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  1. That chrome addon lets you randomise search times which is nice and hopefully hides the fact it's a bot. I'm running it for the 4 accounts we have in the house, mine, my two kids and my wife's. Fired up a Brave Browser docker instance on my server for each account so can fire it off and leave it to do what it needs each morning.
  2. I did it on XBox.
  3. PixArk 1 hour trial. Can get 1000G using the ingame admin commands.
  4. Long shot, but I assume there's no port your game save from a Wii U type thing? I've still not finished it with the kids on the Wii U and I can't do it all over again.
  5. Well that's just got me listening to the bloody Aquabats!
  6. I honestly have no idea, In the end I think what worked was while in the room, make sure you are out of edit mode (I think you press X) then press start. That brings up the publish room dialog, click on the orange square where the room pic should go, you then see the camera in front of you, pick it up and do nothing else other than take a pic. That seems to then bring up the right dialog for me. Infuriating. Especially since I did it again for my wifes account and ran into exactly the same BS again. Only comfort I got was I named my character Buy_Bitcoin.
  7. Get ready for more of it. Seems to be seen as a winning formula so I would expect God Of War 2 and Horizon 2 to absolutely do it again.
  8. Well Fractured Minds is the easiest 1000G I have ever done. Took about 5 minutes. Any other that are similarly quick? The Gardens Between looks interesting. Might play that while accumulating achievements. Not sure I'll be able to keep up 1000 a day though.
  9. Oh god I finally did it. Absolutely no idea why but it gave a different dialog eventually.
  10. Well that’s really handy! Unfortunately even following g the instructions gets me to the same place as before. it’s the Creator 2 achievement. This is all I see when I take a photo. No option to add as a room photo. I must be missing some thing REALLY obvious.
  11. Rec room seems like an easy achievement game. However, how the FUCK do I take a picture when I've created a room? I'm trying tp ublish the room and it says the room need a pic, so I take a pic but sometimes I can't even take a pic, other times I take a pic and set as my profile or uplaod to rec.net but at no point do i get an option to set the pic as the room pic. Halp!
  12. Is there any way of checking that the game achievements are going towards that 10,000 challenge? I like me a progress bar.
  13. Is that a recommendation to others or do you want it?
  14. A couple of months ago I would agree with you on other publishers systems being an additional tier and then they went and added EA Access with no change in tiers, sooooo I think if this happens it's going to be on standard GPU. Why would MS complicate their subscription right now? I'd be happy to be able to play Assassin Creed Origins and bring my save across from the PC.
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