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  1. Better beat-matching in Guitar Hero, yeah, but even that would be pretty shit if you played it with a pad instead of a guitar.

    Except Guitar Hero without the guitar was Frequency which was ace.

    I really like it. I assume from the name Harmonix do see it as a follow on from Frequency and Amplitude.

    I'd love to see Harmonix put this on Xbox Live but I doubt they'd sell a game which lets you add tracks for free when they're rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of all the paid for downloads they'll get with Rockband.

    I find it works best on Hard with a reasonably fast song so you're clicking like mad.

    Songs which work best for me so far:

    Intergalatic - Beastie Boys

    Babies - Pulp

    Buggie Running Beeps - Rez Soundtrack

    I also tried the Allman Brothers' Jessica for a Guitar Hero moment but that turned out to be rather hard. :(

  2. I on the other hand as a complete norvice are nothing like is good. It is tremendous fun though.

    I've added most people from the thread so hopefully I'll bump into some of your sometime

    Shall we organise a tournament for one night next week? How do the tournaments work exactly?

  3. So what is the advantage of using dotted lines rather than just putting in a red line and erasing it if it's wrong? Does if affect your ranking?

    I think it's just so that you can see which ones are the ones you're not sure about. IIRC you have to change the dotted lines to solid ones before you get your Completed!

  4. You will later believe me.

    I'm on Level 96 in Normal.

    I've only done up to 33 and unlocked up to 80. Don't suppose you can remember a level of 80 or below where you had to guess?

    All the puzzles so far seem so well designed that I have to say I'd be surprised if guessing was ever needed.

    Edit - as Graham said earlier, when you get stuck if you go back and put in all the crosses that you can, the solution often becomes obvious.

  5. What's the dotted line for? :wacko:

    For lines you're not sure about.

    I found it easier just to use L to undo if I'd made a mistake, although I have now realised you never need to guess.

    Has anyone tried the ranking option that's listed in this menu translation that was linked earlier.

    I had a quick look and it gave me a terrifying puzzle containing all 1s apart from a couple of 2s. It looks like it'll require serious thought to solve rather than spotting the 0s and 3s and working from there, so it will have to wait until later.

  6. I don't care we play. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up somewhere new and the affiliate sign up bonus either funds the forum or fills up our season prize fund.

    I wasn't a big fan of Poker Room but I prefered it to UB to be honest.

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