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  1. I was literally scrolling down in order to describe TLoU2 as a "cupboard rummaging simulator with some light murdering sprinkled in to break it up".
  2. This is a weird rllmuk thing I've noticed where lots of people think everything must have a consistent tone. Someone started a thread a little while back that literally said "most film makers don't understand the importance of tonal consistency". Imagine what Parasite would be like if Bong Joon-ho decided not to juxtapose light and dark themes.
  3. MechE

    Outer Wilds

    If it's any consolation, you have worked out the correct answer to the puzzle, it's just quite fiddly to execute. It took me a few attempts to work out a technique that worked consistently.
  4. Clint Hocking, creative director on FC2, is the creative director on Watch Dogs Legion. I'm really hoping he brings some of that FC2 DNA to it.
  5. MechE


    I had to stop for the same reason, although I've been considering picking it back up in the past few weeks.
  6. I finished this over the weekend (having finally finished Quantum Break last month) and I'm so pleased for Remedy. This feels like they finally nailed everything they've been striving for in their past games: the fluid, powers enhanced, combat; the pulpy genre setting; the integration of text, audio and video into the game world; the atmospheric art direction - they landed it all. I enjoyed the combat so much, and the sheer number of options open to you in each encounter, that I found myself disappointed when enemies didn't respawn in an area. The upgrade system is over designed, but I welcomed the opportunity to create specific "builds" to suit different play styles.
  7. I'm going to disagree with you on this. Like you The Last Jedi is one of my favourite films of the past few years and probably my favourite big budget blockbuster since The Matrix. One of the reasons why I like it is because it's unashamedly exploring a range of issues including class, race and yes misogyny. For example Poe is surprised to discover Holdo is a woman, and his lack of respect for her command mirrors the experience of many women in senior roles.
  8. MechE

    Xbox Game Pass

    Here's Moving Out on PC supporting 1 x Xbox One controller 1 x Switch Pro controller 2 x Dualshock 2 controllers with all the button prompts working correctly. I just connected them all via Bluetooth with no additional software or faffing required. The support for non-Mircosoft controllers on Gamepass is patchy, but support on Steam is universal although you're likely to get Xbox button prompts in most games.
  9. Some of the longer serving members here may remember one of the resident racists saying that one of the things that changed after 9/11 was that previously they'd have to whisper their views in polite society, they could just replace 'paki' with 'muslim' and they could talk freely. This has happened everywhere, bigots have learned that as long as you don't say the "words" and just keep the debate alive, then progress is stifled. I agree that it's better to talk about it, that's why I've made several posts and engaged in debate with many people. I'm discussing the concept that minorities and women should not have to tread softly in case they upset the current hegemony. What I'm refusing to do is debate what's the right number to set the racism dial to.
  10. I'm not saying anyone gets banned, or even reported. I just won't legitimise these ideas through debate.
  11. I fight every day to create spaces for minorities (including myself) to succeed in very white male dominated spaces. Allowing concern trolling about "let's not go too far" is not a useful part of this struggle.
  12. Fair play to others here, but I for one am very uncomfortable with opening up a space to debate the extent to which strong female/gay characters should be prominent in popular culture. Debating these ideas gives them an air of legitimacy that I personally don't think they deserve.
  13. No, I broadly think they're parasites extracting wealth off other people's labour.
  14. Why are we even tolerating this nonsense. "Big games shouldn't have a gay love story as it's main narrative thrust because it might upset some bigots and damage shareholder returns." This is like the anti-rllmuk motto.
  15. This took me the best part of the afternoon sat in the garden.
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