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  1. Also, not gonna lie, but as much as I like 2042 I feel sick to my stomach whenever the game puts me on the Russian side atm. I'm on hiatus for this reason.
  2. Still having a great time on and off. Please enjoy my gingerbreads.
  3. Game absolutely did not want me to score points at Zandvoort I was 8th until Ocon bodychecked me into the wall (hard to see from that angle but he did make contact, enough to carry my spin through and lose my wing). Oh well, 14th for a team ranked at the bottom of the performance chart ain't bad I guess?
  4. You'll start to notice performance dropping from 50% wear onwards, with more dramatic reduction in performance from 65-70% onwards. Obviously there's a level of management to keep all your power unit elements alive until the end of the season as if you need to take a new one past the 3 (or in some cases 2) components you have for the season, then cue grid penalties. If you have the Standard/High setting for failures, then the more your engine is worn, the greater the risk of a race ending engine failure occuring. All parts wear naturally over time, but wear is enhanced by running at high revs (ICE), not using ERS (Energy Store), being off track (Control Electronics), and some other stuff for the other parts I can't remember - it's all explained on the components screen. The way I work it is to run with the first unit until I hit 60%ish wear on the ICE or Turbo (as those seem to be the components that wear quickest), and then keep those components for practice sessions, swapping to the second unit for qualifying and race, to try and keep units 2, and later 3 in as good shape as possible for race days. Remember to swap after P3, as swapping between Q and R will give you a grid penalty. If you've had a shitty qualifying, then just take a new component to stockpile for later in the season - what's 10 places if you're sat in 17th and limited chance of points? Gearboxes, just swap them every six races unless you have a crash that destroys it (in 2020 they automatically shuffle about, not sure if that's true in 2021 as I stupidly forgot to look). I've never seen a gearbox wear out before the 6th race, even with no durability upgrades. Cavaet: I run 16 race seasons, so if you're running 10 or 23 I don't know if wear scales accordingly or if it runs at the same rate. If it runs at the same rate, then strategy across a 23 race season will have to be dramatically different. Across a 10 race season you'll get through it easily without needing to order any new components.
  5. ... I had not even considered that. Fair enough!
  6. I think Rao could be uber powerful if you're in an organised squad with lots of vehicle crushing weaponary. Jam a chopper with AAs on standby, it'd be game over for that pilot very quickly. But yeah, it's all Casper for me playing solo.
  7. https://www.f1laps.com/ai-difficulty-calculator/ This is also a pretty good difficulty calculator (although it was way out for me for Imola). For the most part I've found between 85-95 seems to be the sweet spot of challenge for me.
  8. Still playing. Took a break for a couple of weeks on the run up to Christmas as I wanted to play some other games (one of them being the Modern Warfare campaign which, well, literally doesn't work so good job to everyone at Activision for that). Here's a fun match I had earlier today (slow start where I fuck around with the drone, fair warning): The game remains broken, no doubt, but it also remains fun - and I do think it's arguably the only iteration of Battlefield that is actually fun to play if you're just running solo without voice comms. If you play a way that makes logical sense - defence first, grab points furthest away from the biggest concentration of enemies, take your time in securing objectives, don't rush into battles and wait for backup, and stick with the specialists/gadgets that make sense for your playstyle - it's all just typically good Battlefield fun. I'm glad Hazard Zone has fallen on its arse, as hopefully it will be a pointed reminder to EA to not change the core of what has historically made a franchise great and well loved. Also - I fucking hate Breakthrough. I hate it in 128 player, I hate it in 64 player.
  9. I gotta hand it to them, this is some next level trolling. Perhaps this is what they've been building to all year? Sometimes the best memes are the ones that need 8-9 months of sporting competition to develop.
  10. ... ooooo... ... oooooooo... (don't remind Mexos of the time @Moodmon and I did that in the rllmuk championships to tear 8 sacks of shit out of each other in the battle for Maximum Gary Trophy...)
  11. Pretty much. Article 1.1: "Drive car. Whatever." The end.
  12. Or did he? If Article 15.3 means he can control the safety car and any rules relating to it then he ran right by the regulations and therefore the result stands. Of course if that's true then any other rules relating to the safety car should be null and void completely.
  13. If that's in the regulations, then it's over. If not, that's some witchdoctory bullshit that Mercedes will pursue all the way to CAS. I suspect this isn't over by a long shot.
  14. From a sporting point of view, it should be overturned. Otherwise, what is the point in it being a legitimate contest? As many others have said, you may as well turn it into a work like WWE if your sporting code is so worthless you can't abide by it. However you're absolutely right - no one wants to win the title like this. I don't think Lewis or Max should feel particularly proud or happy about the circumstances. Not sure how you reasonably and fairly resolve it at that point, short of making it a 1v1 shootout over 3 laps or something.
  15. Was literally just coming to say that. That sums up the title for me.
  16. Watched Die Hard at the cinema last night. Even more of an excellent film on the big screen!
  17. Off to the Court for Arbitration in Sport...
  18. If I was Lewis, I straight up wouldn't be going on the podium. Call it sour grapes but there's a difference between being a sore loser and taking a stand over a screwjob.
  19. Honestly, this screws both of them. Verstappen won't get past quickly enough, Hamilton is at mercy of stupid made up rules.
  20. Hard to see more than 1 lap of racing at most...
  21. I saw from the grid walk, which was all Sky's presentation.
  22. Also as a total sidebar, haven't watched a race live for far too long - entirely enjoying Channel 4 just saying "fuck it, have the Sky Sports stream" with absolutely no shame.
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