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  1. Yeah, and from what i can see, these DTV are real low effort roles where he's basically just reading off a cue card often just over a telephone communicating with the other actors, rather than face to face acting. It's quite possible that he couldnt manage a full action film, the above isnt going to wash in a die hard film for example.
  2. Depends on what background you chose creating your character. Each route has a different intro, sounds like you chose nomad? If you want to see the city/less driving for the intro go streetkid
  3. Michael Owen is truly awful. Real odd duty copper vibe to everything he does:
  4. You just know they'll do some cringe inducing episode about leaping into someone on 9/11
  5. Time out of mind and my rival are great too. Think it just had a bad rep after aja but it’s really grown on me.
  6. That's probably only as far as your cinema listings go up to - mine is the same. i'm sure it'll be around longer than that.
  7. They need to add in sat nav or it’s a no from me. My terrible sense of direction made going back to these unpleasant. Dunno how I used to play them!
  8. Just save up your boosts and don’t use them until you’re near the end and hammer them and you win every time. The rubberbanding Is awful, there’s no point even being in front until the final 10 seconds max
  9. Yeah, this one has a free PS5 upgrade when Judgment didn't - think they did it due to the backlash. You can also carry over your save unlike LAD.
  10. I think the ‘beating the shit out of school kids’ side activities would somehow overshadow the nuances of the main story should it reach the mainstream
  11. I think 6 suffered a bit from moving to the new engine before they’d really mastered it, hence there being a lot less side activities. I like the plot but for the final kiryu game I expected a lot more old faces which seemed a bit of a missed opportunity really. definetly recommend the judgment games if you haven’t tried them already.
  12. Mate, I have one of these to use by the 17th if you want it? Drop me your email address and I’ll forward it
  13. It was the only version wasn’t it? Bit cheeky they called it limited when there’s no alternative!
  14. I would vote for an inanimate SNES final fight cart over Boris though so it’s a low bar to clear
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