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  1. Hey everybody, it's... Lawro vs Merse! Each week football's two most intelligent and oft-correct pundits take an in-depth look at a particular fixture. This week it's Racing Primearan vs Something Witty. ML: Ipswich Town eh? Everyone let out a little laugh when they heard that. PM: NO! PAULY NO WEAR TROUSERS! ML: But I'll tell you something witty (lolz), that lad's got them playing very well and look who's laughing now. PM: UUUNNNNNNNGGGGG-NNNOOOO! LOOK AT MY DINGLE DANGLE! LOOK AT IT! AHAHAHAHAHA! ML: There are plenty of murmurings that he's too good for this league and that a better team choice would've gifted him the title. PM: I'VE GOT LITTLE PAUL OUT!!! LOOKY MARK, LOOK AT ME FLAPPING IT! LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I PULL THE SKIN BACK! ML: And if he grabs an automatic promotion spot, those in the playoff spots will all breathe a sigh of relief they won't have to face him again. PM: ....UH-OH.... MY WINKY DID A CRY ON THE CARPET. ML: So taking all that into consideration, I'm going for Racing Primearan to win by seven hundred and fifty goals in the first and to nab the second by getting all six numbers and the bonus ball. PM: IT'S OK MARK, THE DOG'S LICKING IT UP! GOOD BOY! ML: Well said Paul, well said.
  2. Much like the heavily biased Sky Sports team schedule, it's the heavyweights that play last. And by heavyweights I mean fatties. So then Themomentbefore, I can do tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday 6pm-8.30ish. LET'S GET IT ON.
  3. Hey, you're like Benjani at Man City. Everyone thinks they can remember a time you were an alright player, it's just no-one can quite put their finger on when that was.
  4. To be honest, I'm disappointed in my team-mates here. I'm quite clearly on a massive wind-up and none of them joined in with cries of 'cheat' or 'fix'. I thought we could get some real inter-thread back-and-forth going for some lulz, but no, every one at United are far too polite for that. Instead it's all "Well played for spanking us 5-0" and "Cor they're well good" in the replay screen so you could hear it. What a bunch of cunts. I vote a one-two up front of Billy and Mitchell with Boobni playing the AMC role. I realy enjoyed the DMC role in the second game, mopping up in the middle and cutting off the runners.
  5. You mean when your first goal was scored when we all trying to pause to tell you of our 'any' gone missing and your second straight from the kick-off when we were all fixing our cameras? I'll think you find we deserved the win in that one.
  6. CJ, you should come join us on normal for a few sessions, I imagine jumping straight into Hardcore mode when you don't know the maps would be extremely frustrating. Spent most of last night playing team Deathmatch to get a feel for the maps - I find it's the best way to learn them. We had some fantastic games as well, it's really starting to click in places. We met a group of guys who were very decent players and got schooled 4 games in a row, but stuck at it and Bang! Managed to turn it round and dish out some MASSIVE DAMAGE of our own. Was supposed to go to bed at that point but Kerraig jumped on so we had one more game. We ended up in a room with some loudmouth twats - you know the type - those idiot Live numptys that are all cliched trash talk abut 'your mum' this and 'you take it in the arse' that. And then they beat us as well. Don't you just hate that? It was pretty close in the end but FFFFFUUUUU.... So we're in the lobby for the next game. They're all dishing out the trash talk again. In between the dull insults there's Kerraigs voice popping up asking us "So are you lot all going to bed now then?" to be met only with silence from us. "Hello?...... Guys?". *tick*...*tick*...*tick*... The next game loads up and my friend Dan says it best. "There's no fucking WAY I'm fucking going to bed until we fucking murder these fucking pricks right in their fucking teeth." And we did aswell. A massive slaughtering with the final score at something like 7500 - 4200. Capped off wonderfully by my quadruple kill shotgun rampage at the very end, a beautiful slow mo replay they were all forced to watch of me blasting them right in their fat faces. "But I was shooting the shit out of you?!?" came the confused and humbled reply. I don't think you were son, I don't think you were.
