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  1. You need a scene like the one in American Werewolf in London where the kid speaks to a cult member who's a bit slow, where the cult member starts to tell him what's going on and Brian Glover pops up and shouts 'That's enough! THAT'S ENOUGH...' Except Brian Glover's dead. So maybe it could be a zombie Brian Glover.
  2. The Stranglehold demo blew me away, it got shown to all my mates. Shame the full game didn't grab me half as much. And I'm currently loving the EndWar demo... but I can already see that going the same way. Also worthy of mention; Sim City 3000.
  3. It was a whole bunch of fun last night. What I'm loving about BAP play, thanks to the movement of teammates, is how a simple turn and pass can set a whole attack off. They are so much more effective than trying to play the killer through ball. And when playing at the back, everyone playing a high line and catching the opposition offside every two minutes. Although I'm sure everyone else got sick of my constant "push up at the back lads, play the offside!". However, what I'm not loving is that no-one else in the world seems to be able to play the early cross! I lost count last night of the amount of times there were three of us screaming "Back post!!!" with the winger in miles of space only for them to run themselves into trouble. For that reason, I should DEFINITELY always be a winger.
  4. I'm on for some BAP now, I'll set one up in a minute. Add me for some Fifa fun. Gamertag: Pants McSkill
  5. I played this when I was about 7, had no idea what was happening and when I got that screen... Well, I didn't know the phrase 'Pretentious fucking cock-suckers' at that age, but I DEFINITELY knew the feeling.
  6. I am a big fan of Delia Online. Especially as you can search by ingredient. Have a look what's in the fridge, type it in; Bingo! Recipe for dinner. Book wise, I heartily recommend Nigela Lawson's Nigela Express. It's got simple, easy recipes that you can make for just you and will give you some cool inspiration when you're faced by 'yet another pasta dinner'. You'll also want to be getting into stir fries. Easiest thing in the world, as they only really take about 10mins cooking and they are healthy as fuck. £8 will buy you enough ingredients for a week. And can I recommend eating well at breakfast. It really sets you up for the day, stops you snacking and helps with the whole healthy thing immensely. I've just made a batch of breakfast bars for this week, Pants' home-style Tracker bars if you will. Here's a recipe but I threw all sorts of shit in there, Glace Cherries, Raspberries, Cranberries, even a few blobs of Peanut Butter. Trust me when I say, THEY ARE THE SHIT. I fucking LOVE cooking, I do.
  7. Ah good thinking that man. No I didn't. *runs off* Having just phoned blockbuster up, they've told me to ring Microsoft. Disappointing.
  8. So has anyone done the cheeky swap method? My Elite's just gone, THE VERY DAY after I get my broadband up and running in my new flat. I've got two weeks off, I haven't played COD4 in 2 months and I'll be buggered if I want to wait for the whole UPS/repair thing. So has anyone gone down to the local HMV, bought a new one, swapped the console over and taken it back for a refund/store credit? If it helps, I'm going to buy a Wii for the new place, so I'd be swapping it for that, rather than the cash back. I would of course take it back to where I bought it, but guess who lost his receipt when moving?
  9. When the forum first launched, I spent a good couple of months thinking the name was something to do with rollmops, like the founder was a MASSIVE fan or something. True story.
  10. I think you should give Farscape a go. It's probably right up your street. A cool little sci-fi series, it's a bit wierder and quirkier than other shows, but has the staple sci-fi cool stuff. And a girl who's bright blue, but fit as lord. Maybe you should try Sliders aswell. It's a bit old (mid-90's ish) but it's cracking in places. It's about a group of people who are stuck jumping between paralell dimensions. Otherwise The Shield is the bestest tv show EVAAAR. It will ruin everything else for you. I'll also add in more votes for: Prison Break House Arrested Development
  11. First off, as some of you know, I make telly programmes. I'm currently involved in a new show which is loosely based around betting. I say loosely because we haven't written it yet. What I'm after from you guys is information and personal experiences about betting, be-it online or otherwise. I'm particularly interested in spread betting and proposition betting. Now, I know about the basics of both but need to do some reading about the details. If anyone knows of a good online guide or wanted to post up a description, then I'd be most grateful. I'm very interested in personal experiences. Don't worry, your story won't all of a sudden appear on BBC3, with you being protrayed by that guy who lives downstairs in Spaced. I'm more interested in what type of bets you've placed, how much for, where and who with, that sort of thing. What was your biggest bet? How much do you avereage spread/proposition betting? How often do you do it? Why do you do it? Do you believe the odds are stacked against you? Do you KNOW the odds are stacked against you, but you love it regardless? Do you think that if you know enough about the team/match/person betting you they can hop on one leg for an hour then the odds can only be in your favour? I want to get it as real as possible, and so the more tales I get here, the better the general idea of the workings I'll have. Basically, the best comedy works when you take something and 'break the rules'. I just need to find out what those rules are. Thankyou all in advance.
  12. A quick heads-up that it's on again tonight. It's the Terrorism-'Ban this sick filth'-'BBC in No Backbone Shocker' episode. So tomorrow will be a nice quiet day in the office, then.
