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  1. Great games.............but that damned hinge!!!
  2. Wait a second....burgers for a fiver or a 5lb burger?!?!
  3. Just need a Tekken and Ridge Racer to complete the holy trilogy for me!
  4. My god, if it is Vettel just think.....we think he whinges now. What the fuck is it going to be like when Hamilton is showing him up?!?
  5. It'll be Alonso. If it's anyone else, Mercedes can expect to receive a shit in a box from me. http://www.sendshit.co.uk/
  6. Damn, I thought this might have been news of a new series.
  7. Still looking for a scientist though - not having any luck. Just traded in for a new ship with an astromech rip off in it.
  8. There seems to be so much more variation in planets now, and I'm loving the base building. I've invited Kevin McCloud round to my humble abode ....
  9. Sad news. Hopefully it might lead to the greatest xmas song of all time finally getting the number one it deserved, rather than some xfactor shite.
  10. I really enjoyed this, but did feel like I could be watching a big budget version of doctor who with Matt Smith.
  11. Back in the early 80s, it was fine to take pirate VHS tapes to school to watch as an end of term treat. We saw E.T. and Return of the Jedi before a cinema release, although Return of the Jedi had a chunk missing (when Luke chops the front off the speeder bike with his lightsaber) - it was years before I saw that bit!
  12. One of the best: One of the worst:
  13. Is that the one with the "Why me, Why me" dubbed over the top? Almost as good as Yippee Kiay muddy funster,
  14. That takes me back to helping out on a Saturday when my mum worked in Redifusion. I used to get the tapes from the back, and was in awe of the covers.
  15. I had a woman have a go at me in a Walking Dead facebook group as I suggested it was bad parenting for her to let her 8yr old watch it. Double standards from me, I was watching Evil Dead far too young!!
  16. Nice idea - I'd be double checking the clearance of the joysticks when it rotates.
  17. Hamilton can't afford to just floor it and sprint off into the distance, he needs to hold Rosberg up and push him back among the Ferraris and Red Bulls. Should be a fantastic race tomorrow. Lewis has nothing to lose by taking chances, it's Rosberg's championship to lose and we know he plays it safe so lets just hope the other teams capitalise on this. He always cracks under pressure and he'll probably be backing out when challenged rather than risk a collision so as long as Max can get near him it should be good.
  18. I'd love to have my old Atari 2600 and games collection back. And my old 14" portable black & white TV to really recreate that 10yr old feeling! (the addition of a flimsy chipboard desk to play it on would complete it)
  19. Just ordered the super girl PS4 starter to put away for my daughter for xmas. What's the best pack to get for a bonus for her?
  20. http://napflix.tv/videogames?id=xS3ofxEa47U
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