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  1. So what teams are people using against the Real/Man City picking randoms? And I'll be around most of today if anyone fancies a kick-about.
  2. This for me is a thing of absolute beauty. I've had some fantastic matches tonight, a 3 game thriller against Humdrum which saw me score an own goal in each match, a ding-dong battle with SaintM which he somehow won 3-0 and an epic Derby vs Millwall 5 goal thriller against Timmo. There was a moment in the Derby-Millwall game where Timmo's boys in white were pressing the play, looking to steal the ball from me and launch their devastating counter through 'Gifted' Gary Teale. And I wouldn't let them have it. Knocking the ball around the back four, along the line to the winger, back to the defenders when the opening closes, quick inside to Jimmy "he'll-score-more-than-you" Abdou, nothing's on so lay it back... I must've linked together at least 30-odd passes, all the while those Rams players were chasing shadows. What a great game.
  3. Sooooo.... considering I'm number 21 on the list, are there to be 2 new divisions this season? Looks like that's the only way I'll get to play for a least a couple of seasons.
  4. Popped down to my local indie this evening to pick it up. "Copy of Fifa10 on the 360 please." "That's £49.99" "Really!?! Your games are usually £32." "Yeah, but we've had such a big demand for this to break street date we could really use the extra cash from marking it up." "Well that's cool, it's your store and I guess you need all the help you can get. I'll wait 'till tomorrow and go elsewhere though, can't justify an extra £20. How many copies you sold today anyway?" "Two."
  5. I'm picking up 10 today, but will be up for 09 BAP if that's the consensus. No big Supermarkets near me so £32 + a fay early from my local indie will have to do. Oh yeah, what time we playing?
  6. Ah right of course. That makes a lot of sense.
  7. Fifa10 will allow you to bring your own personal BAP player into online clubs right? So am I missing something here or would this not be a true representation of BAP skills?
  8. Billy's pic updated, he wanted to be Vincent Gallo. FOR FUCK'S SAKE.
  9. I've decided it's all far too polite in here. Everyone else bar me has a face like a sundried fart.
  10. Updated line up: I was also kinda hoping me and Manic could inter-change down that right wing between the odd matches. But that's because I'll prove myself INDISPENSABLE TO THE TEAM.
  11. "Sorry boss, I went looking for a essay written by Michael Howard and accidently typed in Sophie Howard by mistake". So then Mr Gaffer, what sort of things do you want to look at and get us thinking about? And I assume we'll be taking all tactics discussion to a group PM?
  12. Mitchell, Billy and Boobni, do you guys want to grab a picture of the interwebz for me to use to represent you in tactics 'art'?
  13. That's how my uncle described me after he 'touched' me that time.
  14. I for one would like to offer a big hello to all my new teammates and a solemn promise to the league select top player inwhicheverpositionIendupin. This is our season lads, the season of beautiful football and stonking goals, of epic wins and a march on the title to strike fear into the very hearts of our enemies. UNITED.
  15. Like this: A couple of times tonight, we won possession in our own penalty area and were instantly closed down by opposition attackers (A and B ). What we should do in this case to avoid CALAMITY is the LB and RB should drop back to near the corner flags (blue arrows) for a simple pass from the CB (1 or 2) so they can hoof it clear. Now feel free to add the .
  16. That's Pants McSkill, two words. To quote Wincho earlier: "WHY THE FUCK WOULD IT BE TWO WORDS!?!?!". Well that was an okay-ish few friendlies there. I think with a bit of work, a few less skills, a few more quick simple passes and me NOT FUCKING SCORING AN OWN GOAL we'll be quite a team to be reckoned with. But more importantly, we'll have the most fun this season. Watch out for shitty MSPaint drawings with tactics on from me.
  17. That was awesome. I can't help feeling there was a hell of a lot of bluffing going on though. Also, playing while a bit drunk so you end up calling down someone showing Trip Aces.... maybe not the best.
  18. Coolio, definitely put me down for the waiting list then. I'll be a truly fabulous addition to anyone's squad, both being pretty decent AND a team player through and through! Although if the fans don't sing my name every week without fail, I'll be off to City in a huff.
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