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  1. So how strict is the must be around every Thursday thing? I'm really interested in this, but occasionally might not be able to play at most 1 night a month. Do you guys have subs or is it 10 players or nothing?
  2. AND I'm IN. And it's all down to your $10, as my bank decided to go 'Nope, we're not authorising that'. Cheers HSBC. But a big non-sarcastic cheers mr Brown.
  3. Awwwww.... thankyou so much for trying though dude... In other news I got an email saying I'm verified and I've just managed to put some moneis in... will it process in time? FIND OUT HERE. OR DON'T.
  4. Oooh I'm all excited. So I'm all signed up to Pokerstars through Billy Browns Affiliate link As PantsMcSkill. And I'm also just signed up to Skype under the same name PantsMcSkill Buuuuuut..... I'm having a little problem with the age verification thing on Stars to get some cash on there tonight. Sooooooo..... anyone fancy, erm, bunging us $5? I'll pay you back... honest...
  5. So then you crazy-already-playing-it fools, is this a purchase or is it a case of wait for FM?
  6. How about the beginning of The Darjeeling Limited? Bill Murray, late for the train, in the back of that taxi rushing through crowded Indian streets. Awesome. And I can't believe no-one's mentioned The Good, The Bad and The Ugly yet. It's soooooo slow, but the shot of the wooden building, cut to those ugly bastards just scoping it out... not a single word is spoken but you totally get what's going on, these guys are some hard-nosed outlaw motherfuckers, but in there... in there... there's an even harder-nosed MOTHER FUCKER that even they are scared of. Brilliant.
  7. Another hand in the air here to be stuck on the waiting list for when Fifa 10 comes out please.
  8. KABBADI!!!! That was the bastard. I too played it at school, great game. Regards the points, I was going to suggest something very similar. A point based on position starting with the first person out, plus 1, 2 & 3 extra points for third, second and first. eg for 6 players playing: 1st = 6pts + 3pts for first - total 9pts 2nd= 5pts + 2pts for second - total 7pts 3rd= 4pts + 1pt for third - total 5pts. 4th= 3pts 5th= 2pts 6th= 1pt And so on. So, in fact, very similar to Dazza's, but with a better reward for the top three places.
  9. I'm definitely in for this, despite missing the entire Rllmuk Classic league. I've been dabbling in PLO Hi/lo Split recently, so I'm extra looking forward to that one. Not that I think I'll be any good mind. Also, anyone else see the name Badugi and instantly think of that odd Indian sport that Channel Four used to show on Saturday mornings? The one where it was a bit like tag but you had to hold your breath and constantly chant 'BadugiBadugiBadugi' or whatever it was called? Maybe we should do that. Anytime you're in a pot, you have to chant Badugi over and over.
  10. That's probably the most random thing I've been 'Served you right' over, ever. Awesome. I didn't even know it was possible to hate Sutton United. Are you an AFC Wimbledon fan perchance?
  11. Pfft... all your shooters and platformers are nothing... NOTHING... on Football Manager 2007's "Take an English club from the lowest division to the highest". "What, League 2 to the Premiership? That doesn't sound too hard." I hear you say. HA. I laugh in the face of League two. You have to guide your team from THE MOTHERFUCKING BLUE SQUARE PREMIER DIVISION. Each season in FM2007 takes roughly 30 hours to get through. There's no way in hell anyone is going up each season, what with your board accepting any decent cash offered for all your best players due to the club being so very tiny and so very, very poor. I've been playing it for a total of 12 days, 17 hours now. It's taken me 2 years of on/off playing. Sutton United sit proudly in the Premier league, their 11,000 seater stadium groaning under the weight of sell-out games in this, their first season of top-flight football. Did the achievement unlock? Did it BALLS. Fucking Football Manager.
  12. I had a NES. All my mates had a NES. Except for Robert, he had a Master System. He was always trying to convince us his Master System was way better, usually with outlandish lies about how good Alex Kidd was. "You know in Alex Kidd right, you can get a FLYING TANK and if you score a million points in the FLYING TANK, Sega will give you a holiday to America and a million dollars!!!" he'd say. One day we all pretended that we'd all got free pizza from Pizza Hut the night before, as a reward for reaching world 6-1 in Super Mario. Wayne even went so far as to claim that he really struggled on level 5-3 and didn't get his pzza until midnight, but his mum and dad let him stay up to eat it. It was, of course, a one-off deal and even if Robert bought a NES tomorrow and got to level 6-1, he'd never enjoy the free pizza we'd all spent the previous night munching on. This resulted in Robert running away floods of tears cascading down his face, screaming "It's not true, IT'S NOT TRUE!!!". He was right. It wasn't.