  7. I'll always play with you gorgeous. God damn, the multiplayer is incredible. There's so much to unlock and rank up and power up and experiment with. I love the idea of 'pro' perks aswell. Managed to rank up 'Sleight of Hand' to pro and really noticed the extra perk. I spent most of my first session last night using the Famas with stopping power and it's a pretty brutal weapon. It seems to lose a bit of oomph over distance though, but aside from that it's a one shot kill gun in a lot of situations. GOD I'm loving the multiplayer.
  8. Look, I love and respect you all so that's why I'm going to find this really difficult to say. But it's because I respect you so much that I feel the need to be honest with you. I won't be playing tonight. And the reason for that... well the reason is I'll be on Call Of Duty instead. Most people would have lied to you. I want you to remember that. I could have said I have to go to the dentist/dinner/theatre or move flat/country/the earth for my girlfriend. But it wuldn't be true because I will be shooting terrorists in the face, the grin on my cheeks widening with every blood soaked bullet finding it's home in the bodies of the populous of my friendlist. I'm sorry. I do still love you. And let's definitely remain friends, yeah? It's just.... it's Call of Duty dude.
  9. Check out the team of the week. Of course, given our manager's track record of praising, Winch'll probably claim it was all down to messed up ratings and Wanderers having no manager.
  10. DISAPPOINTING. Especially with COD Modern Warfare 2 out on Tuesday....
  11. Pants McSkill. I want to play a lot of this. Like a hell of a lot.
  12. Hey everybody, it's... Lawro vs Merse! Each week football's two most intelligent and oft-correct pundits take an in-depth look at a particular fixture. Sadly neither pundit got last week's predictions right, with Lawro going for Kazit by 6 goals and 3 wickets, while Merse just sat there and shat himself. But that won't deter the boys! This week it's Gus's Goats vs Pants. ML: Two big games tonight Paul, both these teams have had solid starts to the season. They've both got a well-organised midfield and both can create chances. PM: I'M PULLING MY EYES-LIDS OUT LIEK A CHINESE!!! LOOKY MARK, LOOKY! ML: I think where the difference lies here is in their defences. Pants has conceeded 8 in 4 - that's not the defence of a promotion worthy team. PM: HARRRRROOOOO!!! CHING-CHONG-CHINAMAN! ML: But of course you have to be wary of the Big Gus Guzzle Factor - and we saw it last week - where Gus will turn up pissed-up and play like a right numpty. PM: JUDO CHOP! ME WANNA NUHMBAH SIXTY-THREE EGG FLY LICE! ML: And that will cost him points over the season. We've seen it time and time again. PM: NOT BATHTIME! I DON'T WANNA HAVE A BATH! CHINESEMAN NO BATHY!!! ML: So taking all that into consideration, I'm going for a 29-goal thriller draw in the first game. I think the return fixture - and it's difficult to see any other outcome - will be abandoned after a griffin swoops from Hades and steals the ball. PM: NO. NNNOOOOO!!! IT'S NOT FAIR - I'LL HOLD MY BREATH UNTILL I'M DEAD AND THEN YOU'LL BE SORRY. ML: Well said Paul, well said.
  13. I really enjoyed that. I'd definitely be up for another HORSE tournament at some stage. What I've been pleased about is that I only seem to go out to bad luck rather than bad play - seem being the operative word there. And it's amazing how you can pick up on the 'personality' of someone across all the games, I've really noticed some betting patterns amongst you lot.
  14. I'm in. I'll be on earlier, got League and Cup games to play so expect invites for some 1v1 if I'm done and waiting.
  15. HORSE tonight then! So who can remember any of the stratgey from the games so far? And where's the league update from last week? Huh Dazza, HUH!?! I can understand that a 1960's Czech documentary about cheese shot entirely on polaroids is distracting but FOR FUCKS SAKE.
  16. Hey dude, can't do tonight, but I'm around between 6.30-8.30ish Wednesday and Thursday evening pre-BAP. Any good for you?
  17. All the Friday the 13th movies. Thirteen Ghosts - If only because it had the greatest line ever in a trailer: There's only one thing worse than being trapped in a house with a ghost... On a more sciencey tip... Resident Evil? 2001: A Space Odyssey?
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