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  1. Good idea Winch Tomox! Do you want them in for the cup games? I'll have a bash at some match reports. I can't promise them every week, but I'll have a go when I can.
  2. Agreed 100%. Especially the bit about me. But especially the bit about Dave and Tobes. So the bit about us being very crowded up top was the main stumbling from last night. That was the cause of our lack of creativity in the final third, meaning people were resorting to difficult through balls rather than short passes, and trying to run it and consequently losing possession. And I think it was because the three top man were all trying to play as a CF through the middle, like this: Instead, if they drop wider, they will open up the defence and mean the short pass option is always on so the CF can drop off, recieve the ball and spread it. like this: From there it can be crossed, or pushed back inside, or little ball into the near post, or pass to the top of the are for a shot, or dropped back to the RM/LM who'd be cutting inside... you get the point. But well played everyone. It was great football at times last night. When it worked it was such a joy to play in.
  3. Surely the pools panel will give you two wins. It is bottom of the league Dimahoo after all...
  4. Ah boss! Don't let them bully you! You're the gaffer!
  5. You know what Dave? Just now I was thinking to myself: What's THE image that inspires confidence into a football team before a football competition? Is it a picture of England's World Cup win? Is it a picture of Pele screaming with utter joy after scoring a goal? Or is it, and this felt a little left field, a picture of a random African man wearing a red skirt/leather waistcoat combo out walking a fucking hyena on a fucking chain. "Yes, that's it!" I thought. "But where would I find such a picture?" Thankfully you were there to save the day Dave.
  6. Well there's always the option of doing a RLLMUK league Vs London Kickabout regulars one-off... That could be some lulz right there.
  7. I'm making stop-motion tactics this year. Clay crafted life size replicas of the entire BAP league, with huge CGI arrows cascading out of players chests. I just couldn't book Wembley to film it until next week.
  8. It looks alriiiighhhhhht, those trousers look a little tight! But it's always really hard to tell about unknown brand names on the net without feeling it your self, checking out the lining, trying it on, etc. The most important things about the whole holiday is keeping warm and dry, If you're cold and your gloves are wet, and your halfway up a mountain, tired, you will be MISERABLE. Manic will tell you from experience, it sucks. Looking good really is a bonus. If you care about image, get that jacket Winch linked to. Or dress up like a Pirate, like I did once: How tall are you/what size are you? I've got some top quality second hand clothing I could sell you for half that price.
  9. That sounds like a good bargain to me. Don't forget you need to buy things like a jacket & trousers, gloves and goggles. For this though, TK Maxx and Ebay are your new best friends. Bulgaria's tourism board have invested a bit of money doing up the resorts in recent years, which is nice. And although it has more sort of 'Big hills' rather than actual 'mountains' (which means the runs are shorter), that won't affect you as a beginner. Only thing is that Bulgaria tends to have more of a 30-something crowd rather than young 20-somethings, so the bars might not be 'off the hook', but to be honest, you'll be so knackered from riding all day that you won't be out on the piss every night anyways. And yes, skiing is for gays. You look so much cooler falling over on snowboard than the gangly, arms everywhere dying daddy-long-legs tumbles that skiers take.
  10. I'm thinking Mammoth in the States this year. I did Brekenridge a few years back and it was aces. It also means that we can pop down to Vegas for a few days aswell. 'Cos, you know, I'm a cunt like that. It totally depends what you're looking for. I've been Snowboarding for about 15 years now and I've done all of Europe and a bit of America and Canada. As it's your first time, package holidays with someone like Crystal are great, they sort things out like board hire and lift passes which are really daunting the first time you do it. How much you got to spend? How many people are going? Are you single?
  11. o/ I've got the Turtle beach 5.1 wireless headphones and they are outstanding for gaming. In MW2 no-one without ninja pro equipped will ever, EVER sneak up on you. You hear them coming up behind you from miles away.
  12. Hello all. So there's a thread in Off-topic HERE where a bunch of us play regularly in West London. And after a chat with a fellow Ryman's player who wasn't aware of it but was interested, I thought I'd bring attention to it in here. Please don't order a hit on me Mods if it's against the rules. It's great fun, we are all terrible and we're starting up again this Saturday. Anyone who lives in/close to London who wants to do some exercise then I heartily recommend coming down. All the details are in the first post.
