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  1. GOG is mostly an afterthought nowadays. It's all about GamePass for MS now. I wonder when they'll drop GOG. I give it 12 months
  2. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shark week I'm pretty sure people have copped bans for that sort of talk.
  3. Bum. That’s a shame. Would have been good to claim them if you’re not jumping in at launch.
  4. For me it’s more exciting than the SSD tech
  5. The triggers on the pad are getting me excited. Programmable resistance points sound great. Just need to make sure devs take advantage rather than do what they did with the touchpad previously (almost all map functions) can’t wait to see a video of someone opening the pad up. I want to see what mechanism they’ve used to implement it.
  6. You can claim the games on the website though so surely you just claim the ps4 and ps5 versions off the website. Would be a bit mad to restrict it to just the ps5 console. Would go against the way it’s worked all through last gen
  7. I saw someone mention somewhere that the flaps are there to stop people blocking the vents by pushing the console up against another surface. We all know how loud a ps4 got even at Alice if it was in an area with not enough ventilation. These overhanging flaps are maybe a way to make sure it doesn’t set the house on fire if you push it up against the side of your AV unit or your router.
  8. It’s kind of like when people moan about multiple gears of war and then orgasm over Uncharted 4. Or the latest god of war (but guys, it’s all one continuous camera shot!)* play whatever is fun. Hopefully everyone gets to play something fun on their launch console. This weird need to play a game that the competitor won’t be able to play on their launch console is a bit of an odd one. Me, I’m looking forward to Tetris effect on game pass, geometry wars in hdr and demons souls in 60fps. Because they’ll be fun. *I’m enjoying them but hopefully no more in the series
  9. eh. There were multiple mutl-plat games that ran at a higher res or framerate compared to the PS4Pro. I'd imagine it'll be a lot close this time round but to pretend there were negligible difference in PS4PRo and Xbox One X multi platform titles is a bit washing over the facts.
  10. Didn't they split it a couple of years ago? Always sounded like a daft move at the time.
  11. SIze 44's being the only size available for authenticity,
  12. Digital Foundry did some tests and an SSD for your last gen games makes a big difference over a standard external HDD. Have a look on their youtube channel. The tests are on an Xbox Series X bu the same results should apply to PS5
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