  13. SOOOOOO....... First up, I'm obviously over the moon so many people are loving this. Second, I'm sorry I've not been around putting a bit more input into this thread. It's kinda kicked off a bit round the office. The show on Thursday was meant for next week, we had to shift Episode 3 due to all the airport/plane stuff that's in the news at the moment. It was basically felt that as people are having panic attacks on planes it would be a touch insensitive to put out a show that deals with the war on terror. It's also got the clip that The Daily Mail went spastic over with the plane that flies... well, if you saw it you'd know why we've moved it. We're waiting to see what the climate is like by Thursday and then hopefully it will go out then. Unfortunately, this means I've got to get Ep5 ready for Thursday just in case. *Whip Crack* Cut faster boy! On to specific points..... Adam Buxton is one of the contributors and has done us a whole bunch of stuff. Denny Digit (which I love) was his as well. If you check the credits at the end, you'll see there's a fair few names under the contributors heading. All the comedians talking is a mixture of the stuff they wrote, stuff Armando wrote for them and them improvising together. The polish soap opera: If you look for it, you'll see what the voice over says matches the actors lip sync really closely. Rape an Ape: I've got a 9 minute rough cut of the comedians just doing the theme tunes which makes me wet myself laughing. They all improvised it on the spot. Our graphics peeps are doing some amazing work. Tesco's war is obviously amazing but it's all the subtle stuff I'm blown away by. Like the royal coach stuck in traffic or the hologram screens behind the talking heads. And I can't WAIT until you lot see what came back yesterday. Ooooohhh we're gonna be in trouble.
  14. I thought a few people would say that. The problem with the first episode is introducing the concept to people, which is a bit out there. If you haven't seen a preview and miss the first 5 minutes, it takes a little working out that it's a satire show about the present but set in the future. Remember, the average person on this forum is more intelligent and used to non-mainstream comedy than your average Joe public. And to keep you immersed in this world, we've got to play by the exact rules set out by generic talking head shows. If it doesn't look and feel just like a generic talking head show that someone would make in 2031, then the spell is broken and the whole show won't work. Trust me, it's a right headache sometimes. Now we've laid the concept down, we can start to play with it a bit in the next few episodes. And we can deviate into some more detailed comedy sketches away from the heads themselves. Of course, all this is obvious to most of you lot, so you guys can instantly see the potential we could drag out of it, so you'll love it but see just how good it could be and start wondering why it wasn't in ep1. But despite the above, if thought it was brilliant, then I'm damn chuffed!
  15. Cheers everyone for all your lovely comments and I'm chuffed to bits that most people really liked it. It's a weird one because everyone seems to like different things about it. Most older people people love 'Honey I shrunk Martha Karney', whereas most younger ones are really blah about it. One thing everyone misses which I love is Anne Robinson talking about her plastic surgery. "I had all manner of nips and tucks, I've had a flange-oplasty, I've had my eyes Chinked and de-chinked, I've had a nasal-anal interchange..." Cracks me up everytime I see it. Oddly enough (and I'm not just saying this) the show gets better as the series progresses. Ep 2, 3 and 4 are signifcantly funnier than the last. So if you liked it, you'll love it in a months time.
  16. Also a great indicator of how some of them can be band-wagon jumping idiots. How does she know it's in bad taste? She hasn't even seen it. Although it is. Nope. But there are three other projects in the works at the moment. This is, and has always been, the most sensible comment made about tv programmes, ever. I'm grown up enough to change the channel when Love Island comes on and frankly, that offends me more than a political satire show could ever offend a Daily Mail journalist. And it's on BBC2 at 10pm.
  17. I can't make up my mind as to whether they genuinly don't get it or specifically choose to ignore it. And I totally agree with you on the Brass Eye show. I sit next to him in the edit suite most days. So, not really.
  18. Ah go on. It's really quite good. And it's received a 'BAN THIS SICK FILTH' from the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 I've been editing it for the last couple of months and would love to know what you guys think.
  19. Quick question: Anyone know if you can play with a guest who can use a headset aswell? Or is it still just the one?
  20. Quick question: Anyone know if you can play with a guest who can use a headset aswell? Or is it still just the one?
  21. Probably best not to do it on the 3rd, that's the weekend of the 360 launch. Otherwise I'd love to come down. Riyad and Biscuit would probably be well up for it again also.
  22. I'm out this week I'm afraid. I've jut moved house and have no internet access yet. Disappointing.
  23. Count me in please. Everyone tremble and fear before me, for i have been reading... A BOOK. With words. About poker.
  24. So OBVIOUSLY I very much enjoyed last night. I was really proud of my play at times and grateful of some cracking good luck at the others. Looked like I was going out in 7th, with 440 chips, Blinds at 300-150 and me on the BB. Only for everyone to fold and then I hit AA on the SB and claw back enough chips to hang in for another few rounds. Eventually going out to ThreeBs, I could blame bad play by me, but that would take away from his bluff, which was easily the single greatest bluff I've every seen, online or real-life. I couldn't believe he had 4 Jacks! Much Kudos for that sir. Still very proud to end up $19 better off. I can't do Thursday or Friday next week.
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