenn) were due to come down to be on Episode 1. But the other project they were working on ran late, so I was asked to do another. Unfortunately, they didn't talk about the editing this time and as a result I was hopelessly shit. So hopelessly shit in fact, the producer said afterwards, they'd re-do EP1 when they could get the actors free. Anyway, rest assured when it's released I'll be all up in here telling you to go listen to it. It was also good to see the writers for the first time since their Oscar nomination. Armando was saying he's very much looking forward to the Oscar lunch - apparently there's a photo shoot of all the nominees which is arranged by alphabetical order. Arm said he was a bit gutted because directly to his right will be Nick Hornby, however directly to Horby's right will be Woody Harrelson then Maggie Gyllenhall. "As much as I like Nick... y'know, I am slightly disappointed to go all the way to LA to stand next to him."
  4. Worst 'I've got a PS3 AND an Xbox' post ever. Do also you wipe your arse with a Wii? I'll be on. I'll probably be on from 9 if anyone fancies some friendlies.
  5. Yeah... he did didn't he? Five times by my reckoning. Pants (0 - 3) SomethingWitty 5' Judas 18' Judas 37' Judas Brutalized by my last season's team. Like when your ex-girlfriend sucks off your best mate. SomethingWitty (2 - 3) Pants 12' Judas 43' Cossu 45' Jeda 74' Judas 82' Jeda ...And then you make her cry by getting off with her best mate at a party.
  6. PANTS LEFT 'JAYD-ED' IN SEASON OPENER Jayd (1 - 1) Pants Goalscorers: 32' Nené 64' Tuncay Top performers: 1 M Canini (9) 2 Nené ( 3 A Agostini (6) STOKE CITY. CAGLIARI CALCIO. This is fucking IT bitches. We're up and muddy-funking RUNNING. This is how we do things down in the Ryman's and if you don't like it... GO SHOOT YOUR FUCKING COCK OFF. Oh this was a nervy start here, the old 'first game of the season' blood pumping through both managers veins. Scrappy for the first ten minutes, it was Stoke who settled first, hitting the post with a well worked move. Both defences were in control of this one and it took a lucky bounce to break the deadlock, the ball getting trapped between two Stoke defenders before dropping in front of Nené who slammed it in first time from the edge of the area. This spurred Jayd on and a breakaway from a Pants corner ended with a 3-on-1, a beautiful square ball across the open area to a waiting Tuncay. Unfortunately just as it reached him, little Matty Ethrington came bundling in and scuffed the ball wide of the open goal. Cue massive facepalms all round. The Second half was more of the same, with solid defending and some real squeaky bum moments. Stoke got what they deserved when Tuncay got to a corner literally inches in front of the Cagliari Keeper to head home the equaliser. The game ran out with some real end-to-end stuff. Cue massive sighs of relief from both managers. Stoke City FC - Cagliari 7 Shots 7 1 On target 2 46% Possession 54% 13 Tackles 12 3 Fouls 0 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 1 0 Offsides 1 1 Corners 2 14% Shot accuracy 28% 73% Pass accuracy 86% Pants (1 - 3) Jayd Goalscorers: 32' Tuncay 38' Tuncay 40' Beattie 66' D Blondini Top performers: 1 A Agostini ( 2 D Blondini (7) 3 A Cossu (6) Fans of the English Premier League will be used to seeing a half-time break because Tony Pulis has to go pick his kids up. And today was no different, meaning the suspense of another tight game was left looming. Thankfully it didn't disappoint, with service resuming as usual. Cagliari will wish it hadn't though as they were subject to a bit of the old 'fifa-ism', with seemingly every bounce going against them. Stoke capitalised on this, scoring three goals in quick succession - Two of which the Italian keeper managed to palm straight to a Stoke striker. But not to take anything away from the Jayd-man, all 3 of them were very well worked and came during a run of play where Pants' arse was being well and truly handed to him. The Italians managed to dish out some Fifa-ism of their own, with a corner bouncing everywhere inn the area before being jammily prodded home. But despite the Italians pouring forward, 3-1 it remained. Cagliari can't have too many complaints, they were slightly lucky to get away with a draw in the first game against some very tasty opposition. Great couple of games there sir, I've only just peeled my bum off the edge of the seat. Cagliari - Stoke City FC 12 Shots 11 3 On target 5 53% Possession 47% 9 Tackles 9 0 Fouls 4 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 1 0 Offsides 0 3 Corners 1 25% Shot accuracy 45% 86% Pass accuracy 76% Running stats Top goal scorers D Blondini - 1 Nené - 1 Highest rated - (Team avg:6.05) A Agostini - 7 D Blondini - 7 M Canini - 7 Nenê - 7 A Lazzari - 6
  7. Alright Shoes! I'm around tonight and tomorrow evening for some matches, any good for you?
  8. So it looks like Sladie's the new boss then! By default more than anything. And with Tobes involved behind the scenes, it'll be like the Avram Grant/Steve Clarke reign at Chelsea - where everyone's pretty sure any success is down to the assistant, just no-one's saying it. Still, a massive step up from the previous regime which harked back to the Sven England era - a manager seemingly taking tactical advice from all the big mouths on the pitch. I love you all really. Big Sladie's Orange an' White Army!
