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  1. One thing I’ve seen more of as the show’s gone on is articles from some critics lamenting that the show has been abandoning the sitcom stuff in favour of the Marvel stuff, which...
  2. I must have missed something there. I know there was something like that implied but what confirmed it? EDIT: Wait...
  3. Advert spoilers: Related speculation:
  4. Ahahahaha! Skyward Sword HD. You fucking useless tits, Nintendo.
  5. Better than that: This is so fun. I’m mad they ended on that cliff hanger. Also:
  6. Season 1 Pass includes all of Roger Moore's Safari Suits
  7. I find it really hard to detonate the special on exagryph’s hidden aspect. The aim seems to snap to an enemy rather than what I want to hit.
  8. Unlocked a couple of the chthonic and a recent conversation with Hades So, long story short... Love this game.
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