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  1. I'm out this week I'm afraid. I've jut moved house and have no internet access yet. Disappointing.
  2. Count me in please. Everyone tremble and fear before me, for i have been reading... A BOOK. With words. About poker.
  3. So OBVIOUSLY I very much enjoyed last night. I was really proud of my play at times and grateful of some cracking good luck at the others. Looked like I was going out in 7th, with 440 chips, Blinds at 300-150 and me on the BB. Only for everyone to fold and then I hit AA on the SB and claw back enough chips to hang in for another few rounds. Eventually going out to ThreeBs, I could blame bad play by me, but that would take away from his bluff, which was easily the single greatest bluff I've every seen, online or real-life. I couldn't believe he had 4 Jacks! Much Kudos for that sir. Still very proud to end up $19 better off. I can't do Thursday or Friday next week.
  4. I too would like to be added for the league.
  5. Money's in. Yeah sorry about that, I had a bit of a bad run. For those who's read Harrington's, does it say anywhere that you shouldn't talk to a girl on the phone whilst playing? It doesn't? It really should do. Now THAT'S the worst "I spoke to real girl" post evar.
  6. Well done the Underscore. Although Jon, when you went up head-to-head against him was it more like the UnderSCARE? Anyways, I had a great time and pround to have got to the final table, especially considering I spent 50 minutes on the phone to a girl. Which is my excuse for not seeing the Flush when I went all in on my straight. Next week, in the points! I can't do Thursday and Friday, and I'd prefer not Monday, but can do if I have to.
  7. That was a top day. And I am the King of bad beats. Going out on A8s vs K5o and then going out on AA vs A7o. I hate you Pootle Shame that Commander Jameson's flat was dogshit really. Who wants a view of a murky puddle on their back doorstep?
  8. After months on free play in Pokerroom.com, last night I signed myself up with UB and played my first Real Money game online. I picked a 5c/10c sit and play game and gave myself $2.50. Of course I then got in there to find every one else with $5-$20. Ah well. I try playing tight and realise after about 20 hands that I'm not quite tight enough. I see the flop 4 times with pocket pictures (but nothing paired) and get nowt. Then I hit pocket Jacks and get a Jack on the flop. Sweet. Only one other caller and he goes all-in with a whopping 60cents. Which is actually a blessing in disguise as he hits a straight Jack high. Disappointing. So I'm now down to $1.10, folding or getting beat all over the shop and feeling a bit foolish for daring to try a Real Money game. That is until... MY POCKET ROCKETS COME UP! And what's this? An Ace on the Flop? All-in time! Can you say FOUR callers? Can you say EAT IT!!! So now I'm up and happy, but still playing tight. I then get unbelievably lucky when I hit J8o on the big blind with 2 callers. I check to see J88 on the flop. Sweet. Player one checks, I raise $1. Player two folds. Back to Player one who calls. The Turn is a 10. He's obviously got a straight as he bets $5 to make me go all in. I'm a jammy sod. $10 to the good and a huge smile on my face. But, of course, almost prophetically it all goes to shit. I catch my second lot of pocket Jacks and raise to 20c. The next guy raises to 30c. All others fold so I re-raise to 40c. He then re-raises to $2.50. First mistake here by me in that I just forget there are 3 other pocket pairs better than mine. So I call. And the flop is 739 different suits. This afternoon I now know that I should fold. Last night however, I get the whiff that I can bully him. So raise $1. He goes all-in. So I call. Guess what he's got? That's right, AA. How did you know . So I lost $2.50 but had a good 2 hours of awesome fun. And I really did learn quite a bit. Like the fact I now HATE pocket Jacks.
  9. So I can't do tonight but I now have an account with UB and would love to get in next time. My UB account name is Pants McSkill.
  10. I'm still in for this and am looking forward to it nuffty! Ahhhhh poker shoooorley om yom dribble etc......
  11. I'm definately in for this. Not that I've bothered to read the pdf, but a trick we use in games I play is that you use both decks. The dealer deals the cards, then, when the hand is over he gathers them up and shuffles them during the next hand, so that the dealer in hand 3 doesn't have to and can deal straight away after the end of hand 2. It speeds things up no end. Do you guys do this? Does it even make sense?
  12. I've seen this film 12 times and everytime I watch it I laugh more and more. It's actually jam packed full of really funny lines but it's like Wes Anderson hid them, it's weird. Richie: I wrote a suicide note. Chas: You did? Richie: Yeah, right after i regained conciousness. Chas: Can we read it? Richie: No. Chas: Can you paraphrase it for us? Richie: I don't think so. Chas: Is it dark? Richie: Of course it's dark. It's a suicide note. Raleigh whispering into a tape recorder: Dudley suffers from a rare disorder combining symptoms of amnesia, dyslexia, and color-blindness, with a highly acute sense of hearing. Dudley from 2 Rooms away: I'm not color blind, am I? Raleigh: I'm afraid you are.
  13. I've got to mention Cecil B. Demented. I fucking love this movie. John Walters' finest moment for me.
  14. Yes. Behind Riyad. Because he doesn't attract attention. They really were excellent individual players, but as a team - a bit rubbish. Any time it looked like they might steamroll over us, we pulled it together and brought the game back round. And lord were they gutted when we beat them at their own games. The funny thing was that the smallest thing threw them completely. When we told them our games had the radar turned off, they got all stroppy and accused us of not playing 'real Halo'. Highlights also include A GIRL finishing above all but two of their players in one game, which resulted in a choice moment of stunned gutted silence from their side of the room. And the 'EAT IT' cards were fucking great. So, in conclusion, we have massive man-cocks and they don't. And their girlfreinds were ugly.
  15. Being part of team ninja can I just say..... OM FUCKING YOM, LE MANGE SE!!! That, and also I'm chuffing chuffed that in 3 different games I had ZERO deaths. Now move along, nothing more to see here.
  16. Games of the same genre that have the same controls mapped to different buttons. The main one being Pro Evo Soccer and Fifa. Pro Evo - Square to shoot, Circle for hoofed long ball. Fifa - Circle to shoot, Square for hoofed long ball. It results in having a game of fifa against a mate, skilling him up, passing around his entire team to Owen, one on one with the keeper and BLAM! the ball sails miles over the crossbar because I've just pushed the 'hoof' button by mistake. No, I don't expect for one second Konami and EA should ring each other up to sort it out and Yes, I should remember to change my controls before the game starts, but it's still bloody annoying. And there shouldn't be ladders at all in fps'. Full Stop. Not one. They ALWAYS do them bad.
  17. What I've noticed with the tackling is if you slide in and get the ball, but the ball then bounces off the opposition player and you then make contact, it's a foul. It's seems as if the game has no middle ground on possession. When the ball comes off the dribbler it's then classed as his posession and therefore a foul.
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