  9. Hey, it's the fixture that's got EVERYONE* talking - both managers from Stole-your-team-gate pitted together! Shall we do 10:15 this evening? Also, we've got the group of death here, haven't we? *I mentioned it to my mum.
  10. Prem: Tyler Chump: Jamin L1: SmithStock L2: Primearan Conf: ryanski Rym: Rocafella
  11. I'm a big Millwall fan - VERY happy to win today! That's us up into 5th, but we've played more games than most of the chasing pack. My dreams are filled with a Millwall v Charlton Play-off final though.
  12. Alright then lads! It's an interesting bunch of teams, that's for sure. So, I'm sure you new boys are all a bit 'unsure' about how all this works and what not. The key really is to just enjoy it. Have a quick skim over last season Premierships or Ryman's threads, there's all sorts of banter, willy waving, in jokes, etc. It was a bit quiet last season in the Ryman's thread, hopefully you are all mouthy fuckers pleasant chaps. The best thing about the league is that it's almost always played very sportingly. In fact, there's quite the debate elsewhere as to whether 'lurking' (standing in front of a defender at an opposition's goal kick to nick a cheap goal) should be allowed or is fully part of the game. Some feel that there's plenty of options from a goal kick so if you pass it straight out then it's your fault. Others feel it's a sin worse than paedophilia. I personally don't do it, but if it's part of your game, go for it. You will find however that you'll probably get lower post game ratings as a result. One thing we didn't manage but every other league did, was full post-game match stats. It's all explained HERE. Rather than spend fours hours writing them all down after a game, most people take a picture of the Fifa game's stats screen with their camera phone and add it in later/at work while skiving. I'd really love to us all use this, with such a random selection of teams it'd be interesting to see which in-game player ends up as top scorer. I guess the only other thing is that all other leagues have a predictions side game going. We clearly can't do that as none of us have any idea how good other people are. Anyone got any ideas for something else?
  13. *sob* he likes a little RB outside the area after dinner...
  14. Hey, remember when I said I enjoyed playing you? IT WAS A MASSIVE FUCKING LIE AND I GOT STRAIGHT ON THE PHONE WITH CHILDLINE AND TOLD THEM YOU WERE GROOMING ME. Just be grateful some league admin cock-up has gifted you an undeserved first pick. Yeah, undeserved. I WENT there.
  15. Well I think I'll be pick..... HEY WAIT A MINUTE. You're just trying to steal my teams aren't you? WELL IT WON'T WORK ON ME BUSTER. But yes, Hello everyone! Like SomethingWitty said, we are the only survivors of the old league. That means we're hardened veterans of the Rllmuk Football league, with hundreds of games under our belts and a deep knowledge of all the nuances required to last a gruelling season of Rllmuk football. Or it means we're soooo shit, we couldn't even get out of the fucking Ryman's. I like to think it's somewhere between the two.
  16. Blimey. You do know I'll be back on next week Tomox? I mean, it was only last night I missed. Clearly things will be much better with the heart of the team back. Well, maybe not heart per say, perhaps kidneys. Actually, what's that useless one? The one people have out all the time and it doesn't affect them? Appendix, that's it. Yeah, things will be much better next week with the appendix of the team back.
  17. Sorry boys, I am definitely out for tomorrow. I almost definitely won't be able to make tonight either. Who's going to constantly shout 'Simple pases!' at everyone?
  18. Sooooo.... In the Loop has been nominated for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar. :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:
  19. So I've been offered another long term editing job, which is always cause for celebration. Starting beginning of July and running through until November, a big name comedy duo have written and are starring in a new sitcom for BBC Two. Sadly, I can't divulge any details, but I like the concept a lot. Good pay check as well. However, it's still not a film. If I take the sketch show until July and then go straight on to this sitcom, that's a very good year work wise, but I won't have made any more inroads into moving over into films permanently. If anything, I'll have gotten further away from it as it'll be over two years since I did In the Loop. Difficult decisions ahead. The new sitcom does sound fucking funny though.
  20. The other thing a grade can do is match up shots that have been filmed at different times and even on different cameras to keep the scene consistent. Have a look here a load of scenes pre-grading vs post-grading: http://www.lightillusion.com/ni.htm I really liked that short, it's lovely. I agree, the 3min version is better. The bits you've lost about the characters (it was my granddad's pole, the work experience guy has a degree in social whatsit) take the longer version slightly out of the realms of believability into more of a farcical world. They're good little jokes, but the piece works so much better when you buy into the fact there actually could be this community of board holders out there. Great short though.
  21. Gaffer, don't forget to hassle everyone for their Man of the Match awards. Are we posting them or PM's them?
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