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  1. whats the name of your game?
  2. a clown show from both would be the E3 of memes.
  3. So I'm responding to a an article someone else posted here that lists the stuff Sony has said. And I'm discussing the points raised by said article and I'm pointing out how they put an end to all that talk we had of getting a clean break from last gen allowing devs to really concentrate on being able to rely on the SSD or the 8 core CPU's as being a guaranteed things they could rely on to come up with revolutionary game designs. I'm sorry but that's not trolling or fanboying. I'll be buying all the consoles just like I have this gen and every gen before it. I'm just saying ultimately both consoles coming out this year are following the same strategy in terms of blending the generations. That wasn't the general consensus a few weeks ago. Look, here's some other people also discussing the article. God what fanboys.
  4. dunno Mang. Seems to have upset a lot of the usual fanboys that the first year is not going to be filled with next gen exclusive games taking advantage of the better cpu and SSD in ways never imagined before. Which was the narrative a few weeks ago.
  5. The majority of the first year is going to be Crossgen. Just accept it guys.
  6. You’re right. Just a financial statement that says most (or was it some?) would also work on PS4. Not official at all.
  7. you can do that by making games that run smoother and with more effects on better hardware. Point I’m making is that you can sell PS5’s and Xbox X’s without needing launch games be next gen exclusive for the first year. And the news emerging is the Sony and Microsoft agree with me. Which is nice.
  8. ah right. What made you not want look at them then?
  9. What gets me is when people rush to buy those launch games and it's clear a large proportion are sub-par gameplay wise. Should avoid that this gen since both will be backwards compatible so there is plenty to be playing on the new hardware till the really good stuff comes out.
  10. If you find the trailers problematic from a women as a sex object depiction angle then why are you ok with playing the game?
  11. I knew it would bother you. My condolences to your hopes of getting your unique gameplay at launch. Edit: I see the usual crowd are upset. It's ok guys. The games are still going to be fun and I'm sure both corporate entities will be ok!
  12. yup pretty much. In the end both companies are going to end up with a similar strategy. Like why would Sony release any first party game that would not be playable on the 100m ps4’s on the market already. All that talk earlier about unlocking unique gameplay was a load of balls. Sounds like Sony are doing more or less the same as MS with the added bonus of a decent cooling system. All I need now is decent multi machine cloud save sync and I’m happy as Larry.
  13. So interesting that So much for the using the power of the PS5 to really push the gameplay that only a powerful CPU can handle. We'll probs see one graphical showcase that is bobbins gameplay wise at launch and then not much more for a good year.
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