  13. That is the awesomeness right there. Also awesomeness: wuaaau
  14. Full Tilt Poker $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em - 5 players The Official 2+2 Hand Converter Powered By DeucesCracked.com UTG: $13.61 Hero (CO): $12.22 BTN: $9.77 SB: $5.03 BB: $10.15 Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero is CO with Tc Kc SB says "cmon you donks", 1 fold, Hero raises to $0.40, 1 fold, SB calls $0.35, SB says "your all station donks", 1 fold Flop: ($0.90) Ks 4s Kd (2 players) SB says "I will stack u", SB checks, Hero bets $0.50, SB raises to $1, Hero calls $0.50 Turn: ($2.90) Td (2 players) SB bets $1.30, Hero raises to $4, SB says "yes", SB says "got you donk", SB calls $2.33 all in River: ($10.16) 5d (2 players - 1 is all in) SB says "lol" Hero says "don't think so" Final Pot: $10.16 Hero shows Tc Kc (a full house, Kings full of Tens) SB shows Kh 3d (three of a kind, Kings) Hero wins $9.49 (Rake: $0.67) SB says "wuaaau" WUAAAU
  15. I have a friend who runs events and has been trying to get a big poker event going. He could very well be able to help you out with this. Drop me a PM and I can send you his contact details.
  16. Band of Brothers The Shield Band of Brothers The Shield Season 2 Band of Brothers Generation Kill The 4400 (Sci-fi ahoy!) Band of Brothers Random cheap choice: Any Coloumbo. The first two seasons are surprisingly dark in places. And DEFINITELY get Band of Brothers.
  17. I'm on now, for the lulz. Gamertag: Pants McSkill
  18. Took down second place in our Live 3-month long poker league. I played some great poker throughout the season and ended up top of the 'Best 12 games' league, so had the most amount of chips at our Main event with 13,000. Not a massive lead though as there were 4 others over 10,000. And I played spectacularly average. Played one hand awesomely when I magaed to extract all my opponants chips from him with Jack high flush versus 6 high flush - not as easy as it sounds as he had a fair amount behind. Played another hand atrociously where I got all in pre with 88 when I had no need to, to see Kerraig flip over KK and I hit a lucky 8. And the heads up I was a bit shit. Didn't help that the blinds were quite esay on our stacks at that point and the other player was waiting on good hands and playing them really aggressively. Especially as he was getting ALL the good hands I had nothing. At all. At any point. Seriously, 2nd pair was the best I got in about 50 hands. But I didn't need to bluff most of my stack on representing a straight caught on the river, only for my opponant to flip over the straight he flopped. Still, I'm super happy that I can play that averagely and still finish 2nd. Season three starts on Monday, I'm taking it down!
  19. Good point, well made. For every Curb, there's a hundred shows like "The War at Home" or "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Daughter". These shows stateside are pretty big deals, the equivilant of say the current remake of The Rise and Fall Of Reginald Perrin, where-in they have a big star and go out as a prime time viewings leader. I mean "The War at Home" starred Michael Rapaport for Christ's sake. The other Problem with Gervais' 'rip-off' point is that it swings both ways. To moan that Lead Balloon just copies Curb (which it really doesn't) is to overlook a British show from the Seventies called 'Don't forget to Write!', about a TV writer with writer's block and a more successful friend he despises, who keeps getting into horrible misunderstandings. It's also worth noting that plenty of the top US comedies have a strong British influence. For instance, Flight of the Conchords was originally a 6 part BBC radio series and can be found on Iplayer. 5 of the 6 scripts were adapted and became episodes in their first tv series. And Entourage has been directed by Mark Mylod, who also directed The Royle Family. I think a lot of people fall in to the trap of taking a period of 10 years worth of comedy and comparing it to what's on tv at this very moment. Saying things like "It was better in the old days, we had Monty Python, only fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers... what we got now?" is hardly fair, as Python started in 1969 and Only Fools finished in 2003. That's over three decades! Besides which, I personally feel there's been some damn fine British sitcoms recently. Along with those mentioned like Peep Show and The Mighty Boosh, Pulling was great (and criminally canceled), Gavin and Stacy did fantastically well (although the public backlash against Horne and Corden is under way), Outnumbered, Green Wing, Not Going Out... And what about The IT Crowd!?! And if you're counting Entourage in your US lists, which is more a comedy drama, then I'm counting Being Human, which isn't as good, but is still pretty damn fine. And last but not least... can I mention The Thick of It? Because the new series is going to be incredible.
  20. I'm so well up for a mixed games thing on the side it's not even funny. I've only ever played Hold'em and a tiny bit of Omaha, but I've been itching to learn others, anything from stud to Razz to 2-7. And what better way than with you lot? Does someone want to do a poll for everyone to vote on the best or worst (or both) night of the week to play?
  21. Yep, you're right the sign up bonus is a miserable $50. That's fine then, disregard everything I said, I'll be up for a $5-ish buy in.
  22. Put me down for this. I don't mind playing on Pokerstars, but I'm currently working through a Sign up Bonus with Full Tilt. As the first time you deposit money is the when the best cash back percentage is offered, and as I don't have time to clear two sites at once, can we make it a no cash tournament for at least the first season? Also, I'll vote for 'not on a Monday'.
  23. Cheers for that. I think I might go try some play money HORSE this weekend, for a laugh. And for some learning. So the Wheel straight's the best low hand? Why is a A2345 straight flush not better? Or a 23467 flush?
  24. O RLY? Well that's told me. Obviously in Hold'em you are throwing out a pot-size bet there, to discourage draws, then shutting down completely to scary turn or river cards. So if I was to start playing some PLO or hi/lo, where would I go to have a read of the basics? Given that I don't even know what makes hi/lo different to normal Omaha?
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