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  1. oooh link to the poll please? I do like me a good story.
  2. Pretty much. Will be interesting to see if they manage to continue offering up as many consoles to retail next month and if Sony can increase their output to match. Someone upthread said that Sony had been outselling MS and would be further ahead were it not for the supply constraints. I can believe that. Are we about to see MS suddenly have way more hardware available to sell and people snapping them up now and getting a PS5 later (or maybe never). 400 million dollars in June is their highest in a decade if the article is right. Lets see what they get for July.
  3. I think I’ve ended up getting tunnel vision and relied on the alerts. Not seeing alerts for series s made me think they weren’t available. Doh!
  4. Lifesaver. They got them in stock.
  5. Anyone seen any Xbox series s alerts lately? Nephews birthday coming up and I’ve been keeping an eye out for a while but all I tend to see is Xbox series x.
  6. This is bollocks. The drivers talk about seeing people in their mirrors and also how the mirrors are useless as and when it suits them.
  7. Just did the hard reboot trick on my son's series S and yeah Quick Resume is working now. Pretty neat.
  8. Reminds me of a young Lewis who eventually learnt that sometimes taking your time works out.
  9. Actually really liking it. Watch Tuna Supreme take on the world. Tamoor is pretty funny. When you subscribe to premium is there an alert for certain video playlists? Like, I probably won't check the bomb castr website that often but I want to watch these vids when they get uploaded.
  10. Everything you said applies to every football association and football supporter from every country that's taken part soooo wouldn't the more balanced approach be to not watch the tournament at all rather than pick on your home team as the embodiment of all you think is evil with modern football?
  11. Fucking Detroit? That’s considered a top tier game now? Yikes.
  12. So I can't find the button to request or transfer points between family members. It doesn't appear on the page it's supposed to. I send MS Support an email and the response is. Very useful. Then my ticket got closed. I replied that they hadn't actually solved anything. They replied with pretty much the same text. Sooo I guess I just have to check on a regular basis if the button reappears? wtf?
  13. Maybe he (or she) is the target market (or maybe not, how can we ever be sure). First version of this tech I'm sure will have lots of (or a few) improvements to make. It's a decent option though for those that don't have a card that can do DLSS. That's (part of) the target market. Why would it not be?
  14. It's actually reminded me I need to buy a subscription for the first time!
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