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  1. My 1 year old was just given a Leapfrog talking catepillar thing for this birthday. In one of the modes pressing each leg generates the corresponding A-Z letter sound. So obviously as soon as the kids have gone to bed I'm there getting to thing to swear, except I can't. It knows various swear words and when you try and it make it say fuck, for example, it comes out with "fu... that tickles". This is true for a surprising large vocabulary of filth. Just tremendous.
  2. Sklansky, so I'm sticking with the list. All those hands are worth playing to the flop in a loose game as long as you fold on the flop if the lower ones don't get any better.
  3. If you're haven't got much experience you'll want to play tight. So my advice is fold before the flop unless you have one of the following hands: AA AK suited KK QQ JJ AK AQ suited AJ suited KQ suited TT AQ AT suited KJ suited QJ suited JT suited 99 AJ KQ KT suited QT suited J9 suited T9 suited 98 suited 88 (The hands are in a rough order of 'goodness'.) Pre-flop, if it's worth a bet then it's probably worth a raise too. If you get to the river it's almost always worth calling, especially in a limit game. Always think about what the other player has. Try and work out what hand they have from when they bet. Watch carefully for straights and flushes hit after the the flop. A quick tip for calcuating odds is the "4-2 rule". After the flop calculate the number of outs. So for an "open-ended" straight - e.g. 4-5-6-7 - you'd have 8 outs, 4 3s and 4 8s. To roughly calcuate the chances of hitting this hand after the flop multiply by 4 to get a percentage, and multiply by 2 for the just river remaining. So your chances of making the straight with 2 cards to go is about 32% (1 in 3) and 16% with one card to go.
  4. Good choice. In a similar vein: Ace Of Spades - Motorhead.
  5. My Dad has some Nintendo playing cards. (Ordinary ones, not ones with Peach as the Queen.) God knows how old they are.
  6. I paid £250 for my N64.
  7. Snood is exactly the same as Puzzle Bobble from what I remember. Even IGN think so. And they're never wrong.
  8. Oh right. Sorry. Still, the the exact similarity between Snood and Puzzle Bobble is kind of relevant. I mean it even got a GBA version without Taito's lawyers getting frisky.
  9. Snood and Puzzle Bobble? I think you do need that almost.
  10. I don't think writing someting in CAPITALS makes it TRUE. It instead makes you look like you're angling for a job on The Sun.
  11. Just as a comparison here's what I've been able to pick up second hand in the last couple of weeks from the trading forum here and eBay for just over £60 (all second hand obviously): Boxed NGPC Metal Slug 1st Mission (cardboard box) Metal Slug 2nd Mission (cart only) Sonic Pocket Adventure (cart only) Puzzle Bobble (clamshell) Pac-Man (clamshell) Puzzle Bobble (clamshell) Neo Geo Cup '98 (clamshell) I'd say that Sonic is a must and the Metal Slugs are fun too. Haven't really played the others much yet, but I can see Pac-Man being a long term favourite too. The machine is great, but definitely like a better GBC than a worse GBA if that makes sense. The best thing is the stick - makes me suddenly dislike the D-pad on my GBASP. As for RPGs apparently Dark Arms is good but seems to go for around £20. If I was spending that kind of money I'd get LTTP for my GBA.
  12. Is Densha de GO! 2 any good? I've just got an Neo Geo Pocket Colour and thought I might pick it up.
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