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  1. That was me really. That ball-licking you were generous to provide really upped your score. As for me... Wooo first pick! In the Ryman's... Ah. Never mind. Maybe I'll have some foreign club who are 3½ stars. Like everyone else.
  2. Well played everyone! Great team effort tonight! "Cross coming, who wants it? Who wants it?" "OH DAVE FUCKING WANTS IT THAT'S WHO!" "Hey Tomox, you've got the ball 30 yards out, what you gonna do with it?" "OH THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING DO WITH IT!" And remember, first point of the season boys! I'm fucking celebrating. I might even be a bit drunk now.
  3. Great games tonight boys, very tense well played affairs. And a big thank you for being so sporting and offering to replay the whole game even though your mass drop happened when you were 2-0 up. You're still all fuck-ugly though. Especially when your goppid faces are reflected in a certain massive forehead.
  4. I think you'll find that 'ahem' is very inaccurately placed. He is Town's striker. And he is a superstar. Don't you remember? He spent a week on all the front pages for touching those kids up and then having that Llama lick custard off his balls.
  5. Oh I'm sorry, you'll have to repeat that Dave, I don't speak gaylord.
  6. Me and Dave did. Worth noting because I scored THE GREATEST GOAL IN THE HISTORY OF FIFA. Edit: beaten to the punch.
  7. It's all gravy dude. It just means it'll be a Pants/SomethingWitty one-two AT THE TOP OF THE LEAGUE. Damn right, I went there. Our games will be mudder-funking title deciders.
  8. If not, Me and Billy will have to go practice with our BAP town. Of course, none of you know what that means, as you're not in our secret club for handsome winners.
  9. I'll be in tonight if Dazza can get it sorted.
  10. Hey boys. Now I'm not one for insults and over-hyping a match, but you guys are playing Town tomorrow. Y'know, that team that harbours Me, Mattie and Billy Brown. Just thought I'd put that out there.
  11. I had a mix up with paying my subs, should be alright now though.
  12. Ah well, go on then. First things first, if you haven't watched the highlights yet in the hightlights thread, I suggest you do. It's very enlightening what you can see. Secondly and far more importantly, I want to make it crystal clear I'm not picking on anyone here. These are just some examples of things that EVERYONE can improve upon. Right then, YELLOW lines are actual events, PINK lines are things that should have happened. Here's a classic example of us not playing the easy ball. Happens at 1:10 in vid 1. Even if this pass had reached the CF, he'd be isolated and with 3 defenders round him. A simple lay back or a cross pitch pass and we're stretching their defence. The LM should be moving inside here (blue line) to be available. Also, by playing these passes instead, it gives the ball a chance to end up at your feet in the area for some glory! We seem to have a real problem both holding down the sprint buton in defence and also diving in for a tackle. We're much better when we cover angles instead. When this happens (1:20 vid 1): ...there should be little threat. Defender 1 however goes in for a tackle which opens up the space behind him. If he covers the area in the pink circle, the ball carrier is forced out wide by defender 2 and will have to cross, far better than the ball inside. Also, if the three defenders narrow the line here, it's much harder for any through passes to sneak in. The front players seem to have the red mist descend every time they are near goal. The sight of glory understandably pulsing that fire for goals through their scraggy weak veins. Here, our striker with the ball tried to turn in towards goal and got tackled (2.33 vid1). http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/pan...ng3-233vid1.jpg However, had he taken the ball towards that massive space in pink box 1, the other two players can steam into that massive space in pink box 2 for the pass across. Or,he could get a shot off himself rather than get tackled. Again, simple passes! This attempted through ball is ambitious to say the least (3:14 vid 1). http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/pan...ng3-314vid1.jpg Look at the 4 players to his right. A simple lay off here to any of the options and we've got some good build up going. Another illustration here of sprint button addiction. http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/pan...ng4-323vid1.jpg (3:23 vid 1) Our defender runs forward. I'm not sure whether it's to play the offside or to cover a through ball to that winger but it accomplishes niether and one second later: http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/pan...ng5-323vid1.jpg He's left this huge space behind him, which athletic gratefully score from. Much better to keep dropping back with the finger off the sprint button and keep those areas closed. I think we need one defender to be 'captain' of the defence. He would have to be vocal on the mike and keep the other defenders in line, so as to not play players onside, etc (e.g. RB, you're too deep!). Equally, the other three defenders should pay more attention to his positioning and take their line from him. Have a look at how badly we're positioned here: http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/pan...ng7-545vid1.jpg (5:45 vid 1). The LB's way to high, the nearest CB's too deep and playing them onside. I know here we had at least one defender as an 'any' but you can see the point I'm illustrating. And lastly, it's all well and good us going 'simple passes, simple passes', but we HAVE to be more willing to offer options. This here is so weak, words can't express it. http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k262/pan...ng8-219vid2.jpg (2:19 vid 2) This is from OUR kickoff. the ball's played back to Dave and within 2 seconds he has absolutely no-one to pass to. In our half. From our KICKOFF. The pink arrows shoe what we should be doing, making ourselves open for the pass. CDF's, don't be afraid to drop right back to be open. LM, RM, RS & LS, drop back and inside to make yourself open. The other thing we need to work on is free kicks and goal kicks. The amount of our set pieces that came straight back at us was ridiculous. I am more than happy to take responsibility for all of them, especially the ones near the halfway line. I'm not promising I'll get it on to people's head every time, but It'll be better than last week. So, yeah. We're playing United this week. They're quite good. If we lose, fuck it, it doesn't matter. Let's just play better than last week and enjoy it. P.S. Can you tell I've got a plumber round and I'm waiting for him to finish?
