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  1. I think it could be described as OK play to call your all-in raise. His final call cost him 1390 for a chance to win a pot worth 14780. So he was looking at pot odds of around 10-1 which is about the same chance he had of winning the hand. Although, whether he worked all this out is open to debate. More likely, when you check-raised his bluff he didn't have the sense to lay down and just tried to rebluff you and just wouldn't let go. Or he'd convinced himself you were trying to get full value from a lone king.
  2. davweb

    Bob Dylan

    As Graham said Love & Theft and Time Out of Mind are both good, and Oh Mercy (1989) is a must have IMHO, not least because it's the best Dylan album to drive to. But certainly your list is a perfect starting point for Dylan, although I haven't heard the Basement Tapes. Has anyone bought the soundtrack to No Direction Home yet? It's Bootlegs vol. 7 and meant to be pretty damn good.
  3. I did say I couldn't do Monday or Tuesday because No Direction Home is on, but I guess I could record it if needs be. And it seems if Thush goes all in early I'll be obliged to call him whatever I have if I want the RLLMUK bracelet. :-)
  4. Rider back Bicycle cards all the way for me.
  5. Caveman's right - it's poor etiquette if not an actual breach of the rules. That said, commenting on the board is regarded as poor form in "serious" games but we do it all the time in the home games I play in. So it's a case here of all at the table agreeing what's acceptable behaviour. But showing cards before the show down does make you a cock.
  6. Netteller did seem very hard to sign up to, so I just went with the second option down. Entered my card details and bang, money went straight in. Not sure how I'll be getting the money out though. :-)
  7. A few more than one. I just had to pair any of the three cards available to me that weren't sevens to get a full house or get the 4th seven to beat you. So that's ten cards left in the deck that would have let me win. So my odds on the river were slighty better than 1 in 5. (If you had any of those case in your pocket - I forget - it'd change the odds a little but you get my point.) So I was lucky, but not *that* lucky. :-) Of course, if I'd thought you'd had the flush I'd have never gone all in. I was playing really badly at the point; not concentrating at all. I deserved to go out at the point. I was pleased with how I played from the first break up until the final table; actually made my big stack count for once with genuine agression. Froze up a bit on the final table and got lucky with a few flush draws that generous pot odds meant I couldn't refuse. Really looking forward to next week... have we set a day yet?
  8. I watched this a week or so ago and it really is surprisingly bad, especially considering how good the first one was. The whole Julia Roberts-Tess-Julia Roberts skit shows a staggering contempt for the audience. Funilly enough, the Ocean's Twelve soundtrack just arrived from eBay this morning. Hopefully I'll enjoy David Holmes' work more with the bad script and lazy acting removed.
  9. I'd be up for it. I've used William Hill Poker and UK Betting Poker. Both of which are OK but neither of which allow private games IIRC.
  10. You need some maths skills but nothing major. Calculating "outs" - the number of cards that can improve your hand is the key one. Turning these into probabilities is then pretty easy.
  11. Here are the rules for Hold 'Em I put together for friends to read. I've tried to be as straightforward as possible so you should be able to follow them OK. The advice above about playing online at a Poker Site in one of the pretend money rooms is good, although you'll find people won't play anything they do when money's at stake. As for beginner's books, Sklansky's "Texas Hold 'Em" is pretty good.
  12. This is great news. The Presidents never fail to put a smile on my face. So that's two CDs to order today. Does anyone know anywhere more convenient than Amazon.com to get Freaked Out & Small?
  13. I think that'd be tricky as the DS can only do 3D on one screen at a time. It might be possible doing something clever with sprites - Feel the Magic certainly blends the 2D and 3D almost seemlessly - but I expect it would be tricky.
  14. davweb


    This looks good. Always thought I'd try this myself but predictably never got round to it; I have a feeling even if I had it wouldn't look this good. However, I do know Chaos and Java so if you want a help testing etc. let me know.
  15. I wrote this basic introduction to Hold 'Em which most of my friends seemed to follow. As for where to play, William Hill and UK Betting Poker have more or less the same decent software, have $.50/$1 tables and offer £25 back every month for 5 hours of play.
  16. Just had a look on Amazon.co.uk and whilst the DS itself is still unpriced all the games are marked for a release on March 18 with a price of £24.99 (reduced from a RRP of £29.99).
  17. For forcing cards, you could learn the Hindu shuffle in about an hour and use that to force cards. It's one of those things that you think will never work, but always does. I'm also a big fan of gimmicked decks, although I have a feeling this will lead to some derision from biglime. But IMHO you can't beat a Svengali deck for forcing.
  18. I've got that book, and, frankly, it's a bit shit. He's written better books.
  19. http://www.uknova.com/details.php?id=5054
  20. Bias is easily excused when it is blatant. As long as the viewer is aware they're getting the argument for one particular viewpoint there should be no problem. The idea that this documentary should, in its limited running time, have considered arguments that have already been discussed elsewhere at length is absurd. Should Michael Moore have given half the running time of Bowling for Columbine to pro-gun arguments? The coverage elsewhere is the media of this issue has been disgustingly one sided. This can be viewed simply an attempt to regress the balance. You make some other points about the quality of the reporting which may be sound - I didn't watch enough of the documentary to feel comfortable commenting on the points you raise - but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with making an overtly one sided documentary.
  21. Why? It's hardly the first intentionally one-sided documentary ever made. Michael Moore has made a career out of them. The reporting of the MMR scare has primarily been driven by the tabloids exploiting the public's FUD over the whole thing. Someone highlighting the lack of any real substance to the link to autism has to be a good thing.
  22. Meh. I have to admit I didn't watch the whole show, but since the rest of the reporting on the MMR "scare" has been so one sided in one direction I think that it's fair that this can be biased for the other side.
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