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  1. Mario 64 4 player battle mode was amazing. Had immense fun on that with siblings/ Turning into a bomb once you'd lost all your balloons so you could still kamikaze people? Yes!
  2. I need some tips. I'm a total noob. I tend to wander round the whole place and just nosey at stuff that looks good. So far I've tended to buy for myself and I've not got much of an idea of what makes a bargain price other than googling what CEX would pay for it. My first thought with any games is "was it a game I loved and played when I was a kid" as a first rule.
  3. Cannot wait for the car boots opening this weekend. Thinking of heading up to the one at York Races on Saturday. No real idea of what it's like as I've never been to that one before. Wife's already warned me to not buy any more junk.
  4. I kind of had it down as the latest left 4 dead but no.
  5. No one asked for it but it'll sell like hotcakes for some reason. Thing is though, the focus on big hitters has worked amazingly well for them last gen. Any deficiencies elsewhere were overshadowed by having AAA games every year. Why is it a problem on PS5? It's a strategy that has got them the market lead by a country mile.
  6. Or they could just not suck so hard on this front. Their whole cloud thing is just absolutely weird with odd decisions leaving a shitty experience for the players.
  7. Are revenues from GTA V Online slowing down at all? If they aren't then I don't think we'll see anything for a few years
  8. What's an easy achievement on Horizon 4. I think it's the only on of that game list i have already installed. Failing that an easy achievement on one of the others?
  9. I'd assume Ps5 is outselling Xbox just based on momentum from last gen to be honest. I'll be gobsmacked to learn that MS have outsold Sony in the first year. Lifetime of the consoles, I'd expect Ps5 to outsell MS. They're just so far ahead in lots of important territories.
  10. I was just boxing up our household 360's this afternoon. Checking each was working before putting them back in the orginal boxes. It did occur to me to see if the things are jailbreakable nowadays like the original xbox. Wouldn't mind giving one to a friend with retroarch on
  11. Long shot but if anyone's got a power brick for an original Xbox I'd be super happy
  12. Why are you mad bastards putting electronics that generate heat into places that have very little airflow/ventilation?
  13. well that’s encouraging. Hopefully the consoles stock will do similar leading into summer. My charging station arrived today. It looks lovely. Shame no console still!
  14. Wow. It's still in stock a few minutes later. Does this mean the shortages might finally be over?
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