  13. Well I've ACTUALLY made a film. So, y'know...
  14. Gushing praise for stuff I've worked on is ALWAYS welcome. But yes, I'm immensely proud of them.
  15. So with Kerraig's permission, I'm going to chart some of my experiences in here too. I work as a film editor. I've been editing for about 9 years now. I started off editing 5 minute packages for lifestyle shows before moving into sports highlights for Arabic channels and then TV documentaries. About 6 years ago I went freelance, got an agent and started making entertainment programming for the main 5 terrestrial channels. I've made a whole bunch of those 'top 100' style shows, my best being channel four's 'Top 100 Cartoons'. I moved into comedy about 4 years ago. I made a show for the Comedy Lab series and then in turn, my agent got a call from the BBC looking for an editor with experience of 'top 100' nostalgia style shows to help edit on a show called 'Time Trumpet'. Having gotten on with the chaps who made it so well, I've been involved with them on most of their projects since, including The Thick of It, Lab Rats and Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. I also co-edited 'In the Loop', my first film. So, on to today. While making all these shows is fantastic, they are long 4-6 month jobs and unfortunately they don't sit back-to-back in my schedule. And my rent needs paying. So at the moment, I'm jobbing around a bit. This week I'm cutting the DVD extras for the last Thick Of It series. However, last week I was cutting VT packages for SkyOne's 'Got to Dance'. It's actually not as bad as it sounds, you can have some fun cutting montages when you've got several billion hours worth of footage of good dancers. And it does pay a hell of a lot better than comedy stuff. At the moment my main goal is to make more films. The Thick of It is actually my favourite show on the telly, so I've kinda reached the pinnacle of where I can go in TV terms. Now In the Loop has been nominated of two Baftas (get in!) that'll help me move over immensely. I could well be editing Film 1 for Kerraig, but I've yet to meet the Director and it really depends on whether he likes me or not. Conversely, I'm up for a BBC1 sketch show, which would be great, but runs at the same time time as the film. One of these projects pays a whopping 50% more than the other. On the other hand, it's not a film. So I'll be posting different experiences in here and any good tales of my efforts to get more film work. Hopefully the tale of a crew member will provide a nice flipside to Kerraig's Producer tales. I'll also put in any interesting stories from the more crappier projects I do as when they happen. I might be doing a week on 'Britain's Got Talent' soon. Woo. And I'll be more than happy to answer any questions anyone's got about my line of work.
  16. Now thats a fucking good post
  17. Well done everyone, a great league was played here. Congratulation PrimeAran, exceptional work there Dave storming into the second promotion spot and well done everyone who made the lottery of the playoffs. I fully expect all three promoted managers to cause chaos in the conference next season, the level of play down here has been really high. After all, I was playing and I didn't even make the playoffs, so you guys must all work for EA or something. So, without further gaylord back-slapping, I present.... So, there we have it. Cheers everyone!
  18. By all means, please do. I openly welcome any criticism - I enjoy playing well and I can only get better with you guys telling me anything I do wrong. Also, a viewpoint from someone who doesn't play in attack would be great, there might be something you've seen that we don't because we're focused on being near the ball. This x a million. We have to have 4 at the back, plain and simple. And those four have to stay back as well, no marauding runs with a 'WB' because you normally play up front and it's your one turn. You know what Athletic and City when we failed to score against them in the cup had in common? A back four playing very deep and a DM staying back to cover. Those little points out of the way, here's the big one. I don't mind if we lose, as long as we play well and ENJOY it. The first game was atrocious not because we sucked, but because the mood was so dire. Most of you lot are still strangers to me. I played with Mattie last season, I know Billy Brown in real life and I enjoyed my two Ryman's league games against Funtime Dave, we had a good laugh for 45 minutes. But everyone else, although you all seem like very lovely people, why should I trade in going to the pub with my real-life friends or going top the cinema with my lady if it's going to be like that? I know full well there's a couple of you thinking the same thing. But like you lot, I'm not giving up the league any time soon because there's a real basis at Town to have a fucking massive laugh. The cup games were great, our kick-abouts are great and I'm geniunely convinced I'd be good friends 'in real life' with Tomox, Tobes and Dave. Joffy... I'm not so sure about. It's his choice of sandwich shop that puts me off So... can we not talk about formations, tactics or positions for a week. It doesn't matter, let the gaffer change anything if he wants, or not if he doesn't. Instead, let's have a laugh in this thread please? e.g: What's red and sits in a tree? A Sanitry Owl.
  19. 1st game: Billy Brown 2nd game: Petey. Held the ball up well, didn't go charging up the pitch at the first sign of space, was always trying to be free for a pass at the top of the area. Of course, that was only based on 60 minutes.
  20. Hey, I was still in the game when that went in! Yeah, truly awful tonight boys. At least the second game had some banter and was a laugh, I was actually disappointed to be kicked. My Man of the Match for the first game is Billy Brown. As least he had the decency to not show up for that shambles.
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