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  1. Though if you're looking for any up-to-date Spectrum news and games and stuff, both the forum and site itself are not the places to go.
  2. Don’t forget that Beyond The Ice Palace was going to be Elite’s unofficial sequel to Ghosts n’ Goblins.
  3. Oh he's really done his homework and practiced! All legit times! Totally unbelievable but amazing! I'm here for the speed running You have to make no mistakes but you're also at the mercy of the positions of doors opening and closing.
  4. That's Melkhior's Mansion now available on both Linux and Mac. It's the first time ever that we've released anything on those two platforms so go easy on us eh Spectrum Next and 128K versions up next at some point this year. We're not the developers on those two and just providing assets, moral support and answering any of their questions about it.
  5. Version 1.1 is now available here. A few bug fixes and now with added thumbstick control is you use a controller to play.
  6. Melkhior's magic eye of death. Do you want to know the remaining ones? As for Sir Stamperlot's times. Oh, the number of times I've fallen through a trap door at critical times...gnnngngngnghhgh. It's funny watching it happen to others but
  7. we do talk to each other but i thought it’d be better emailing him so he’s got any bug logs coming in 1 place. The uses for the leaf, cross and eye of death aren’t quite right, though. 1 of them I find very useful, another useful for 1 of the quests. Yip, no donations but thank you anyway. I’m glad you enjoyed it. When testing it, I went from being utter rubbish at it, to completing all quests just about every game to now competing each quest as quickly as possible. We’re not submitting any of these speed times to the leaderboard but maybe we will in the future to see if someone can beat them. Personally, I’m hoping that someone actually gets out their pencil and paper and map it, just like the old days!
  8. uuuuh i just did the art design and graphics. You could always drop an email with the log and that wee explanation of what you were doing at the time. The email address can be found here. Thanks! You'e got a top spot, too! YASS!
  9. Aces, thanks! I'm not sure why the isometric viewpoint isn't used as much these days. You could easily set the camera and build it completely in 3D these days. But it can be a confusing viewpoint, so maybe that's a factor. That was a deliberate choice. We wanted to make it look like you were looking at a standard floor plan. That's not to say we didn't consider having it oriented the same way as the rooms, but we decided against it pretty quickly. The size of the map was a factor - it would've been bigger - plus it threw in some UI headaches and we just don't have the manpower to dwell on those type of issues. The map was a later addition to the game after it felt that some players might just find the game too difficult without some sort of guide, so in it went. I was initially against it, seeing as back in the Spectrum days, i'd always be looking forward to mapping games with a pencil and paper. Oh but that's the best thing!! It just makes things more frantic and that's what it's all about . We absolutely want you to panic! Not a great deal without having to try various things to see what works and change a few things. Hopefully, the bobbing item will be enough to either catch your attention or at least give a clue that there's something there. The other thing is that an item will slow you down and you can push them, so you'd eventually find it. We deliberately never filled the rooms with furniture and so on, and it's also a reason why we kept the doors as a portcullis so you can at least have some vision through them.
  10. Glad you're enjoying it! Well, we decided to go follow the instructions for Atic Atac in that it tells you absolutely nothing on how to use the objects and what they're for! Time will tell whether that was the right decision! We thought it'd be fun for players to figure out what the objects were used for. Some are more useful than others but they all have their uses.
  11. A proper Mac and Linux versions are in the works as wee speak, but those are a bit of a learning experience so a wee bit of work is still required on those! Somebody has managed to get the PC version running on a Mac, but no idea how. The Next and Spectrum 128K versions are still in progress and current estimation for them is this year, the 128K version is aiming to be released in April to coincide with the Spectrum's 40th birthday! We're not directly involved with the Next and 128K versions, though, I'm making the odd-graphical tweak on various things just so they'll fit. It's been a mad 24 hours since we released it, that's for sure!
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