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  1. Can't do Wednesday but will do my best to come along for any other day.
  2. After missing all of last season I'd be up for making a comeback.
  3. Add some creamed horseradish is my tip. Found the suggestion on a bag of potatoes I bought in M&S and it's a blinder.
  4. Can I be added please? Mario Kart: 416671 854671
  5. Mario Kart, obviously. So it's nice they've gone and done it first.
  6. Been waiting to see if things would change but they haven't. Can't make it tonight so good luck everyone and hopefully see you next week.
  7. "Wanker" in Spinal Tap is one of my favourites. Not one you hear much and sounds great in their English accents.
  8. I also saw a magazine called Flush which was also 99p and I thought "It's less that a quid - how bad can it be?" Answer: fucking terrible. I can only assume it was thrown together in a hurry to be a spoiler for Poker Player; the fact that there's no subscription information in there seems to confirm this. (Edit - reading the website it seems their plan may be to give it away free in airport loungues and hotels.) Avoid.
  9. Also - for software add Poker Stove.
  10. Regarding cheating: The burn card only cuts down the benefit from marked cards; it doesn't stop any other kind of cheating as far as I'm aware. The cut card also stops bottom dealing as well as hiding the bottom card from view.
  11. Very good work here. A few things you might want to add which are common newbie quetions. Identical five-card hands split the pot; the sixth and seventh cards are not used to break ties. Suit plays no part in determining the rank of poker hands. You might also want to put "A player may even choose to play the board and use no hole cards at all, though a player who does this can only hope to tie anyone else who stays in." as it's one bit of lingo you're missing. On book recommendations, under General or some such vague heading: Big Deal Anthony Hold A must read IMHO Education of a Poker Player By Herbert Yardley Doesn't talk about Hold 'Em or specific strategies at all but still a good read Poker Nation By Andy Bellin Just a well written history of one man's poker playing. No mention of "Table Stakes" or "Pot Limit". You could always cut and paste these from my attempt at writing hold 'em rules. And unless I'm mistaken you can go all-in in limit as well as no-limit.
  12. Remember you don't have to pay via NetTeller to get money into your account. IIRC there are a list of people who'll take your payment. I used the second one down (can't remember what they're called) and they took my money without all that tedious messing around with passport numbers and phone calls. However, no idea if they take Switch mind.
  13. Me - no chance. I play mostly online so I expect that in real life I'm just a walking bundle of tells and any moderately experienced amateur - much less a pro - could play me like cheap banjo. And I could barely take the pressure last night when I was going for the Rllmuk bracelet. Anything more than that on the line and I expect I'd choke like an asthmatic in a sand storm.
  14. Give it another couple of weeks and you'll hate pocket queens more. (Cue obligatory joke about disliking short gay men.)
  15. I've been playing a lot of $5 head to head Hold-em SNGs at UB. I like them because of the guaranteed constant action. However, it seems that I'm shit at them. Keep upping my agression until I'm going all-in with marginal hands and getting called. It seems that in each session I can win a couple but then I get carried away into thinking I'm Doyle Brunson or something. My tip: don't ever answer Yes to the "Rematch?" question unless you just won. Despite turning all my wins into repeat wins I keep challenging people who've just beaten me with predictable results.
  16. Congrats Poet. I found the odd SNG does wonders for my game. The fixed stack forces you to play tight which then reminds you how good that can be. You're right about your bonkers return not lasting - I've been out on the first hand (going on all-in pre-flop with pocket Queens). But you certainly sound up to beating the odds to come out in profit. I hope we'll see you back in the forum games. Someone needs to give Thush a lesson and I'm not sure I'm up to it. Oh and wish everyone good luck at the real life tourney this weekend.
  17. Those look splendid, if not quite gaudy enough for a Poker prize. ;-) I didn't care that much about winning before but now I really want to come top. Thush - if you're reading this - expect to be put all in early and often. :-) Edit - very generous of you to get these Graham. How about we have a rule where each Champion provides next season's prize? Or will these get passed around?
  18. This sounds ideal. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an additional heads up knock out tournament. Not sure if UB offers heads up play so we could always use a free site to play and let someone trustworthy look after the entrance fees. Games could be scheduled by each pair of players to suit themselves and the tourney would just run for as long as it needed to. Anyone interested? Or would this make things too complicated? Edit - I'm thinking limit or pot-limit for this. Heads up No limit games could be rather short.
  19. Do you want us to carry on? Definitely. Are you likely to play our games regularly, or only occassionally, or not at all? Every week me. Should we continue doing it once a week on a weekday at 9pm? Is the current system for choosing days working out? If possible it might be worth just fixing a day so we can make our arrangements around it. If we want to keep making the arrangements on an ad hoc basis I could be persuaded to produce a website with forms etc. to simply the process. Should we continue to use UB (remember that getting everyone to sign up again for another poker company would be painful) UB is fine. Are you happy with the format of the games (MTT NL Hold'em, $5 + $0.50). Should we stick with that game type or should we mix it up a bit somehow? I think Hold 'Em is best as it's the game everyone knows and the "Cadillac of Poker". If people want to play another we could make that additional extra night instead of replacing the Hold 'Em game. Personally, I'd be OK with higher stakes but I think we should keep the low to get the numbers as high as possible. What about the league? Should we have 10 games in the season? More games? Less games? A different points structure? A different method of determining a winner? 13 games makes sense to me to make the leagues quarterly/seasonal. As for points, I like the idea of best n games so we don't penalise people for missing the odd week. As for point scoring we could just go with money won, as this reflects that winning with more people there is harder.
  20. http://www.atlanticgames.net has a browser based chess that's pretty good. It sends emails for each move so it's for when you want to take a few moves each day rather than sit down and play a game with a clock etc. It might be easier for a league as we can have multiple games at once and it will be easy to fit games running this way in with our busy social lives/ironing. However, it isn't as much fun as playing a game "properly".
  21. I wouldn't say he didn't know what he was doing, but rather he'd misread you for a bluff - which shows that at the very least you're not playing too tight, so kudos to you (although thinking you're bluffing when you check-raised is a bit odd on his part). But you do seem to have forgotten he didn't know you had a straight until after he called. But he probably did think "in for a penny..." when he made the final call and I think he was right in that respect. With that much money in the pot a small final call will usually be worth it, since pot odds make it appealing and it shows other players that you're not to be intimidated. He play doess seem poor - and I'm sure you can be a better judge of this as you saw the other hands he played - but his final call is the one bet in this hand that's easy to defend.
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