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  1. It is/was a solid piece of kit. Real heft to it. Takes the negative of crap battery out of the equation as you're not waiting to charge if you buy two controllers. Not great that you need to buy two controllers to manage the battery but the bigger PS5 controller should hopefully have a bigger battery. @Haribokart Rather than go and tear up every post I make can you not just ignore me instead? This is getting ridiculous. You've been banned for this multiple times now.
  2. PS4 one was £25 which I figured was ok. Surely this thing will be same price?
  3. Sony wouldn't want to confuse their player base, Imagine not knowing which controller works with which game. nightmare
  4. https://powerup-gaming.com/2019/08/13/how-to-redownload-p-t-silent-hills-demo/ You could do the above to redownload PT.
  5. rafaqat

    Xbox Game Pass

    Couch co-op and lot of mini gzmes. sounds good to me
  6. aaah they’ll all find a way to do something almost the same with the GPU they have. Maybe.
  7. can you imagine how funny it would be if the Series S outsold the X by a country mile because of things like DLSS Not needing games to be 4K and therefore managing 60fps too?
  8. Ok, I thought initially they meant software but they're talking about AMD and Sony working it into hardware. Suh-weeeeet
  9. rafaqat

    Xbox Game Pass

    You've tried it on your actual xbox console after switching region on it? That's how I did it. edit: Ah seems you have tried that already
  10. I have an unraid server where it's possible to share the GPU amongst docker and VM instances. Anybody that took a look at it would not describe it as a games console but I can set up multiple game machines on it each with their own GPU, RAM, Core allocation. That's the sort of thing MS will be running but Windows based.
  11. Well of course it's a ridiculous point. That's why I said it was going to take you analogy to breaking point!
  12. There's me thinking you'd have the memories of playing a months worth of games and maybe discovering your new lifelong favourite genre/dev/game series that you could support in the future,
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