  13. I thought last night went great. We created chances, were solid at the back and most importantly, it was a damn good laugh. So here's my thoughts - with all respect to the gaffer of course. So 4-3-3 is clearly the way to go, but as already mentioned, we were very good with the 4-5-1. I think what might help with the 4-5-1 is having one of the two CDM's play a slightly more CM role, sorta like this: LB CB CDM CB <--CDM--> RB Having that extra man available to knock it to in the centre would help the front men. It's not a marauding sprint-forward-every-attack role, but pushing a bit further forward could help wonders. I too thought 'The Funtime' and 'The Tobes' were outstanding in those two CDM roles. . However, I'll happily volunteer to play the more defensive CDM in a 4-5-1 to help rotate attacking positions and also because I really enjoy it. I'd say the biggest negative from last night was us not picking out the simple pass. Everyone was guilty - me definitely included- and we should really look to eradicate it quickly. Too often we tried to play the near-impossible killer through ball when there was someone else wide open directly to the right, or we tried to beat the defender (again me included) and we lost possession. Don't forget fellas, IT'S OK TO PLAY IT BACKWARDS. And on a similar note, we need more calling for the ball. Mattie's great at this; 'one more' and 'roll Mattie in' let me know where he is relation to me and what pass he wants. And me=this x 1000. Just so everyone knows, when it feels like I'm 'having a go' down the mic, I'm never actually moaning - just gently reminding you that there might have been a better way of doing what you just did so horribly wrong. But yeah, top games last night. It's going to be a damn fun season. P.S. MY ROBBEN WONDER STRIKE FROM THE FIRST GAME IS ALREADY GOAL OF THE SEASON. EAT IT, WIN, etc...
  14. Yeah the Dutch default has a dropped off CF role behind the striker rather than a CAM, ala Rooney for England. But let's try a couple and I agree with sticking to one. We chopped and changed and United, it really didn't work as you were never sure who was covering etc. I remember in one match having my single foray forward from CDM and bumping into Tyler playing as our CB on the edge of their area.
  15. I'd love to see us give that default 4-5-1 formation a try. Van Bommel also plays as a LB and has a better rating there than Oojier (I think), so he could drop back, meaning Van der Vaart could turn one of the two CDM's into a CM and use his short passing skills. Might be a better formation against a stronger attacking team (i.e City) to break up their play?
  16. Having had a look around the BAP folder, we're clearly odds on to win the league. The City thread is full of talk about 'beefy men'. The United thread is full of bickering and a victim mentality. The Wanderers thread is full of Ice Hockey. The Athletic thread is a fucking shambles. And the Rovers thread is them actually trying to talk tactics like it'll make any difference to them getting spanked. And then there's us. Discussing the finer points of which fuel to provide the fire in our bellies for our matches. Dietary requirement, that's where footy is won or lost. So, as Joffy hasn't spoken up yet, I'm going to initially bagsy LW and Robben. But I do so with the promise that I'm practicing my free kicks (crossed fk's that is) and corners.
  17. Lolz @ 'Littlejoe-Gate'. Lolz @ 'Losing-on-purpose-to-fucking-CITY-Gate'.
  18. Alright guys! Cheers of the lulz, it's been lulz-eriffic. Good luck next season, you'll need it.
  19. Alright you crazy Town fucks! Well done on signing the 14th most handsome BAP player!
  20. That video... He's really angry isn't he? "IW need to offer an apology to everyone who bought it" "What were they thinking" "It's broken" "It's doesn't come close to living up to the hype" "I don't want to play, I need to play it because everyone else is"..... For a man who spent £40-odd on an entertainment product that he's got over eleven solid days worth of playtime out of, you'd think he'd cut it a little slack. And watching that video, I'm pretty certain that my team would win that game of domination against him and his team of randoms. We'd clearly all finish with a negative K/D ratio, but we'd get them bases. Amaze.
  21. Also, can I say farewell Boobni. It's been a pleasure playing with you and you'll be sorely missed. Well, I say sorely missed, but for every MASSIVE CLEARANCE there was all those 'experimental' throw-ins.
  22. That's right, a 2-1 loss is exactly what we put our minds to. P.S. You cut me deep man, you cut me real deep.
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