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  1. what really impressed me and increased my respect for them was on a recent video where they said that they tend to let devs know about issues way before they upload their videos. That’s treating the source material and creators with respect and giving them a chance to make a good start on a fix or even explain the reasons why a mode is the way it is.
  2. yup. That’s pretty much how Edge will have scored it.
  3. PS4 looks terrible till you realise how zoomed in the screenshots are. oh god my eyes, Vaseline vision etc., zoom out to the actual pic though annnnnnnd it looks just fine.
  4. Hey. We're in lockdown still. People are having a shitty time of it so let's all just chill and enjoy our distractions and go give our loved one's a hug. p.s. And by loved ones I don't mean your consoles.
  5. Damn that was a pretty dry video. Watched it all the way through. Generally seems to be fine and like he says at least there's plenty of buffer left for the fan to go faster if they want to change the fan thermal profiles. I'm pretty convinced we're going to see OG PS5's get louder over time.
  6. I think your campaign would run out of juice fairly quickly on that platform.
  7. <I have a broken pad> <Therefore all pads must be like this> It's would be ok if the pad batteries weren't so shit. A solution of "buy another one or keep it plugged in" is not a solution. The official Sony dock is lovely and about the only elegant solution I would be happy with given we're not going to have a choice of what batteries to use. It's great that they're USB-C but the charging dock is like the PS4 one and it doesn't use the front of the controller. They use the connecter at the base of the pad and look much bett
  8. Are they actually selling for that much or that's how much they're listed for?
  9. Does it crash once after an hour and then it's ok once you've rebooted and played for another hour? that would be one way to definitely rule out it being a heat issue.
  10. Lucky bast indeed! He's set for a year or two!!!
  11. So lazy that you decided to create a new topic for it rather than ask in the PS4 thread? Anyhoo. Answered it in the PS4 thread for you. Hope it helps
  12. Make THAT PS4 your primary console. Then he can play your games without you needing to be logged onto it. This shouldn't affect your PS5 in any way as it's treated a s a separate console (so IT can also be your primary console) according to this link which was the 4th link on a google search of the terms PS4 PS5 game share https://www.thegamer.com/you-can-play-ps5-and-ps4-on-the-same-psn-account-at-the-same-time/
  13. I think for some people it's just the difference between youtube reviewers who got it free saying its silent and the reality of hearing something in your own house for some hardware you've paid 450 quid for. Can't see anyone regretting their purchase but it's good that not everyone is saying "nothing to worry about, move along"
  14. This reminds me of all the talk when Ps4 launched with people saying they had noisy PS4's and lots of other saying it wasn't loud at all. Turns out the PS4 was actually loud and now more people seem to have accepted that fact. I'm sure the PS5 is a shit load quieter than the PS4 jet engine but I'd imagine some people have quieter ones, some people don't have decent hearing and some people just tolerate more noise too.
  15. This is also why I try not to buy games on launch. Hype machine for a while on rllmuk and then see what people think a few weeks or months after.
  16. Banned for misogyny too fairly recently. Lovely bloke
  17. Aspel coming across very SDF in this thread.
  18. someone mentioned in another thread that the jumping isn't as floaty as LBP which is great. What's the closest in jumpiness to this game?
  19. yup. Screenshot of script below. I can send you it or just copy the below. I think I got someone to send it to me originally. make sure you log into your ms account on safari or whatever browser you want the shortcut to use.
  20. Is that not the case on Xbox Series X/S too?
  21. Put some blutac on one of the blades to balance it out.
  22. Lost a 4 day streak. Mildly annoyed. Can only imagine what people with a few hundred days feel like. I have a shortcut script that runs 30 mobile bing searches. Used it without issue for a while. Need to get round to sorting something out for pc too.
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