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  1. Yup. As mentioned further up. If people weren't made to feel like they were regarded as liars or "asking for it" from the get go then more people would report it and the patterns of the serial abusers would be picked up much earlier by the authorities
  2. The point I was making (badly) was that you can't really set an amount and think it cancels it all out like you're making out.
  3. My comment was more around Sane claiming it's clearly true that more guilty men are accused than innocent men even though there's no way to prove it. I agree with him . I'm just saying you can't state it's 100% truth/fact. With regards to your comment, you have to believe people when they make an accusation but if there's no proof what do you expect the authorities to do though when it's just one persons word against the other? What would be the correct response from the authorities when faced with that and an investigation reveals nothing?
  4. Time for me to also be pedantic. You can't know something to be true if you have no way to prove it. You merely have an opinion. One that could be wrong . That doesn't mean I disagree with your general view though.
  5. What's the going rate for being called a pedo for the majority of your life or knowing that your life is being affected by people making decisions who haven't seen that you won the slander case?
  6. Yup. He clearly meant literally a lifetime rather than " a very long time"
  7. I fairly confident that Gears 5 will have a day one patch that’ll resolve stuff. Control devs have already said they are working on improving performance on base consoles. I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue.
  8. Yup the Windows Family stuff is amazingly good as is the Xbox One stuff. I just had such pain in the transition that I decided I couldn't be bothered.
  9. I think it's mostly down to having accounts from the xbox 360 days for me.
  10. It's easy with Amazon. You just say it massively overheats intermittently and the fans blow incredibly loudly. They usually just replace the fuckers. Be nice, be polite, but be firm. That usually is enough for them to capitulate.
  11. Yup. I think both consoles allow a final “PIN code before final payment” stage.
  12. I had this issue with my sons account. Basically you can’t “buy” anything on the website because he has a child account. The Xbox one ui, when buying Xbox 360 games uses some part of the same infrastructure the website uses so has the same restrictions for child accounts. I always had to claim his games through the Xbox 360 till he turned 18. Support couldn't work out what was going on either. Taught me to never create child or sub accounts for either console.
  13. Sounds like there’s something wrong with your setup or you have the shinies turned way up. I’m playing on a i5 with a gtx 980 4gb and it’s silky smooth.
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