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  1. Choo

    Outer Wilds

    It's a little confusing to jump back in and recall the plot and mechanics of the previous game - I confidently jumped out the hatch into empty space without a suit on in one run . After getting up to speed and one loop into the new area and the big vibes of wonder are coming back. Gathering the pieces and constructing theories...mmm. It's going to be GOTY again isn't it.
  2. If you're getting the 3-5 sec freezes like I was the top comment here fixes it: https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption2/comments/ds2ha9/stutter_freeze_temporal_fix/ Turns out people with a quadcore cpu like an i5 are suffering . Game does look darn lovely though!
  3. Represent! Not gonna lie, let out mini taunt-super discovering that in the morning post
  4. Fwames Bizarrely her long distance overhead is the safest at -4. Medium -5 and light -6. Explains why a heavy DP with 5 frame startup wasn't working. Not tested but I suppose the best punish is a cr.lp x something - her grab follow up only hits if you're standing and you'd prob have time to land something else when she misses. She could still frame trap with the sweep follow I suppose. Check me out giving advice to beat my main, y'all will need it
  5. Still feeling this man. Deep inside.
  6. omg counter light shoulder -> lk x light shoulder! Fanks!
  7. Following up after Qazi with a Laura brain dump - I've played her exclusively whilst waiting for Karin (pls be in this beta!). I've prematurely decided she's a bit bunk... No solid confirms without counter hit or v-trigger. It's nuts! All the medium buttons look juicy but you'll find your next hit blocked and the opponent pushed into now-my-buttons-are-better-than-yours range. You can cancel a 2 hit light chain but it won't combo. Should encourage more command throw but it's range is quite weak and v-skill dashing/overhead feel pretty frame negative. My current brainless strategy is to spam a close normal into light electric which leaves you nice and plus on hit ready for a throw or repeat for new imp-finite. Nomnomnom rage quits! She sucks against fireballs. You've got the armoured shoulder tackle should you have meter and that's it. Can't really do the war with slow startup and poor range on her own. Just neutral jumps and lp shoulder tackle if you're close enough. Ryu kicks her ass... and there's a lot of Ryu.... Anti air is hard - you'll have to build up some decent muscle memory to QCF heavy shoulder when you see a jump, feels weird. mp, hp and mk create vaguely high hit boxes that trade with other hit boxes if you're lucky. So bad. Quite likely that she'll come into her own when we all get used to the counter hit and reset obsession SFV has. But I'm getting old and don't like change.
  8. Rad, all over this!
  9. Jellum, how are you playing SFV? Is there a PC hack for the beta lurking somewhere? I played it all weekend and remember why I love street fighter. Karin <3
  10. It does seem like the level of crazy Omega could have done with . Some pretty huge things in there like large throw tech windows (and the ability to combo from them). Anime fighter!
  11. Had a fun time PC fighting randoms on work lunch break today. This chap Krullex shows up with a twitch url in his name. Obviously we get his stream running while I play him with a 0BP Viper. I repped her true rllmuk style with all the cross-up burn kicks and impfinites. You'd all be proud. He plays a pretty standard eryu with some sizeable combos. Anywho, I win and witness some delicious frowny face. His 1 viewer calls me a one of those point thieving smurfs. I was pretty hurt by this so tried to grab him again to return the points but unfortunately I get booted from the lobby every time. hehehehe
  12. To enjoy Marvel just look out for the bits when the combo counter isn't ticking up, there's usually about 3-5 of them. (this is actually pretty hype)
  13. Yeah this match is ace! Xian using focus stance cancel into grab to beat an aerial attack. Woah.
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